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2023 ---- Jessica Fleck Hatcher

When it comes to winning titles, Jessica Fleck Hatcher would be right near the top of the list. For someone with such a pe-tite build she poses an impressive stature.

The Dayton bowler has nine Gr. Dayton Women’s City titles, including team, doubles and singles, as well as one Gr;. Day-ton Open title and one Gr. Dayton Queen’s title. Jessica’s high average was a 227 in the 2009-2010 season, she has mul-tiple 300 games and her high series is a 787 also in 2010. She was inducted into the Gr. Dayton USBC Hall of Fame in 2022 for Superior Performance.

Jessica has four Ohio State USBC Women’s titles to her credit. She was a member of the Team Actual Champions in 2012-13 and 2020-21. In 2021-22, her team took home both the Handicap as well as the Actual titles. Jessica contributed 696 toward their winning total.

Other tournament tiles in her resume are: Handicap and Actual 2018-19 Hoinke Ladies Championship; Hoinke Ladies Actual 2019-20; Louisville Fillies Actual Doubles; and Louis-ville Fillies Handicap and Actual Team Champion 2013-14.

Jessica has also given back to the sport with her wealth of knowledge in coaching the Wright State Women’s team and is currently coaching the Fairmont High School girls bowling team.

Tonight she adds one more achievement to her record by claiming her well earned spot in the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.

2023 ---- Jon Murph

Jon Murph began his winning way as collegiate bowler at Wichita State where he was named 1992 Rookie of the Year. His team won the National Collegiate Team Title in 1993.

Jon is a perennial winner in the Gr. Dayton USBC with nine city titles to his credit: 5 team, 2 doubles, 1 singles and 1 all events. He’s won them all! Jon’s high average was 225 in 2003 and his high series an 842 in 2000. Jon has carried a 200+ average for over 20 years. Jon was named Dayton Bowler of the Year in 2000.

In the state title category, Jon’s resume includes being a member of the Championship team in 1999, 2005 and 2011. And on the national level Jon was a team member of the winning Team in 2005 and his team captured the Team All Events in 2006. He also lays claim to a World Challenge Title. Jon also has a Doubles Title from the Hoinke Classic.

Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame- Superior Performer is now an-other title that Jon Murph can add to his resume.

2023 ---- George Gohagan III

George Gohagan III began his winning ways at the age of 18 by capturing the Las Vegas Junior Invitational Scratch Championship. That same year he was named 2000-02 Junior Tournament Bowlers’ Association Bow-ler of the Year and Midwest Junior Region Tournaments Bowler of the Year. He took home the TNBA Scratch Singles in both 1999 and 2000.

George was named Gr. Dayton USBC’s Bowler of the Year four times, three of those times he was the young-est ever to be elected. His Dayton titles include All Events, Mixed Doubles and Team. He was elected to the Gr. Dayton USBC Hall of Fame in 2020.

George’s name is also prominent in the TNBA record books with a Singles Championship in Reno in 2008, the All Events in Ft. Lauderdale in 2009 and in 2010 the Team Event, Doubles Event, and the Mixed Doubles. George was inducted to the TNBA Central Region Hall of Fame in 2019.

George’s highest certified series is 300-278-300 (878) but he rolled an 899 in February 2009, which USBC refused to certify because it was a make-up session.

Tonight George Gohagan III adds yet another title to his list with his induction into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.

2023 ---- Jerry Kessler

Dayton area bowler Jerry Kessler has an enviable record to his credit. He has won Local Association Titles in both the Gr. Dayton USBC and the Miami Valley USBC asso-ciations. His highest certified average was 249 in the 2014-15 season and he has averaged over 200 for 35+ years. He has 184 certified 800 series with 12 over 850. He held the Dayton City record with an 867 shot in 1989. Held the Miami County record with 844 shot in 1987. He was inducted into the Gr. Dayton USBC Hall of Fame in 2007.

Jerry and partner Ron Profitt shot the National high game of 600 at Capri Lanes in 2000. Jerry’s state titles are both in the scratch division. In 2008 he won the Doubles with Fero Williams and in 2015 the actual team title with Brian Kretzer, Chris Loschetter, Jim Storts and Rick Hartings.

1994 saw the team of Tucky Perez, Marc Massie, Bill Pe-ters Jr, Mark Brunk and Jerry taking home both the Hand-icap and Scratch Titles at the Hoinke Team Championship. 1995 it was the OTBA Doubles with Tucky Perez at Beaver Vue.

1996 saw the team of Pollard’s Bowl taking the ABC All Events Championship with a 10,425 total: Jerry contributed 2048 to that score. The total still stands as a record score.

Jerry Kessler tonight adds another achievement to his enviable record with induction into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.

2022 ---- Rachael Delserone

Rachael Delserone is a name well known in the north-eastern Ohio bowling community.  She competes in both the Greater Lorain USBC and the Cleveland Ohio USBC and has numerous titles in both associations. Her hometown, Lorain has her listed with 31 actual titles, including many repeats in each event in its’ Championship Tournaments.  Bowling in Cleveland she has 3 actual titles: one actual doubles in the 2016-2017 season and in 2021 she captured both the Actual and Handicap Singles along with the Actual All Events.

Rachael demonstrated outstanding performances in the 2021 Ohio State USBC Women’s Championship Tournament in Springfield when she earned the Actual All Events, the Handicap All Events as well as being a member of the winning Actual 5 Person Team.    She was a member of the winning Women’s Actual Team in 2012, 2013 and 2018.  She has two Ohio Women’s USBC WBA Buckeye Belle Titles to her credit. 

Rachael has carried a 200+ average for 18 years, her high average coming in the 2010-11 season with a 224.  She has 12- 300 games to her credit and 5 – 800 series – with the best being an 852.  Two National Awards earned include the 2007-2008 High Mixed Team Game (1062), Rachael’s contribution a 300 game; and 2016-17 High Women’s Doubles Series.

Rachael was inducted into the Gr. Lorain Hall of Fame in 2017 for Superior Performance.  Tonight she is honored with induction into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for her Superior Performances.

2022 ---- Kenneth Jessee

Dayton and Cincinnati bowler, Kenneth Jessee is no stranger when it comes to taking home the top prize in bowling competition not only locally but statewide and nationally as well.  He kicked off his bowling career early in 1989 with the JTBA Bowler of the Year and the High Average Awards. 

His Ohio State USBC titles number five (5), including actual Team events in 1999, 2005 and 2009.  He also holds the 2007 actual Doubles title, with a 1591 total pinfall, which is currently the state actual record.  He also set the Ohio State All Events record with a 2321 total in 2007.  That score is now in 2nd place.  Kenneth Jessee is proverbially listed in the top 5 places in the Ohio State USBC prize list.

At the USBC Nationals, Ken has also won three (3) eagles.  To his credit are:  2006 USBC National Team Event, 2007 USBC National Team Event and 2007 USBC National Singles.  Ken also claimed the 2004 Hoinke Scratch Doubles in 2004, the 1997 the Canadian Club Classic and the 2002 World Team Challenge – Indianapolis qualifier.   Ken also holds the Hoinke Classic and Western Bowl record of 868. 

Kenneth’s high average was a 246 in the 2009 season and he has approximately 50- 300 games between 1989 and 2019.  His high series is a 869 in 1997 and he has approximately 25- 800 series to his credit. He has 13 Gr. Dayton USBC titles and was 3 times named Dayton Bowler of the Year.

Tonight, Kenneth Jessee joins the ranks of Ohio’s Superior Performers.

2022 ---- Ann Coleman

Ann Coleman has been competing on the lanes for three decades.  A member of the Greater Dayton USBC, Ann has been among the top tier of women bowlers in the competitive Dayton area as well as throughout the state of Ohio and beyond.

Throughout her years on the lanes, Ann has racked up seven 300 games and six 800 series.  Her high average was an impressive 226 during the 2015-2016 season.

Her accomplishments at the local level include 2 City Mixed Team Actual titles, 4 City Women’s Team Actual titles, 6 City Doubles Actual titles (4 of these consecutively), GDUSBC Queens title and countless top 5 finishes.  Ann is a recognizable name on the Greater Dayton All City Women’s Team, being named to the team multiple years.   Ann was inducted into the GDUSBC Hall of Fame in 2011.

State tournament achievements consist of a Team Scratch title during the 15-16 season, 4th place finish in the 10-11 Buckeye Bell Singles Tournament, 2019 Ohio State Senior Open and Women’s Champion, and a spot on the 2016 Ohio Women’s All Star Team.

Ann isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  In 2019 she was the National Diamond Division Team Runner Up.  In 2020, Ann was the National Senior Championships Women’s Champion.  And in 2021 won both the TNBA Bill Rhodman Central Regional and the Reed-Hawthorne Senior Women’s Tournament.  In March, Ann finished 5th in the 2022 USBC Senior Queens Tournament.

These outstanding accomplishments are the reason why we salute Ann Coleman as an Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame member.

2021 ---- Bill Arnold

Heath, Ohio native, Bill Arnold has been bowling for over 50 years and is still, at the age of 74, carrying a 211 league average.  He has been carrying a 200+ average for 40 years.  Bill’s high average was in the 2007-2008 with a 225.  He has twenty-one 300 games and five 800 series in his record book.  He rolled his highest series an 821 at the Korean National Invitational Tournament in 1969 while in the military as he and his partner took first place in the doubles as well as capturing the Team Event.

Bill has one Ohio State USBC Title to his name as he and his partner laid claim to the 2001 Ohio State USBC Doubles in Toledo.

Bill has been a dominating force in both State and National Senior Olympic games and VA’s National Golden Age Games.  In the Golden Age Games, Bill has won 2 silver and one Gold in Anchorage in 2019 setting a new Golden Age Games record score.

At the 2018 Michigan Senior Olympics he won Gold medals in both the Singles and Doubles, which qualified him for the 2019 National Senior Games in Albuquerque, where nearly 14,000 athletes from all 50 states and five foreign countries competed in 20 sports.  He and his partner set a new all-time record for their age group.  Bottom line for senior events:  Bill has competed in 16 bowling competitions at the state and national level and won 15 medals – 9 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze.

Bill was inducted into the Newark Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame in 2000.  Tonight we add the name of Bill Arnold to the rolls of Ohio’s Superior Performers.

2021 ---- Shellie Stone

Shellie Stone is no stranger to National recognition as she began her bowling career at an early age.  Her introduction to the spotlight came in 1981 when she was named the WIBC Alberta E. Crowe Star of Tomorrow.  Shellie again was recognized nationally for the accomplishment of holding the highest average in the state of Ohio and WIBC in 1994.

Knowing how bowling can enrich the lives of youth members, Shellie has always coached and encouraged them to stay in school, get an education and learn to bowl properly and above all enjoy the sport, as it is an activity for a lifetime.  She believes in giving back to the sport that has given so much to her.

Shellie has numerous Gr. Toledo USBC titles to her name and also made her mark in the record books for the Ohio Women’s USBC with a 1996 Buckeye Belle Championship and two scratch team titles in 2011 and 2019.  Records show she has 5- 300 games to her credit and her high 800 series was an 813 in  2011.

Shellie was inducted into the Gr. Toledo Young American Bowling Alliance Hall of Fame, as well as the Gr. Toledo USBC Hall of Fame for Superior Performance in 2001.Tonight she adds another Hall of Fame induction as we welcome her to the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.

