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Membership Flyer

Our club is formed of people who are interested and enthusiastic about promoting the sport of bowling in the State of Ohio. You need not be a bowling writer to join our club. We are looking for people who love the sport and want to insure its’ future. One of our goals is to recognize those who go above and beyond in promoting and supporting our state organization.
Membership Application

Mary Jannetto Award for Local Bowling Promotion

This award is for any member of the Ohio State USBC who works behind the scenes and your local activities. The one who always volunteers first and works quietly behind the scene because of his/her love of the sport and dedication to their local association.
Mary Jannetto Award Form 2019

Ruth Heath-Trott Award for Excellence in Bowling Involvement

This award is for any member of the Ohio State USBC who is involved in all bowling related activities at the local, district, state or national level. Someone who is so enthusiastic about bowling that simply serving on a local board is not enough. They want to be involved and promoting bowling to everyone.
RHT award form

Garrett Swartz Certificate of Recognition

This award is for any male member of the Ohio State USBC and presented for excellence in participation, promotion, and support of bowling at the local, district, regional, state or national level.
Swartz Award Form

Rilla Yeater Publication Award

This award is for a BBW member who edits a local publication for an Ohio State USBC local association. If it is a printed newsletter, it must have a circulation of 50 copies, or it may be posted on the local association website.

Sam Levine Best New Story

This award is for a BBW member and must be a news story or feature article written and published between November 1, 2018 and November 1, 2018.
Sam Levine Best News Story

Leigh Betts Memorial Photography Award

This award is for a BBW member who submits a photograph, either black and white or color that relates to the sport of bowling.
Leigh Betts Memorial Photography Award

For more information go to: www.buckeyebowlingwriters.com
Or contact:
Ruth Heath-Trott, President
Phone: 419.485.3828
E-mail: grtrott@gmail.com