2021 ---- Andrea Behr

Hall of Fame induction ceremonies are nothing new for Andrea Behr.  She comes from a Greater Dayton Hall of Fame bowling family.  Andrea is joining her mother Susan Hartley in both the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame and the Gr. Dayton Hall of Fame this season.  Being inducted into one Hall of Fame is exciting but receiving both the same year is incredible.  Andrea’s stepdad Tim Hartley and her father Denny Behr are also both members of the Gr. Dayton Hall of Fame.

Andrea started bowling in the 2002-03 season with a 149 average. So it’s easy to see how hard she has worked to make a name for herself.  She has earned 12 city titles – all of them scratch.   She won the Angie Kreitzer Memorial Queen’s Tournament in 2018 and repeated again this year.

Andrea has carried a 200+average for 11 years and has 9 -300 games and 2 -800 series, with an 848 her highest to her credit.  She has five Ohio Women’s USBC actual titles including:  2014 Team; 2016 Team; 2017 Team; 2018 Team; and 2018 Doubles.  In the 2014 first place finish, her team set a 5 -woman record of 3,498.  She also has a 2014 TNBA Team Scratch Title on her scorecard.

Andrea has many great memories of her bowling history; but she feels that joining her family in the Hall of Fame will top them all.  Tonight, Andrea Behr joins her mother Susan Hartley on the Superior Performance rolls of the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

2020 ---- Jeff Fehr

Jeff Fehr is quite accustomed to setting records and tonight, he sets another one. He becomes the first Ohio bowler to join both of his parents as Hall of Fame inductees.

He started his winning ways in the Greater Cincinnati USBC in 1999 when he captured the Team Scratch title along with the All Events Handicap crown. In addition, he has 21 other Gr. Cincinnati titles to his credit, both handicap and scratch. 2012 saw him inducted into the Gr. Cincinnati USBC BA Hall of Fame as the youngest ever at 31 years of age.

Jeffs highest average is a 232 in the 201718 season and he has carried over a 200 average for 22 years. He has 15 300 games to his credit and 6 – 800 series, the highest an 845 in 2006. Jeffs record continues at the state level also. He has laid claim to 5 first place finishes in the Scratch Doubles in 2017; the Scratch Singles in 2016; the Handicap Singles that same year with an 804 series; the Scratch Team in 2011 as well as the Scratch All Events that same year with a 2205 total.

Jeffs best finish in the USBC Open was a 3rd place finish in the Doubles by contributing a 754 series to their 1462 combined total. He has first place finishes in the Hoinke Classic that are too numerous to list. His name has also re- ceived the #1 ranking at the Louisville Derby, the Cherry Grove Summer Blast, the Bradley Open, and Crone Classic Team event.

Jeff was selected as collegiate AllAmerican Nominee in 19992000 and again in 20002001. Proudly we place the name of Jeff Fehr on the rolls of Ohios Superior Performers.

2020 ---- Dan Higgins

Dan Higgins started bowling at the age of 4. He rolled his first 700 series at the age of 11 and his first 300 game at 16. His first 800 series was in 1994 and he started contributing back to the sport he loves by coaching in the Central Ohio youth program.

In his 27- year career, he has rolled 107 -300 games and 87 -800 series, his high being an 858. His high average is 247 and he has carried 200+ average for at least 25 years.

Dan is consummate tournament bowler and has numerous Central Ohio local titles to his name and has held the Central Ohio City High Average 4 times.

Dan and his Roosters 161 Team captured the 2018-19 Ohio State USBC Open Team Championship with a score of 3487 and he laid claim to the Scratch All Events in that same tournament with a 2273 total. The 2018-19 continued to be a winning one as his Higgy’s Aquarium five-man amateur team knocked down 3,362 pins across 15 games to claim this years’ top award, known as an Eagle, at the Open Championships held in Las Vegas.

Tonight we welcome Dan Higgins for his Superior Performances as he joins his wife Jennifer as the 5th husband and wife combination to be enshrined in our Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

2020 ---- Kenneth Abner

Kenneth Abner, Greater Cincinnati USBC bowler has been competing in local, state and national tournaments for over 29 years. In that time he has compiled an enviable record in the win column of his record book. He has 2 USBC Team Titles, a second place in the All Events plus a third place in the Doubles. His 17-year USBC Open Lifetime Average for 17 years is 215.

His local Gr. Cincinnati titles are too numerous to list but he was a contributor toward 16 Championships, both handicap and scratch. He has 40+ 300 games (7 at PBA events) to his credit and 20+ 800 series. His high average being a 240 in the 2010-2011 season. He has carried a 200 or better average for 29 years. In January 2011 he shot 300 games in 4 consecutive weeks in the same league. He was inducted into the Gr. Cincinnati Hall of Fame for Superior Performance in 2010.

Kenneth is a perennial winner in the Hoinke Classic Tournament with 24 titles in Team, Doubles, Singles and All Events to his credit. He has multiple Megabuck Sweeper Titles (Highroller, International Eliminator and Super Hoinke) titles including a 537 two game score in 1995.

Kenneth contributes to many of the causes that bowlers are known to support; Junior Achievement, Special Olympics and Big Brothers – Big Sisters. He believes in giving back to those who are in need.

It is with great pleasure that we place the name of Kenneth Abner on the list of Ohio’s Superior Performers in the Amateur category

2020 ---- Trisha Reid

The Central Ohio USBC has produced a very wide array of Championship Tournament Bowlers and the name of Trisha Reid would be right up there near or at the top of the list. One of Trisha’s favorite things to do is complete in tournaments and she has certainly competed in more than the average bowler. Not only has she completed locally, but at the state and national level of USBC and at the TNBA events.

Trisha’s high average is a 234 in 2008 and she has carried a 200+ average for 15 years. Her high game, of course, is 300, of which she 25 to her credit. The proudest one was where it skyrocketed her to the day leader of the 2015 USBC Queen’s. Tricia has been the ladies high average leader in the Central Ohio USBC many times. Trisha’s high series was a 838 in 2008 and she has 12 other 800 series to her credit.

Trisha was the recipient of the 2003 Ohio State USBC Women’s Scholarship and she was named to the Ohio Women’s All Star Team in 2008. Her state championships include the 2018 Ohio State USBC Queen’s and the 2018 and 2019 Actual and Scratch Open Team Titles.

Bowling has played a very important role in her life. In addition to her talent on the lanes she has served as tournament director of various events and also has served as a representative for several of the top bowling companies such as Vice, Brunswick and Apparel EFX.

Tonight Trisha Reid adds another crown on her list of titles as she is welcomed to the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for her Superior Performances.

2020 ---- Caroline Abner

Tonight, Caroline Abner and her husband Kenneth join the elite group of, now five, married couples enshrined in the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame. Caroline has to her credit 12 Greater Cincinnati City Championship in every event – Team, Doubles, Singles and All Events. Her high average was in 2001 with a 221 and she has 6 – 300 games to her on her record book. She was elected into the Greater Cincinnati Hall of Fame in 1997.

Caroline has two Ohio Women’s USBC WBA titles: one in 2002 for the Team Handicap event and the second in the 1993 Doubles Actual with partner Robin Bosken.

Caroline also has quite a record in the various events of the Hoinke Classic Tournament. Her Classic titles number 21 and she is credited with the highest ever score for women in the 5- game singles event with a 1256 total. In addition to all the above, Caroline has 11 other titles in Singles, Doubles, Team and All Events in other ladies’ regional tournaments, including the Louisville Derby Fillies.

It is with great pleasure that we place the name of Caroline Abner on the list of Ohio’s Superior Performers.

2019 ---- Tom Kasee

When anyone talks about outstanding bowling performance, the first thing that is mentioned is the perfect 300 game, the pinnacle of any bowler’s career. Tom Kasee has completed this amazing feat in five consecutive decades: 1970-1980-1990-2000 & 2010. During the 1977-78 season Tom was part of the three-man team that set a national record score of 2196.

Tom is a once a week bowler who has participated in 40 Ohio State USBC BA Championships as well as 40 ABC/USBC Championships. On the state level, he was on the 1988 Handicap and Actual Championship Team, shooting a 3440 score, which was a record at the time.

The year 1989 saw Tom claiming the USBC National Team All Events Championship for his “Eagle”. He also captured the 1974 AICU Regional Team Championship for University of Cincinnati. And 1975 saw him taking first place in both the singles and all events of the Xavier Invitational.

Tom was inducted into the Greater Cincinnati Bowling Association Hall of Fame for Superior Performance in 2004.

2019 ---- Ron Bell

The Summit County area is proud to call Ron Bell an outstanding member. His record speaks for itself as has posted 38 – 300 games and 13 – 800 series on his scorecard. Ron’s high average was a 235 which was attained in 1984.

Ron’s local prowess includes many local and area titles, including Stark County Masters, Ideal Open, Portage County Masters and the Beacon Journal Classic three separate years. He laid claim to the Ohio State USBC Doubles, both handicap and scratch, in 1980 with partner Rick Davis. His team, Kent Lincoln Mercury, took both the handicap and scratch team title in 1981. In 1979 Ron set a world record 4 game block – 1127 – with games of 279-300-258-290. He has also captured the Peterson Doubles, ABC Bowler’s Journal Doubles and the Inter-City Doubles – 4 times with perennial partner Rick Davis.

Ron also won the PBA Regional at Super Bowl Erlanger where he defeated longtime friend, Steve Fehr. National wins include the Showboat Open in the 80’s and the Fair Lanes Open in 1989. Ron was named bowler of the year four times by the Akron Beacon Journal and is a Dapper Dan Honoree. He has been inducted into the Tri-County Hall of Fame as well as the Summit County Hall of Fame.

It is with great pleasure that we add the name of Ron Bell to the list of Ohio’s Superior Performers.

2019 ---- Alan Runkel

Cincinnati bowler, Alan Runkel, has been an ABC/USBC member for over 35 years and in that time span has many high scores to his credit. His career high average was a 230 and he has carried an average over 200 for 30 of those 35 years. His career high game, is, of course, 300, of which he had 29 and his high series is an 866.

During the years of 1983-1988, Alan made a clean sweep of the A.B.C. Buffalo Bowling Association titles, winning singles twice, doubles and all events. He also has had many Louisville Derby titles to his credit: 1989 & 1991 doubles with Rick Pollard, 1992, 1994 & 2008 team champion; 2008 All Events Champion. He also has an equal number of titles from the Hoinke Classic. His titles in the Greater Cincinnati Bowling Association are too numerous to list.

1995 and 1998 saw Alan and his team laying claim to the Brunswick World Team Challenge Regional Titles and in 1998 they went on to capture the Brunswick World Team Challenge Grand Final Team Champion title.

Alan was inducted into the Greater Cincinnati Hall of Fame in 2007 for Superior Performance. He was also recognized in 2008 and again 2010 as High School Coach of the Year and he was listed in the Bowler’s Journal Top 100 Coaches in 2011-12.

Alan Runkel takes his place on the rolls of Ohio’s Top Performers tonight as we induct him into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.

2017 ---- Jennifer Owens

Jennifer Owens has been a member of the USBC (WIBC) and the Ohio Association for over twenty years. She has won numerous state and local titles including two Championship Team Titles, one actual in 2013 and one handicap in 1999. She and her partner, Emi- ly Westfall were also declared 2015 Actual Champions as Jennifer contributed a 778 to their combined total of 1467.

Her highest average was in the 2010-11 season with a 227 and her highest game being naturally, a 300 of which she has 23 to her credit. Her highest series in an 827 in the 2013-14 season.

Jennifer has many local titles, both in the Dayton USBC and the Springfield District USBC WBA. One of the highlights was win- ning the Angie Kreitzer Memorial Queens in 2005 and again in 2009.

She has been a member of the Ohio All Star team 3 times; 2006-07; 2009-10 and 2013-14.

Jennifer was inducted into the Greater Dayton WBA Hall of Fame for Superior Performance in 2009 and the Ohio USBC Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 2015 for Superior Perfor- mance.

Tonight we add the name of Jennifer Owens to the roles of Ohio’s SUPERIOR PERFORMERS.

2017 ---- Richard Martin

Richard (Rick) Martin has been bowling in certified competition for 45 years and has multiple years of participation in his local, the Greater Cincinnati BA, the Ohio State USBC BA and USBC/ABC tournaments.

Rick’s has carried a 200+ average for over 41 years, his highest being a 223 in the 2001-02 season. High game, 300 of course, of which he lays claim to 6 and high series an 825 was in 1996.

Rick has another interesting statistic on his score card: being that in 1985 he had the most consecutive strikes (22) in 2 games with no 300 game. In league play he shot 290-299-200.

His local Championships add up to 19 and all are in the Scratch cate- gory except for one. The shining stars in his crown are 2 Scratch All Events Titles. He also captured the Ohio State BA All Events Title in 1985 with a total of 2072.

Rick’s other tournament titles include an All Events Title in the Lou- isville Derby Tournament in 1994 with a 2218 total pin fall; 2 Louis- ville Derby Team Championships and a Hoinke Classic Mixed Dou-bles Championship in 1975.

He was inducted into the Greater Cincinnati Hall of Fame for Superi- or Performance in 1982.

Tonight Richard Martin’s name will be added to the list of Ohio’s SUPERIOR PERFORMERS.

2016 ---- Nick Diblatto

Nick Diblatto is an excellent representative for bowling, not only locally but statewide as well. He has been actively participating in his local association for 41 years. And during that time has accumulated numerous local titles in Cleveland as well as Lake Geauga, Elyria and Lorain. For his performances, Nick was inducted into the Greater Cleveland Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 2001 as well as the Lake-Geauga Hall of Fame in 2014.

In 1985 Nick’s Terry’s Pro Shop took top spot in the Ohio State BA Championship tournament and he claimed an OTBA title in 1986. He and his partners laid claim to the National High 2-man, 2 woman series score with 2906 in 2014.

The International FIQ Tournament in 1985 saw him excel and come away with three wins in the Singles, All Events and Team All Events.

Nick believes in giving back to his community and is currently serv-ing as President of the Food Pantry #1479 as well as volunteering his time at the church. He has participated in the Annual Race For the Place fundraiser since 2008, which supports the Gathering Place, de-voted to serving those touched by cancer.

Nick has 48 300 games to his credit, 27 800 or better series and his highest average was in the 2011-12 year with a 234.

Tonight we place the name of Nick Diblatto in the roles of the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame in recognition of his outstanding performances.

2016 ---- Bob Bures

The name Bob Bures is easily recognized in northeastern Ohio as he regularly competes in leagues in Lake-Geauga and the Greater Cleveland associations. He has been bowling at least 40 years and amassed a spectacular number of titles.

Bob has 49 -300 games to his credit along with 27 -800 series. His high average is a 241 in the 2010-11 season and has carried a 200+ average for 40 years. One highlight that stands out in his mind is the evening he shot 1603 in back-to-back league sessions. (813 & 790)

On the state level, his titles include a team championship in 1979, the actual and handicap doubles in 1987 and the 2002 Actual Team Championship.

On the national level Bob and partner Ron Thacker captured the 1980 ABC Doubles Championship with a score of 1378. His performances on the lanes earned him the AJBC High Average in the State three different times. In the 1980-81 season he and his partner were credited with the high game in the country with a 1327.

Bob has the distinct honor of being inducted into both the Greater Cleveland and Lake-Geauga Halls of Fame for Superior Performance in 2015.

His application read: “Bob carries himself on and off the lanes very humbly and professionally. He still competes on a weekly basis and continues to win.”

It is with great pleasure that tonight we add the name of Bob Bures to the rolls of Ohio’s Superior Performers.

2015 ---- Christopher Hayward

Christopher Hayward began bowling in youth leagues at an early age and quickly established himself as a dominant force. His highest average was a 246 in the 2006-07 season. He has carried a 200+ average for over 22 years. His high game is 300, of course, and he has rolled over 140 during his career. His high series was an 888 in 2011 and he has over one hundred 800 series in his tally book. The 888 (300-299-289) was a city record until Earon Vollmer shot his 900 in January this year.

His local titles are many with the crowning event being his back-to-back (2004 and 2005) Greater Toledo USBC Masters Championships. He also has laid claim to GTUSBC Doubles and Team Titles.

Chris was a member of the 2001 K J Excavating Team that took first place in the ABC National Tournament. He has wins in the InterCity Team scratch and Doubles scratch events. He took first place in the “Shootout at the Fort” taking home a $5,000 paycheck.

For all his achievements, Chris was inducted into the Greater Toledo USBC Bowling Hall of Fame for Superior Performance in 2015.

Tonight we add the name of Christopher Hayward to Ohio’s Superior Performers.

2015 ---- Keith Nusbaum

At 52 years of age, Keith Nusbaum has accomplished more in bowling than most people will in their entire career. The big difference is that Keith isn’t even close to being done yet.

Keith has maintained a 200+ average for over 25 years. His highest being 245 in the 2013-14 season. His high game is, of course, 300 and he has 100 of those to his credit. His high series is an 868 in 1987 and has lost count of the many others he has rolled.

His local titles are many, among them a 1983 Team Championship as well as a GTUSBCA Master’s title, A Mixed Doubles title and first place in the Doubles with partner Dale Ellis, they rolled a perfect 600 game in 1995.

Keith has many other tournament victories, the greatest of all be- ing the two victories in the ABC Team events. His K.J. Excavat- ing Team won the ABC Team title in 2001 and he was a member of the Reeb Funeral Home 1992 ABC Team All Events winners.

As the owner of Shot Makers Pro Shop’s, he has the opportunity to help others to get the most of their bowling. Operating pro shops in 4 different locations is quite a task, but Keith is well suited for the job. Days will find him drilling balls, while nights you’ll find him in league play or coaching others in the betterment of their game.

For his exceptional performance on the lanes, tonight we recognize Keith Nusbaum for all of his Superior Performances.

2015 ---- Richard Parchen

Richard Parschen began his bowling career in the Padua after school league at Yorktown Lanes. One of his submitters said, “Rick lives, eats, sleeps and drinks bowling using his skills 3, 4, and sometimes 5 nights a week plus all the weekend tournaments.”

Rick’s highest certified average is a 242.17 and he has carried a 200+ average for over 27 years. He has 102 300 games to his credit and 56 series of 800 or better. His highest series is an 846.

His Ohio State USBC BA titles include a team championship in 1997 along with rolling 300 games in the tournament in both 2012 and 2013. The 2013 tournament participation included back to back 300 games. He also has to his credit a first place finish in the Ohio State USBC BA Senior Handicap Tournament in 2008.

Richard has Local Championship Titles in the Greater Cleveland USBC BA, the Lorain USBC BA, the Elyria USBC BA and the Lake-Geauga USBC BA.

He was inducted into the Greater Cleveland USBC BA Hall of Fame in 2000 for Superior Performance.

Tonight we add the name of Richard Parschen to those on the rolls of Ohio’s Superior Performers.

2014 ---- Jeffrey Kruzel

A bowler since age 7 Jeff Kruzel has fol-lowed in the footsteps of his father Stan and other high achievers to become one of Toledo’s finest bowlers.  Even though many individual achievements appear on his re-sume, team performance has always been high on the list of his accomplishments.

Jeff has been a member of six teams that have captured the Thursday Traveling Classic League, Toledo’s premier male league.  As far as individual accomplishments, Jeff has posed 50 career 300 games and 45 series of 800 or better.  His personal high series of 867 was also the city record at the time. Twice the winner of the local all events, two team titles and one doubles championship are on his slate. He also has one Gr. Toledo Masters title to his credit in addition to fin-ishing second four times. Jeff has carried a 200+ average for over 25 years.  He was elected to the GTUSBCA Hall of Fame in 2007 for Superior Performance

Jeff has competed in at least 25 local Championship, 18 Ohio State BA and 18 ABC/USBC events.   His lifetime average in the national events is an impressive 208.

His Loma Lindas/Ventura team captured the 2012 Ohio State USBC BA Actual Team Championship.  Along with partner Emilio Mora, Jr. he won a PBA Regional Doubles event.

Tonight we welcome Jeffrey C. Kruzel to our roster of Ohio Superior Performers.

2014 ---- Jeffry Kwiatkowski

Jeff Kwiatkowski began his bowling career as a junior, then high school followed by adult leagues. Just out of high school, Jeff started winning tournaments and he hasn’t stopped since. The Strike It Rich tournament in 1988 started his winning ways, which included a repeat victory in 1992.

Improving during his early PBA years he went on to even greater things. At the 1995 ABC/USBC Open Championship in Reno in the National Bowling Stadium he captured the All Events shooting 762 in team, 732 in doubles and 697 in singles for an impressive 2191 total. That year featured the largest participation ever in the nearly 100 year history of the event.  Jeff also shot a 299 game in the team event that year. Sports Illustrated magazine featured his accomplishment in their September 11, 1995 issue. His participation record for the USBC over 21 years is 200.6.

Jeff and his Loma Linda/Ventura teammates won 4 consecutive Thursday Traveling Classic (Toledo’s premier adult male league) titles from 2003-2006. They topped that record by taking the Actual Team Championship in the Ohio State USBC Championship Tournament in 2013 with a total score of 3414.

Jeff also laid claim to the 2007 Greater Toledo USBC Masters title and has seven singles titles to his credit. He has 46-300 games and 35-800 series to his credit.  His highest average was 237.

Jeff was inducted into the Greater Toledo Hall of Fame in 2007 for Superior Performance. Tonight we acknowledge his expertise on the lanes by adding his name to the list of Ohio SUPERIOR PERFORMERS.

2013 ---- Denise Muhl Thacker

Denise Thacker has had many accomplishments in the twenty-eight years that she has been a Cleveland USBC WBA, WIBC/USBE and Ohio USBC WBA member , which proves that she certainly has achieved superior performance.

She has captured five actual Ohio USBC WBA Championships. Her titles include the 1993, 2000, 2006 and 2008 doubles actual. She was a member of the 2004 team actual champions and also won the doubles handicap in 2006.

Denise has captured seven team actual, five doubles actual, and one doubles handicap championships in theCleveland USBC Women’s Bowling Association from 1995-2011.

In the Cleveland USBC Mixed City tournaments she won the All Events Actual, Mixed Doubles Actual in 2007 and both scratch and handicap singles in 2010.

In the Central States Tournaments she has seven team actual titles, two doubles actual titles and and All Events Championship. These accomplishments ere achieved from 1995 through 2007.

Some of the other titles that she has are Women’s Progressive Bowling Association Singles Champion, Ohio Bowling Council Mixed Doubles actual, Ernst Mixed Doubles actual, Lake-Geauga Mixed Tournament team actual, Mixed Scratch Trio Tournament and Turnabouts scratch and handicap Champion.

She has maintained a 200 plus average since 1995, her highest average a 221. She has rolled four three hundred games.

Denise has been a member of the Cleveland USBC WBA All Star Team thirteen times and was inducted into the Cleveland USBC WBA Hall of Fam in 2005 and the Ohio USBC WBA Hall of Fame in 2009.

2013 ---- Carl (Ed) Hounshell

Ed Hounshell’s parents first took him bowling at the age of nine. He did not become interested in the sport until after his graduation in 1970.

Over the years he has accumulated so many tournament championships that keeping track of them has become a task.

He has captured seven Ohio State USBC State Bowling Association Championships beginning in 1989 through 2008. These include team actual in 1989 and 2007, doubles actual in 197, team handicap, team all events actual and handicap, and singles actual in 2008.

Ed has won sixteen Dayton city titles from 1972 through 2009. These include two singles championships, three team championships, four senior team championships, five doubles championships, one mixed doubles championship and one senior doubles championship.

He has rolled twenty-six three hundred games and seven 800 plus series, his highest an 865.

Ed was elected to the Dayton Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 2000.

He states that only the twenty-eight marriage to his wife, Joan, tops his list of Most Proud Achievements. “Without her, none of this would have been possible.”

2012 ---- Kari Murph Watson

Kari Murph Watson has had many accomplishments in the past twenty years that she has been a Greater Dayton USBC, Ohio USBC WBA and WIBC/USBC member.

Kari has rolled fifteen 300 games and he highest series has been an 819and her highest average a 226.

She was a member of the ohio USBC WBA Championship Tournament team actual in 2012, 2010, 1999 and 1998.

In the 1993 WIBC Open Division she was the singles champion. She finished in third place in the 1993 WIBC Open Division Doubles, fourth place in 2001 and eight place in 2003.

Kari was the Evansville Ladies tournament all events scratch champion in 2005, the Louisville Fillies all events scratch champion in 2004, a member of the first place ladies team handicap Hoinke Classic in 2003, won the LPBT Regional Title in Long Island, New York in 1994, the firs place ladies scratch division Hoinke Classic in 1993 and was the high female finisher in the Super Hoinke in 1993.

Kari’s collegiate awards include First Academic All American in 1991-92, First Team All American in 1990-91, BPAA Player of the Year in 1990-91 National Collegiate Team Champion in 1989-90 and Second Team All American in 1989-90.

She was the WIBC Alberta E. Crowe Star of Tomorrow Award recipient in 1992.

Kari has won numerous local titles and has been a Greater Dayton USBC All Star Team member twelve times from 1993 to 2006. She was Bowler of the Year three times during that period.

2012 ---- Ron Thacker

Ron Thacker has compiled many professional, national, state and local tittles in his bowling career.

He is a member of the Cleveland USBC BA.

He has rolled thirty plus 300 games, twenty-three 299 games and fourteen 800 series, his highest being an 848.

Ron has a composite average of 219 over the last eleven seasons.

From 1984 to 1986 as a Regional/Resident member of the PBA, he was in the top twenty-four match play in seven events. In 2005 he finished in fifth place in the senior regional.

In the 1980 ABC Championship Tournament, he was a member of the fourth place actual team.

Ron was a member of the 1979 Ohio BA State Tournament Championship team. In 1980, he was a member of the Champion of Champions Team and 1985 the State Team Match Game Champion.

Ron has too, any Cleveland USBC BA championships to list as well as Lake/Geauga USBC BA and other local championships.

2012 ---- Kathy Coombs

Kathy is a member of the Greater Toledo USBC and has been a WIBC/USBC member for thirty years.

She has twenty-one 300 games and eight 800 plus series and one hundred fifty 700 plus series.

She has maintained a 200 plus average since 1998. Her highest average was a 227.

Kathy started bowling in the Toledo youth program and graduated to adult leagues in the 1982-1983 season and almost immediately made a name for herself. She accumulated six Toledo WBA Greater Toledo USBC Championship titles. She won singles actual in 1991 and doubles in 1986, 1987, 1995 and 2010. She is the actual all events winner in 1995 and 2010.

In the 2011 Bowling Green USBC WBA tournament she was a member of the winning team actual, team handicap, singles actual, doubles actual and all events. She was also the actual all events winner in 2009.

Kathy was a member of the Ohio WBA Actual Division Team Champions in 2011.

She has competed in several Ohio WBA/Ohio USBC WBA Queens tournaments. She finished third in 2005, sixth in 1996 and thirteenth in 2008.

She was the recipient of the WIBC Bev Ortner award in 1998 for having the highest ladies series in the nation with an 846.

She was inducted into the Greater Toledo Youth Hall of Fame in 2003 for Superior Performance and into the Greater Toledo USBC Hall of Fame in 1998 for Superior Performance.

She is currently serving on the Greater Toledo USBC Board of Directors.

2011 ---- Susan Hartley

Susan Hartley has been a WIBC/USBC member for thirty-four years. She is a member of the Greater Dayton USBC.

She has had seventeen 300 games, her last in May, 2010, five 800 plus series, five 299 games, three 298 games, seventy-five of 275-297 and two hundred and fifty plus 700 series.

She has maintained a 200 plus average since 1990. Her highest average was a 219. During the 1987-88 season she set a WIBC record for most 200 averages in a single season (seven) with 209, 202, 200, 214, and 204.

Susan has been a member of the Dayton WBA/Greater Dayton USBC AllStar Team twelve times beginning with the 1990-1991 season and her last being during the 2009-2010 season.

She has accumulated ten Dayton WBA/Greater Dayton USBC championship titles. She won team actual, 1991; singles actual, 2002; doubles actual, 2003; doubles actual and handicap, 2010 and Dayton WBA/BA Mixed Tournament doubles actual and handicap, 2008. She was the Dayton 700 Club Champion in 1986-87, 1992-93, and 2004-05.

Susan was a member of the Ohio WBA Actual Division Team Champions in 2002 in which she rolled a 709. In the 2010 Ohio USBC WBA Championship Tournament she placed 2nd in doubles actual, with an 806 series.

She has completed in all twenty-five Ohio WBA/Ohio USBC WBA Queens Tournaments. She has been a top five finalist in the Queens Tournament three times, placing fourth in 1991, second in 2000, and third in 2002.

She was inducted into the Ohio WBA Hall of Fame in 2004 for Superior Performance and into the Dayton WBA Hall of Fame in 1993 for Superior Performance.

She has served on the Dayton WBA Board of Directors and the Dayton 700 Club Board of Directors.

2011 ---- Emilio Mora, Sr.

Emilio Mora, Sr., at the age of seventeen was asked to go bowling with a friend and was hooked. Following high school came a two year stint in the United States army, then a wife, family and job.

In 1977 he was reading the local paper when he saw the All City Team and he decided to dust off the bowling balls and said I’m going to make that team the next year. Sure enough he did and has been a permanent fixture ever since 1978.

He has had twenty-nine 300 games, five 800 plus series and twenty-three 299 games.

He became a PBA member in 1985 and was nominated Rookie of the Year Senior Tour in 2003. He won the Senior Central Region Tournament in Bay City, Michigan in 2003 and placed third in the 2000 Regular Central Region Tournament.

He won the Northwest Ohio Tournament Bowling Association tournaments in Celina, Van Wert, Montpelier, Ottawa, 20th Century and Deshler. He was the Northwest Ohio Tournament Bowlers Association Bowler of the Year in 1991-92.

In the Greater Lakes Tournament Bowlers Association, he won at Flint, Michigan in 2002 and was second six times in two years.

Emilio has participated in every ABC/USBC National Tournament since 1979. He has an average of 197.5 in the national tournament.

He has participated in the Ohio BA/Ohio State USBC BA tournament since 1997 and was Actual All Events Champion in 1999 with an average of 253.

He was also a member of the winning team of the 1997 Ohio Mixed Tournament.

Emilio has many local tournament championships.

He began the youth program in Defiance in 1986.

2011 ---- Karen Morris


Karen Morris

2011 – Superior Performance

Karen Bowlby Morris has had many accomplishments in the twenty-six years that she has been a Logan USBC, Southeastern Ohio USBC, Ohio USBC WBA, and the WIBC/USBC member.

She was the Ohio USBC WBA Championship Tournament Scratch All Events Champion in 2009 and finished second in this event in 2002, 2001 and 2000. She was also the 2005 Buckeye Belle Winner. Karen finished second in the 2007 Ohio USBC WBA Queens Tournament and third in the 2004 tournament.

In the 2005 WIBC Queens she finished fifth.

Karen has won Professional Regional Titles in Aberdeen, Maryland and Wilmington, North Carolina in 2005 and New Castle, Delaware in 2004. She was the Lisa Maurice Rookie of the Year Award recipient in 2004.

In the Ladies Ten Pin Classic in Evansville, Indiana, she was the Scratch All Events Champion in 2009, 2008, and 2006.

She was a member of the first place Scratch Team of the Colonial Williamsburg Tournament in Williamsburg,Virginia in 2007, was the Scratch All Events Champion in the Augusta Women’s Turtle Tournament, Augusta, Georgia in 2006 and a member of the first place Scratch Team Champions in the Augusta Women’sTurtle Tour, Augusta, Georgia in 2005.

She has won many titles in the Inter-City tournaments, 600 Club tournaments, 700 Club Tournaments, and her local associations, Logan USBC and Southeastern Ohio USBC.

Karen has had seven 800 plus series, with her highest being an 835, five 300 games, three 299 games and twenty-five plus games of 275 or better. She has maintained a 200 plus average since 1994 with her highest being a 226 in the 2007-08 season. During the 2002-03 season she had torn ligaments in her bowling hand so she used her left hand and still maintained a 208 average.


2010 ---- Bob Kelly

Bob Kelly, a member of the Greater Dayton USBC has had a very successful bowling career.

He began his winning ways by being a member of the 1979 National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association team champion and that same year he was also the National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association doubles champion.

He has had forty-one 300 games, three Sport 300 games, 3 PBA 300 games and twenty-one 800 plus series with his highest being an 843. His highest average was a 230.

Bob was named the Professional Bowling Association Senior Rookie of the Year in 2006. He has two regional Senior Professional Bowlers Association titles, winning in 2006 and 2009. S He has one second place PBA National finish, four – second place PBA Regional finishes and a second place finish in the USBC Senior Masters in 2006.

Bob has three Ohio Tournament Bowlers Association titles and was a member of the championship team in 1984 and 1985 of the Ohio State Bowling Association. He was also a member of the championship team of the Ohio State Team Match Game Champions in 1986.

He has two Miami County Association titles and sixteen Dayton Bowling Association titles.

He was honored for bowling thirty-six consecutive American Bowling Congress/United States Bowling Congress National Championship Tournament. In the national championship tournament his highest team series was a 714, doubles series 757 and singles series 729.

Bob is a member of the Dayton Bowling Association Hall of Fame.

2010 ---- Jeri Lynn (Blair) Flemming

Jeri (Blair) Flemming began bowling twenty-five years ago. During her bowling career she has won many titles, not only in her local association but also in the state and national associations.

She was a member of the Dayton Women’s Bowling Association All Star First Team for nine years from 1993 thru 2002. As a member of the Dayton Women’s Bowling Association she was a team actual champion in 1988, doubles actual champion in 1993, singles handicap champion in 1996, and singles and all events champion in 1998.

She served on the Dayton Women’s Bowling Association Board of Directors. In 1995 she was inducted into the Dayton Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame.

In 1990 she was the State of Ohio Champion for Team USA Qualifying. In 1994 she was the actual and handicap champion of the Hoinke Women’s Doubles.

She was the Ohio WBA Queens Tournament Champion in 1995, and was a member of the Ohio Women’ Bowling Association Championship Tournament Actual Team in 2001 and 2003.

She and Linda Kelly set a Women’s International Bowling Congress record for a two player series of 1547 in 1996, which Jeri had a 257 triplicate. She also was a member of the 2004 four woman high team series of 2838.

From 1998 thru 2009, she has averaged 200 plus with her lowest average being a 208 and her highest being a 221.

Jeri and her husband Dave are the owners of Aero Lanes in Fairborn.

2010 ---- Jodi Woessner

Jodi Woessner has won so many titles in her bowling career that we would need two pages to list all of her championships.

At her very young age, being inducted into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame tonight will be the fourth Hall of Fame that she has been inducted into and all for Superior Performance. In 2001 she was inducted into the Toledo Junior Hall of Fame, 2005 the Ohio Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame and in 2006 in the Toledo Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame.

She has had twenty-seven 300 games and nineteen 800 plus series with her highest being an 856. Her highest average was a 234 during the 2007-08 season. She has been an Ohio US BC WBA All Star Team member and the Ohio USBC WBA Bowler of the Year for the past three years.

During 2008-09 and 2009-10 she was a Professional Bowling Association Women’s Series Exempt Player. In 2009 she was a member of the Bowlers Journal All American Team. She won the 2008 PBA Shark Championship and PBA Central Region Storm Products/Beechmont Toyota Open defeating Jason Couch 279-257 in the championship match. She has won three LPBT/PWBA Regional titles. From 2008 to present she is a member of the Vise Inserts Professional Staff.

At the 2010 USBC Women’s Championships she made history when she set a new all events record of 2,330 and tied for the highest individual series in the 91 years of Women’s championships with an 816 series.

Jodi was a member of the Ohio USBC WBA Champion Tournament actual winning team in 2010 and 2007 and with her partner, Shannon Pluhowsky won the doubles actual in 2010. She has been the Ohio USBC WBA all events champion three times, 2008, 1999, and 1996. She was the singles champion in 2008 and 1996. She was the Ohio USBC WBA Buckeye Belle Tournament champion in 2006. In 2008, she was the Hoinke Classic Women’s singles champion and women’s doubles scratch champion and in 2007 she was the Hoinke Classic Women’s singles champion in three different categories. In 2008 she was the TN BA Rhodman National singles champion and the TNBA Rhodman Central Region Women’s singles champion.

Jodi won the Michigan WBA Queens Tournament in 1996, was the World Team Challenge Regional Champion in 1995 and 1996. She was also a member of the WIBC National team champions in 1995. She has won so many local titles that they are too numerous to list.

2009 ---- Terry Saccone

Terry Saccone has obtained a lot of championships and records in his forty-four year bowling career. He has a composite average of 215 plus and has rolled 35 (24 sanctioned) 300 games and 10 (6 sanctioned) 800 plus series with his highest being 856.

He has participated in 35 USBC Championship Tournaments having been a champion two times in 1982 as a Regular Team Champion and in 1993 as the Regular Doubles Champion with Dave Callery. He has been a top ten finisher five times. His USBC tournament average is 199.

He was the Ohio State Team Match Game Champion in 1979 and 1980, and 1988 a member of the Ohio State Bowling Association Team Champion. In 1987 he was the Kentucky BPA U.S. Open Singles Champion and was runner up in 1985.

In the Greater Cincinnati Bowling Association City Championship Tournaments from 1978 to 2005 he has acquired ten championships from Actual All Events, Actual Singles, Handicap Singles, Actual Doubles, Actual Team, and Handicap Team.

In the Hoinke Classic Championships from 1982 to 1993 he has acquired Actual Team Champion, Handicap Team Champion, Actual Mixed Doubles Champion, and Actual Doubles Champion.

He appeared over 25 times on the King of TV bowling program. In 1977 he was the finals runner up and in 1982 he was the finals champion.

He was the Cincinnati Enquired first team all star in 1978, 1979 and 1980.

Terry also gives back to the sport of bowling as he volunteers his time to serve as Oak Hills High School Boys Bowling Head Coach.

He was inducted into the Greater Cincinnati Hall of Fame in 1995.

2009 ---- Jerillyn “Jeri” Edwards

Jerillyn “Jeri” Edwards has dedicated more than 29 years to the sport of bowling, beginning with her prep years where she led her high school team to the 1980 Illinois State championship and was the individual high school bowling champ. She entered Penn State University and as a freshman was named to the Collegiate All-Tournament team in 1981. She was on the Penn State University varsity bowling team for four years and was a collegiate champion in several highly regarded national tournaments during her collegiate career.

She spent five years on the Ladies Professional Bowlers Tour, winning the 1990 Great Atlanta Open. She has captured WIBC championships with the national team champions in 1988 and WIBC singles champion in Illinois. She won the Ohio USBC WBA Championship Tournament Actual All Events title in 2005.

Jeri served as the Team USA National Assistant Coach for eight years and as Junior Team USA Head Coach during 2002-2003. She was named Team USA Head Coach in 2004 and is still serving in that capacity.

She is a Gold Certified USA Bowling Coach and Professional Bowling Camps Instructor for ten years. She served as Editor of Bowling Digest for seven years and is a featured writer for US Bowler.

She was co-author of USA Junior Olympic Bowling Coach Level One Text, Advanced Adjustments (test, video and audio program), Bowling – The Handbook of Bowling Psychology. She co-hosted the Bowling the Family Sport Video, The Master Plan to Great Bowling Video, Learn the Curve Video, Bowling – The Pun Sport Video, Bowler’s Private Coach Video, Increase your Average: Today’s Bowling Techniques and Bowling Rocks Video.

Jeri served as Co-Tournament Director of the ABC Senior Masters for three years and as Co-Tournament Director of the PBA Bayer/Brunswick Touring Players Championship for three years.

She served as President of the Akron Bowling Proprietors Association for three years and the only woman ever to serve as a board member on the National ABC Board of Directors for three years.

In 2004 she received the Metropolitan Bowling Writers Special Service Award, was the 2005, 2006, 2007 United States Olympic Committee Coach of the Year and was inducted into the Summit County hall of Fame in 2006.

2008 ---- Marilyn Lebon

Marilyn Lebon has a resume a mile long filled with championships and records Her success is not just in her local community but she has also had success on the state and national level.

She has rolled five 300 games, six 299’s and her highest series has been an 824 of which she has rolled five 800’s. Her highest average has been 227, which was during the 2006-07 season. She has averaged 200 plus from 1996 to the present.

Marilyn has six titles with the Ohio USBC WBA which include winning the Doubles title three times with Denise Muhl-Thacker, team actual and handicap, and the Buckeye Belle Tournament. She also has twenty-two Cleveland WBA titles, Cleveland 600, Cleveland 700, Johnstown Ladies Singles Classic, nine Women’s Central States titles, Mixed Central States, and three TNBA Central Regional Tournament titles. She also has numerous other championship titles to her credit.

She was inducted into the Ohio USBC WBA Hall of Fame for Superior Performance in 2003, into the Cleveland USBC WBA Hall of Fame for Superior Performance in 1998, and the Bowlers 4 Life for Superior Female Performance in 2006.

She has been a member of the Cleveland USBC WBA All Star Team ten times from 1992-2007. She was also a member of the Lake Geauga All Star Team.

In the Ohio USBC WBA Buckeye Belle Tournament she still holds the record for a score of 1018 for four games. In the Ohio 700 Club Tournament she is the only woman to shoot an 800 (824) in the tournament.

A She also holds the national record score of 3650 for three man/two women series and 1283 for high game for three man/two women.

Marilyn serves on the Ohio USBC WBA Hall of Fame Committee and promotes the sport of bowling whenever, and however, she can.

2008 ---- Steve Jakubowski

Steve Jakubowski has had years of success while competing in our sport’s highest level, the Professional Bowlers Association. He was a member of the professional organization from 1988 through 1993. He has participated in fourteen national tournaments, fifty-one regional tournaments, making the top four one and making match play fourteen times. He qualified for the NRPC in 1991 by placing sixth on the regional point list.

He competed in the Peterson Classic nineteen years, cashing seventeen out of the nineteen years, with a high finish of sixth place in 2007. Twice he was in the final four of the Shoot out at the Fort. Steve was winner of the Toledo Bowling Association Masters Tournament four times, Hoinke “Super Class” Winner Second Change, two time Varsity Lanes Singles Champ, five time OTBA Scratch Singles Champion, OTBA scratch doubles champion with Chris Hayward, two times Westland Lanes Singles Sweeper, Wammerson Classic winner, two time King Pin Lanes Toughman winner, two time Sport Shot Challenge winner, TBA Mixed Doubles handicap and scratch winner with Marge Kurtz and Derby Day Doubles winner with his wife, Kathy. He also has several team championships.

Steve has an astounding thirty-six perfect games spanning a nineteen-year spread. One of these 300 games was rolled in a regional tournament and one in a national tournament. He has an even more astounding thirty 800 series to his credit over twenty-three years.

Steve has helped promote bowling for many years as a bowling instructor, tournament director, squad leader for Greater Toledo Bowling Association tournament, Petersen Classic and the Hoinke Classic. He is the assistant coach for the Waite High School team.

He has given countless hours to help bowlers of all ages develop a better understanding of the game and a way to achieve higher scores. He has done it for the good of the game, never accepting any remuneration.

2007 ---- Paul Ashby

Paul Ashby has been selected for the Ohio Hall of Fame in recognition of a sensational career. Consider these achievements: 53 300 games, 12 of them in PBA competition; 51 800 series (877 high); 29 299 games; one 298. He was a member of a professional organization for 19 years. Five times he was a regional champion: in 1996, The Oregon Open, Oregon, Ohio; Resident Pro Qualifier, Troy, Michigan; Pepsi Open, Troy, Michigan; Track Open, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and the Sunny Brook Open.

He also bowled on the 1997 Ohio State Tournament champs in 1997.

His averages from 1994-95 through 2003-04 ranged from 231 to 238. In six of those seasons, he averaged over 700 per match.

In the ABC Tournament, from 1998 through 2004, his averages were 207, 206, 217, 214, 203, 212.

In the Lake Geauga Association, his 877 was a record; in 1995-96, he led the All Events in the tournament with 2,301. He was doubles champion three times; team champion, 2 times; won the Award of Merit three times with sets of 845, 859 and 877; high average three times (238, 236, 235). In the Greater Cleveland Association, he was a‘ doubles champion twice; All Events leader with 2,172 in 2003-04; elected to the All Star Team in 2001-02.

In 1999, he was the Central Region Professional Association Player of the Year. He was a member of the Central Region Resident Pro Team for four seasons. In 2004, he was elected to the Lake Geauga Hall of Fame.

Tonight, the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame advises its current members to move over and make room for a real good one, Paul Ashby.

2007 ---- Ken Kellenbarger*

Ken Kellenbarger has rolled 19 – 300 games in his career. The most exciting one came on March 11, 2006 after a layoff due to life-saving surgery on Dec. 1, 2005. The next day when Ken asked the surgeon when he could be able to resume bowling, the answer was in early March, provided he use a 12 pound ball and roll one game. If okay, he could bowl another and possibly another. So on March 11, 2006, Kenny rolled a 300 game with the 12 pound ball. For a big, husky guy, that’s equal to Babe Ruth hitting a home run with a bat made of feathers glued together.

Another story of excellence: when the Lancaster Bowling Shop won the Ohio Inner-City Tournament at Massillon, anchorman Ken Kellenbarger was told he would have to strike in the 10th frame for the team to win. He was solidly in the pocket, clinching the championship.

He has always felt good about rolling three solid strikes in his 19 300s, but his fondest triumphs came in the Father/Daughter Tournament which he won with his daughters, Rachel and Erica.

He is not a one-dimensional bowler. He’s rolled barrels of strikes but he has been an excellent spare shooter. He has led the Lancaster All Star League in spare shooting average.

Tonight, Ken, a member of the Lancaster Hall of Fame, will be inducted into the Ohio Hall of Fame, a recognition of his accomplishments and a well deserved honor.

2006 ---- David Penrod

David Penrod began bowling in Dayton’s Junior League in 1972. He went on to represent Beaver-Vu Bowl in the high school traveling league in 1974 and 1975. In the 1974-75 season he had the high average in the league. Penrod bowled on the Ohio Intercollegiate Bowling Conference for Wright State University from 1975 to 1978. He was high average man every year and led the entire conference in the 1977-78 season. In 1978, he won the Ohio State University Match Games Singles Tournament. In Dayton, Dave has won 10 championships (three team, two doubles, three all events and two mixed team titles. He made the Dayton City All City Team twice. He has bowled 17 sanctioned 300 games and seven 800 series (835 high).

He has won five Ohio State Bowling Association championships (one all events, one singles and three team titles). He was on the championship teams in both the Pot of Gold and the Champion of Champions tournaments.

For 20 ABC Tournaments, Dave has averaged 199.7. Other championships won were team in Fairborn Classic (2), Van Wert Classic (2), and Varsity Holiday Classic (2). He won for ll straight weeks in the Capri Star of Stars tournament in Dayton. With Brian Kretzer, they won the doubles event in the Music City Open in Nashville, Tennessee. He won the scratch team champion-

ship at the St. Clair Lanes tournament and the doubles at Kentucky Derby tournament.

Dave has been a league secretary for nearly 30 years, a director of Dayton BA since 1986 and has represented the DBA at the National ABC Convention five times. Dave says most of his lasting friendships were made with people he met in bowling. That’s where he met his wife, too. Tonight we welcome David Penrod into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

2006 ---- Ron S. Pollard Sr.

In 1977, at the age of 15, Ron Pollard was the youngest bowler to qualify for the ABC Masters. He never looked back. He has rolled 22 300 games, seven 800 series (high of 842), 41 league or tournament championships (team, singles, doubles and all events), maintained an average of 201 for 25 ABC tournaments, three time champion in the Hoinke Classic, including team, doubles and all events in 1985, three time champion of the Petersen Classic plus the singles in 1998, nine seasons on Greater Cincinnati Bowling Association All City Team, member of the Greater Cincinnati Bowling Hall of Fame, three Championships in the ABC/Brunswick World. Team Challenge (1995, 97, 98).

He won seven championships (one doubles, two all events and four singles) in 1998, and topped that with nine titles in 2000 (six team, two singles and one doubles).

In 2006, Ron and his brother were among the first inductees in the new USBC Hall of Fame.

Tonight, Ron Pollard receives the recognition of the Ohio Bowling Council as he is inducted into Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.


2006 ---- Ron Stromfeld

Using a baseball expression in regard to a bowler who has had a long and splendid career, Ron Stromfeld has touched all the bases. He has compiled a superb record as a bowler, one including world record performances, and has participated in the non-playing area of the sport as a lane manager (Lincoln Village Lanes) and a pro shop manager at Rainbow and Sawmill Lanes in Columbus.

He has posted 200 plus averages since the 1965-66 season (his best was 226); his lifetime composite average is 211. He has an 11-year average of 198 in ABC tournaments and ranks among the top 50 nationally. He has rolled five sanctioned 800 series (816 high), 12 sanctioned 300 games, 7 sanctioned 299’s and 3 sanctioned 298’s. He set a world record with 52 consecutive series of 600 or better. He and Vicki Middendorf shot the record four game doubles (2000) at Stardust Lanes in 1972. He set an ABC record with 156 200 games in a season (now in second place) in 1978.

Ron is a certified YABA Coach and has instructed more than 1000 youth bowlers.

Ron thinks his bowling career has had a positive effect on his life. In an interview 20 years ago, . he said “One of the great things about my job is that I am doing what I like and another thing is that l am doing what I do best. You can’t beat that.”

The Ohio Bowling Council can beat that and does so tonight by ushering Ron Stromfeld into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

2005 ---- Rick Mercer

Rick Mercer has been on of Northeast Ohio’s greatest bowlers for most of his 44 years on the lanes. In 20 of those years, he averaged over 210 with a high of 228. He has rolled 14 perfect games, one 299, one 298 and 10 – 290s. He has seven sanctioned 800 series (826 high).

In tournaments he has won in the team event in the Fairborn Classic, nine times in the Warren City Tournament, four times in the King Lanes Tournament, in the National Slovak Tournament, the singles in the Warren City, the doubles in Kingsville Classic and in Cortland Mixed Doubles. He has competed in the Oiho State Tournamnet , the Hoinke, the Bucyrus, the Petersen, the Fairborn Open, Ohio Inter-City, Warren Masters, OTBA, CTBA, National Industrial, DeLuca, ABC Nationals and PBA Regional tour stops.

His bowling involvement has been more than bowling big numbers and picking up tournament winnings. A member of the Warren Association since 1971, he has held offices in the Sunrise Classic League, Mercer’s Pro Shop League, Echo Tavern League, Classic Bowlers Association League, Classic Friday Trio League, Slovak Singles League, Kings Lanes League and various offices in the Warren Association. He has been a Pro Shop owner/operator for 25 years. He has been certified YABA instructor since 1975.

His career has been one of total involvement in the sport. It will be capped tonight when he becomes a member of the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame.

2005 ---- Robert J. Jones

Bob Jones is a Hall-of-Famer if there was one.

Consider his performance in the ABC National Tournament. Beginning in 1980, Bob has averaged 206 for 107 games in the world’s most prestigious tournament. He is listed among the all-time leaders which puts him in the company of the nations best.

Over an 18 year span he has averaged 227. He rolled 30 perfect games during those seasons. In September he added another, his first in the Untied States Bowling Congress. He has had six seasons with averages over 230, his 235 in 2001-02 a new record for the Newark Bowling Association. He has rolled 11 – 800 series, including the Newark Association’s record of 879 (299-290-290).

For nine seasons in the Columbus All Star Travel League he averaged 217 for 543 games including the league record in the 1989-90 season (224).

It is in tournaments that his bowling prowess stands out. In 1980 he won the Ohio Tournament Bowlers Association at Park Lanes in Mansfield and in 1982 he won at Sawmill Lanes in Columbus. From 1981 – 2001 he won 11 all-events, five singles, four doubles and 19 team titles in the Newark Bowling Association.

His Hall of Fame sponsors wrote that “no one can ever remember Bob doing poorly in any tournament”, adding that “he always seems to come through in high level competition.”

Unanimously elected to the Newark Hall of Fame on April 13, 2002, Bob enters the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame this evening.

2004 ---- Phillys White


Phyllis White has long been known as one of Columbus’ best bowlers. She has averaged 200 or better for 20 years. Her high game is 300, her high series, 792.

If you look at the record in her nomination for election to the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame, one accomplishment practically leaps off the pages. She repeatedly won all events championships in both city and state tournaments. That is testimony to her consistency, her ability, her lane composure. She also won team, doubles and singles titles but for the competitive bowler, the all events remains the most coveted individual title. From 1997 through 2003, she won six all events crowns, only one of them under two thousand pins. ln the city she had series of 2000, 2000 and 1,977; in state she had series of 2003, 2001 and the tournament record of a 2,171 series. She beefed up the 2,171 with a 780 series.

She has always been at her best when needed. For example, the 300-792 was rolled in a league championship roll off match.

At the time of her nomination for election to the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame, she had rolled 39 series of 700 or better. In 2002, she rolled a 300 in the Adams Men’s League. Phyllis has not only been a great performer, she has also participated in the administrative side of bowling. She served on the board of directors of the Columbus Women’s Bowling Association, was supervisor of the Junior Gold Traveling League and is involved with coaching in the high school program.

To quote Betty Knott, “Phyllis displays what bowling is all about.”


2004 ---- Rick Pollard

When Casey Stengel was manager of the New York Yankees, he often said to sports writers, after telling them about some player or team or game, “You can look it up.” Some of them did and, of course, ol’ Casey was right.

If Casey had known Rick Pollard and he was asked why Rick should be elected to the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame, he would say, “Look at the numbers. You can look it up.” And, once again ol’ Casey was dead on.

A member of the Cincinnati Hall of Fame, Pollard ahs rolled eight – 800 series (836 high), 21 perfect games and a season high average of 229. He won so often in the Hoinke Classic (teams four times, doubles and shoot-out singles) that a bowler said “They ought to call this the Pollard Classic.” He has won 21 league and tournament titles (1984 – 2003). He has averaged 203 for 25 ABC Tournaments.

You see what Casey meant. Some more? How about a 300 game every year for 8 years? How about winning tournaments in Cincinnati, Louisville, KY, Niagara Falls, NY, Springfield, Toledo, Lima, Chicago, Decatur, Ill? Like the great ones, he could win anywhere he put his bowling shoes on.

Tonight the Ohio Bowling Council hall of Fame opens its doors to welcome Rick Pollard, one of Ohio’s best.

2003 ---- Mandy Wilson

The name of Mandy Wilson is synonymous with superior bowling. Consider this performance log: in the 14 seasons from 1989 through 2002: she had averages from 200 to 218; 16 300 games (five times two in a season and in another season, three). In those 14 seasons, her high series for a year was 770 or more in 11 of those seasons, including sets of 830 and 812.

Her tournament record is mind-boggling. In the WIBC Nationals, she bowled with the Open Division champions in 1992, was in second place in 1991 and third in 1993. In 1996 she combined with Linda Kelly to win the doubles with a record 1470 total which included a record 558 game. She was third in all events that year. In 1997 she finished seventh in WIBC Queens. In the Ohio WBA championship tournaments she won the actual doubles in 1988, singles and all events in 1989, team titles in 1998, 1999 and 2001. In the Dayton WBA she was on the actual team champions in 1985, 1986, 1990, 1991, 1995 and 1997; won the singles in 1990, 1991 and 1993 and all events in 1990 and 2001. She won two LPBT Regional titles, in 1991 in Columbus and in 1997 at Jackson, OH. In Team USA competition, in the Netherlands in 1990, she won singles and all events; in Ireland won all events, singles and doubles and rolled a 717 series, the first ever by a woman bowler in Ireland; in the British Open she was the top U. S. woman qualifier and won second place; in 1991 in the Pan American Games in Havana she won a gold medal in team and a bronze medal in all events. In U. S. Olympic Festivals she won 4 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals, record for most medals won by an individual bowler at these events. She won the Ohio WBA Queens in 1992.

Oh, those three series under 770 when all she could manage were sets of 765, 758 and 736, we can sympathize with her on those — we all have bad nights now and then. Tonight we welcome Mandy into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

2002 ---- Hank Hetz*


Never a pro, Hank Hetz bowled in 30 city tournaments, 20 state tournaments and averaged 191 plus in 29 ABC National tournaments. In 1950 his Harry’s Men’s Wear team lead the ABC for 30 days but finished second. In 1953 his Cincinnati Budweiser’s team led for about 30 days but wound up third. Hetz was high man for both teams with solid 600-plus series.

He was on seven championship of the Greater Cincinnati BA. He was on the only team (Schoenling All Stars) which won back-to-back championships in the Louisville Derby Tournament (1965-66). His Carl’s Bowlers Paddock team won the 1985 Champ of Champs in Cincinnati and the State Tournament. He was on four Cincinnati Enquirer/Coca-Cola Traveling League championship teams, leading them in average each year. He won on his own, too. He won the Seymour Singles Classic and the Dom DeLotels Singles in 1949, the 1985 Senior Over the Hill Tournament and in 1954 he won the Hoinke Singles. In 1988 he had 19 straight strikes. If the 20th one carried, he would have been the first man in history to roll 300 in five different decades. Performances like those earned him membership in the GCBA Hall of Fame in 1970.

In 1999 he became only the second bowler to be named to the Hamilton County Sports Hall of Fame, ABC Hall of Famer Eddie Jackson was the first. For 11 years, hank directed the Bowl Down Cancer Crusade which raised over $400,000 for the American Cancer Society. He served as GCBA director for two years (1974-75) and is still active in running the Veterans Division of the GCBA Hall of Fame.

Tonight the quintessential team bowler enters the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.



2001 ---- Debbie Rinella

A baseball trivia expert once said, “lf you’re ever stuck on a question about great hitters, guess Jimmie Foxx. He could do it all. “Ohio bowlers could paraphrase that advice by saying, lf you’re ever stuck on a question about great bowlers, guess Debbie Rinella. She could do it all.”

Her 200-plus averages for the past 22 seasons; her 10 300 games (plus some 299s and 298s); hundreds of 700 sets (785 high); an 802 in a non-sanctioned LPBT tournament; numerous WBA high average awards (she was third nationally in 1993 with 227); twice winning the Ohio Buckeye Belle championship; her win in the 1987 Sam’s Town LPBT National Pro-Am where she went from fifth in the stepladder finals to win $25,000; winning the 1988 Ohio State Match Game Championship; setting a WIBC record in 1995 by combining with Sue Jones for a 560 doubles game (Rinella 800, Jones 280); wining first place in the Ohio BPAA Open Qualifier in 1979 and again in 1980 and her inclusion in the WIBC All Time Top Ten in composite average are just skimming the top of her achievements.

She belongs to three Halls of Fame the Ohio WBA, the Tri-County Hall of Fame and the Summit County Sports Hall. In 1987 she was named the Dapper Dan Female Athlete of the Year. She has won 17 championships in Akron WBA tournaments, 16 in the Ohio WBA state tournaments, two in the WIBC national and was a multiple medal winner in the FlO at Bogota, Columbia in 1985.

The Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame agrees with the evaluation by Team USA Coach Fred Borden that “Debbie is one of the greatest and most talented bowlers in the world.”

2000 ---- Carl Compton*


Carl Compton will be inducted into the Ohio Hall of Fame tonight, his fourth Hall of Fame. He has been honored previously by the halls of the Middleton, Hamilton and Cincinnati Associations. He has compiled records of accomplishments in each association — enough for three Hall of Fame bowlers, one in each association.

In Middleton he was a member of two team champions, twice a doubles champion, twice won all-events and once was the singles winner. In Hamilton, he was a member of two team champions and won doubles, singles and all-events. He was on the team champions and won singles in Cincinnati. He also was the OTBA champion three times, won the Richland Lanes 25-game marathon (averaging 221), twice was champion of King of TV finals and won the Crossroads Singles tournament. He shared the Louisville Derby team championship.

In statewide competition he bowled on the Ohio State Team Match Game champions, was the singles champion 1972 and is a state all-events champion. At the national level, he won the Hoinke Super Classic (averaging 218) in 1983.

Carl averaged over 200 for 23 consecutive seasons (1963-85). He has 5 – 300 games and 3 – 800s (805, 806 and 825). His top average for a season was 213 in 1963-64.

This fellow was a bowler’s bowler.


2000 ---- Jeff Thielsen

To describe Jeff Thielsen’s superior performances would be like reciting a litany of achievements over the past three decades.

He has excelled in league play and in tournament play (doubles, trio and team) at city and state venues in many different centers in which he competed on different lane dressings and surfaces. His nomination to the Ohio Hall of Fame, initiated by three of Ohio’s outstanding performers, Bil McCorkle, Sam Stump and Ron Stromfield, who have been both teammates and opponents, is indicative of their high regard for him. “High Regard” refers to their view that springs from a sense of his value (as a teammate) and excellence (as a performer and competitor), such that their esteem for Jeff is an opinion based on worth. That is an accomplishment because Jeff has earned it.

Jeff has rolled 24 – 300 games, 3 – 299 games and seven 800 sets (829, 806, 820, 820, 804, 812 and 848). In 1972 he won a PBA Regional tournament. He won four amateur tournaments, the 1977 Jim Shaw Match Game Classic, the 1978 and 1979 Central Ohio Match Game Opens and the 1979-80 Ohio Tournament Bowlers championship. He won four championships in the Ohio State tournament, two scratch all-events, scratch doubles and scratch team events. He was on the championship team of the Columbus City Tournaments in 1984, 1997 and 1998. He has won many league championships, including six of the most highly rated leagues Columbus has had.

A member of the Columbus Hall of Fame, Jeff tonight enters the Ohio Hall of Fame.

1999 ---- Dan Toronski*

For many years, the name Dan Toronski was almost synonymous with bowling in Cleveland. He was a member of dozens of team champions, including ABC, Ohio, Cleveland, Cincinnati and other high profile tournaments, not to mention the many league titles he helped teams to win. He also was a winner in individual competition.

Toronski led off for the 1975 ABC team champions with a 714 (277-212-225), won with two state team matches, nine Cleveland City Champions, twice with the Hoinke team champs and was a member of Ohio Inter-City champions and the Golden Gloves team champions. Individually, he won OTBA Championships, the Cleveland BPA singles (1963), All-Events (1968), Ohio State BA singles (1957) and All-Events (1964) and twice won Cleveland Match Game titles (1964 and 1975, eleven years apart).

He rolled three 300 games, seven 299 games and a pair of 298 games. A total of eleven pins kept him from rolling twelve perfect games, He had three 800 sets (830, 811 and 810).

Toronski was named to the Cleveland Kegler season All Star team 12 times. He was elected King of Cleveland Bowlers twice (1964 and 1975), to the Greater Cleveland BPA Hall of Fame in 1973 and to the Greater Cleveland All Sports Hall of Fame in 1984.

Tonight, Dan reaps the reward for 40 years of excellence with induction to the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

1999 ---- Joe Nuzzo

Joe Nuzzo averaged over 200 when he was 13 years old and has done so ever since. Along the way he has rolled over 1,000 700 series, 25 300 games, and seven 800 sets (815, 824, 821, 802 twice, 801 and 847).

Nuzzo has been on the Youngstown BA team champions seven times (scratch) and three times handicap. He has won two doubles titles, five singles titles, three all-events and the mixed doubles event once.

He was champion of the BPAA Eliminations (1972), of the U.S. Open Qualifier (Toledo) in 1990, the Youngstown Masters twice (1984 – 85). The Greater Pittsburgh Open twice (1976 and 1980), won two Ohio Masters, at Painesville and at Cleveland, and the Ohio BA team (1986). He won the Ohio BA all-events in 1996. He finished second (with Ernie Schlegel) in the ABC Classic Doubles at St. Louis in 1978. In nine ABC tournaments his average is 200.

Joe is highly respected as a star who never hesitated to help others with their games. He served on the Youngstown BA Board of Directors, 1987 through 1990. For his skill on the lanes and participation off the lanes he was elected to the Youngstown BPA Hall of Fame in 1994.

One more jewel in his crown of achievement takes place tonight with his entrance into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.

1999 ---- Marie Sherbinsky*

Marie is not only a superior performer she is a teacher of the game as well. As a partner of the Mentor Pro Shop for eighteen years she devised a new method of teaching the young that starts them off with a very good application of the fundamentals. She also works with the elderly and handicapped as well.

Marie’s accomplishments on the lanes are many. ln the Ohio Women’s Tournament she is a three time winner in the team actual event, 1976, 1978 and 1984. Winner of the Ohio Ladies Match Game Championship in 1983. Cleveland Match Game Champion in 1979. She is also a five time winner in the Cleveland BA tournaments with two actual team, two actual doubles, two actual singles and one all events titles over a span of twenty years. Her high game is a perfect 300 and her high series is 837.

Marie was inducted into the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame in 1996 and we are proud to add the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame to her resume tonight for Superior Performance.

1998 ---- Donald E Scudder Jr.

Donald E Scudder Jr. The name is well known around the state of Ohio as it is in his own home town of Cincinnati. Don’s accomplishments are numerous and we will try and cover some of the most prestigious events.

He is three time American Bowling Tournament champion, winning the team title in 1982 as a member of “Cart’s Bowlers Paddock”, team all-events title in 1996 as a member of “Pollards Bowl” and the 1996 singles and compiled over a 200 lifetime average in the ABC National Tournament.

He is a two time Ohio State Bowling Tournament team champion, winning the scratch division in 1978 as a member of “Tri-State Bowling Supply“ and the scratch and handicap division in 1988 as a member of “Browning Pontiac”

He was a regular participant of the Ohio Tournament Bowlers Association and won numerous titles in both singles and doubles. Team placed first in the Petersen Classic three times, 1984, 1985 and 1987. King of the Cincinnati TV Bowling show thirteen times between 1978 and 1989. Numerous Cincinnati Bowling Association titles and has maintained a 200+ average in league for over 25 years. The list of Don’s accomplishments is many and tonight we also add the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame by inducting Don for Superior Performance — Amateur.

1998 ---- Bill McCorkle*

You can see that when Bill McCorkle started bowling in the Columbus area he set some records almost from the outset. At the young age of 19, (1971) he was the first bowler to average over 200 at Westerville Lanes – 201. In 1973, he averaged 200 for 174 games, the high average for the city of Columbus while setting an ABC record for most 200 games bowled in one season – 156. At the time he also set house records for a three games series at Sequoia Lanes 774 in 1972. Piketon Lanes 805 in 1974 and Capri Lanes 790 in 1981.

Bill is a three time winner in Ohio State tournaments, actual team in 1972 with “Approved Roofing” in Youngstown, 1986 State Singles Match Game Champion, 1979 State Team Match Game Champion. A ten time winner in the Ohio Tournament Bowlers Association. A sixteen time winner in Greater Columbus tournaments with two doubles, four handicap and ten actual team titles. Bill also has seventeen 300 games and six 800 series to his credit.

Bill has won numerous championships in other tournaments around the state of Ohio bringing his total titles to over 55. But his most memorable moment has to be 1972 when he qualified in the Gold Palm Tournament to meet PBA bowler Don Johnson for $10,000 first prize and won 238 to 206.

Bill was inducted into the Greater Columbus Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1988 at the age of 35 and tonight we are proud to add the Ohio Bowling hall of Fame to his resume by induction for Superior Performance.

1997 ---- Ernie Kovach*

Tonight we are honoring Ernie posthumously for his achievements in the game of bowling. Five times he was a member of the winning team in Greater Cleveland Bowling Association Championships. He duplicated this feat by being a member of the winning team in the Ohio State Bowling Association Championships five times. He won the Cleveland All-Events once. Was a member of the Cleveland Championship Doubles team three times and State of Ohio Doubles twice. Cleveland Match Game Champion. Member of the prestigious ABC Team All-Events in 1960. This in addition to many other championships throughout the state of Ohio.

Ernie had eight 300 games, two 299 games, two 298 games, two 800 series and well over 300 – 700 series during his lifetime. From 1955 to 1993 he bowled in 70 leagues and compiled a lifetime 203 average during this time. In the 1959-60 Buddy Simon League, he rolled twenty three 700 series including eight consecutive weeks, concluding the season with a 225 average.

Ernie was inducted into the Greater Cleveland Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1973 and tonight we honor Ernie by being inducted into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.

1997 ---- Nancy Fehr


When Nancy started bowling little could anyone forecast what a great performer she would become. Her Championships are many and are as follows.

WIBC Championships: 1989 All Events (1911), 1992 Doubles (678/1325). Placed in the top ten eleven times in various events in the fifteen years that she participated.

OWBA Championships: Member of Championship team Actual in 1980, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995 and 1996. Doubles Actual in 1980. All Events Actual in 1977, Singles Actual in 1977. Having participated in fifteen tournaments.

GCWBA Championships; Member of Championship team Actual in 1979, 1987, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995. Member of Championship team Handicap in 1994 and 1995. Member of Doubles Championship Team Actual in 1979 and 1987. All Events Champion Actual in 1979, 1992 and 1994. Singles Champion Actual in 1992. City Match Game Champion in 1980, 1985, 1988 and 1996.

Since 1985 Nancy has averaged over 200 with the exception of 1988-1989 when she averaged only 197. She was selected Cincinnati Enquirer All City Team Bowler of the Year in 1977, 1978, 1979 and 1980. Bowlers Journal Amateur Bowler of the Year in 1989. With all her honors along with being inducted into the Greater Cincinnati WBA Hall of Fame in 1990 and the Ohio WBA Hall of Fame in 1994 tonight we also add the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame by inducting Nancy for Superior Performance.


1997 ---- Sam Stump

Sam is known as a gentleman bowler. His demeanor on and off the lanes radiates pride in himself and his game. Sam has an extensive list of credentials with Championships from around the State of Ohio. He has bowled in over 100 tournaments in his career throughout the state, locally and national. He has won the Zanesville Match Game Champion in 1962. Southeastern Ohio Match Game Champion in 1964, 1968 and 1969. Zanesville All-Events and Singles Champion in 1965. Member of the Columbus Actual Team Champion in 1975, 1978, 1979, 1980 and 1984. Ohio State Bowling Association Actual and Handicap Singles Champion in 1987.

Sam was Southeastern Ohio Bowler of the Year for 1964. A member of the Southeastern Ohio All Star team in 1964 and 1965. He has rolled ten 300 games, and two 800 series. One time bowling a 300 game on WHIZ-TV in King of the Hill Tournament held in Zanesville in 1977. Held the City of Columbus high average for ten consecutive years (1973-1983). Has won many league championships, over the years and continues to be an outstanding performer. In 1988 he was elected to the Columbus Hall of Fame and tonight we are honored to be inducting Sam to the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.

1996 ---- Dennis Taylor

As a member of the Cleveland Bowling Association for 35 years, Dennis Taylor’s name is very prominent in the record books beginning in the 1960’s. he dominated the Cleveland City Match Games, capturing titles in 1965, 1966 and 1967. 1963 saw him winning the State Singles Match Games and 1964 he took the Junior Powell Match Games title. In 1967 both the Central Ohio Singles and the Central Ohio Match Game Open titles were his. Dennis was named to the Cleveland All Star Team in 1964, 1966, 1976 and 1990.

Dennis recorded his high average of 223 in the 1988-89 season and has carried a 200+ average for 14 years. He has nine perfect games to his credit along with two each of 299’s 298’s and 297’s. Four 800 series will be found on his record card with the highest being an 836.

Dennis was a member of the PBA for 20 years and during that time captured the Ohio Tournament Bowlers Association titles in 1972 at cedar Lanes, Painesville Lanes and Piketon Lanes and 1971 Kent Lanes. Bowling in 29 ABC tournaments, Dennis recorded a 192 composite average.

Bowling in them All Star Tournament in Garden City New York, Dennis set a record for the preliminaries by shooting a 1472 six game series. 1971 saw him winning the Resident Pro Tournament at Amos Lanes, winning a trip to the Oklahoma City Finals where he finished fifth.

In Ohio State Bowling Association competition Dennis was a member of Team AA Brunswick, Actual Team Champions in 1967 and doubled with Earnie Koback for the 1968 Actual title.

In recognition of superior performances, Dennis M. Taylor was inducted into the Cleveland Hall of Fame in 1986 and tonight he receives one additional prestigious honor by being inducted as an Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame Superior Performer.

1996 ---- Don Boyed

For the past quarter century, Don Boyed has made his mark on bowling records in the Lima Bowling Association as well as Bluffton and Putnam County. In only one of those years did he post an average under 200, that being a 199 in the 1975-76 season. His high average during that period was a 222 in the 1993-94 season. Don carried the high average in 66 of his leagues from 1976 to present.

His superior performance in the Lima BA began in 1973 when he first captured the singles event, the first of nine singles championships to his credit. The number nine holds a positive force for Don as he also holds an equal number of Doubles and All-Events Championships. Along with those city titles he holds three Bluffton City Singles titles and four Lima BA 700 Club Championships. Four Putnam County BA titles hold Don’s name, one for singles in 1994 and three in doubles with partner randy Schroeder. High series for our inductee was an 835 tolled in the 1989-90 season, a year In which saw him shoot three 800 series. Don has eight 800 series under his belt along with a total of 13 perfect games.

A member of the Northwest Ohio Tournament Bowlers Association since 1984, Don has 16 championships to his credit. He was named to the OTBA All Star Team in 1979 and 1980 as well as OTBA Bowler of the Year in 1976 and 1981. He was also named the MWOTBA Bowler of the Year in 94-95 season.

Don was a member of the PBA for six years and during that time won the Regional Miller Open Championship in 1984 along with finishing in the top 24 three times 1976.

During his career Don has bowled in 10 OSBA Championships, claiming the Actual team title for 1993 and in 15 ABC events, cashing in at least one event each year. His 13 year composite average for the ABC as 199.56.

Don Boyed’s sterling performance record most certainly has earned him the title as an Ohio Superior Performer.

1995 ---- Barbara Renner

For her many outstanding achievements in the game of American Tenpins, the name of Barbara Renner will be added to the roster of the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame. Barbara started bowling at an early age and her early years instilled a sharp sense of competition which has enabled her to maintain 200 or better average for over 24 years.

In competition in her local association, the Cleveland WBA, she has earned titles in each division, team, doubles, singles and all-events of the championship tournament. She was a member of the Cleveland Kegler All Star Team for seven consecutive years. In 1974, she was awarded the title of Queen of Cleveland Bowlers. Barbara was inducted into the Cleveland WBA Hall of Fame in 1985.

In state competition, Barbara participated on three winning teams in the actual division, 1973, 1978 and 1984. The 1973 victory also carried the handicap division. 1973 also saw her capturing the All-Events title. She has participated in every Ohio WBA Queens Tournament and earned the title 1989 Queen and has won championship titles in the Ohio State Match Games, Central States, Ladies Tournament Bowlers and PWBA Rick Case Honda Classic. Barbara was elected to the Ohio WBA Hall of Fame in 1991 for Superior Performances.

Barbara’s high average was a 209 and in the 1971 season her 204 average was high in the state of Ohio and 8th in WIBC. She has been a member of the Bowlers Journal All American Team and in 1978 in the WIBC Queens Tournament, she shot a record 299 game.

Barbara’s performances on the lanes are enough alone to warrant inclusion into the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame, but she also has other assets to her credit. She has excellent teaching talents and has instructed many Cleveland area youths on the road to success. Barbara was intregal part of the Ohio WBA committee which put together the format for the Ohio WBA Queens Tournament and a good part of the excellent caliber of the competition can be credited to her expertise and guidance. Barbara is an inspiration to all who know her and adds greatly to the positive promotion of the game of bowling in Ohio

Barbara Renner truly personifies Superior Performance and sets an excellent example for the young bowlers of tomorrow.

1995 ---- Martin Mravec*

For the past 47 years, Martin (Marty) Mravec has been very active in the bowling circles of Ohio and been a member of the Greater Cleveland Bowling Association for over fifty years and during that time has attained an enviable record. From the 1954-55 season through the 1992-93 season, bowling in three of the cities toughest leagues, Marty registered a 201+ composite average.

His string of tournament titles includes five GCBA Actual titles, beginning in 1959 with a Team, 1961 with Singles, again 1968 Team, 1972 Doubles and his third team in 1977. Marty was named to the 1968-69 Cleveland Kegler All Star Team after receiving a second place nod in 1966-67.

The Ohio State Bowling Association rolls also lists his name in the Championship Tournament category five times, winning both the actual and handicap doubles on 1964 with Bob Cahill and again in 1979 with Mark Kunath.

Probably the tournament that brings the fondest memories for Marty was the 1981 National Seniors Tournament in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During the tournament, Marty rolled a record actual singles score of 781, naturally giving him a 781 handicap score, which was a record also. During the course of that memorable exhibition, Marty rolled the first 300 game in the record of the then 22 year old event.

In addition to that history making 300, Marty has six others to his credit, along with a 299. His high average for one season was a 215 and a high series a 796. He rolled over 100 – 700 series during his career..

Marty has not only left his mark in the history books with his prowess on the lanes but also has contributed greatly to the progress of the Cleveland Bowling Association by serving on it’s board of directors since 1982. At present he is serving as the GCBA President.

In 1982 Marty was elected to the Greater Cleveland Bowling Association hall of Fame in the Superior Performance category and it is with well defined credentials that we tonight place the name of Martin Mravec on the rolls of the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Superior Performance.

1995 ---- Charles Linden

How many people can boast of carrying an average over 200 for more than 30 years? Not many, but Charles Linden can. Beginning with the 1964 season, carrying a 200 even, Chuck started making his mark on the Cleveland area bowling world. The Greater Cleveland Bowling Association record books carry his name as champion for singles (1996, 1982 & 1974); doubles in 1970; team ( 1964 and 1974).

In ABC competition, his overall tournament average for 19 tournaments is 194. He shot over 1800 six times with a high series of 716 and high all-events of 1938, which garnered him a 9th place finish in 1974. He was also a member of the team which set a high single game of 1182 in 1974. Chuck’s ABC Master’s average for five tournaments is 203 with a best finish a 12th place at Indianapolis in 1974 when he turned in a 219 average.

Chuck has many other local tournament titles to his credit, winning the Cedar Lanes Classic twice, Eastern Singles in 1967, Nat Fast Doubles in Columbus with Al Thompson in 1969 and Dickey’s Doubles with John Roddy in 1962 along with 3 second place finishes in the Cleveland Match Games. He won the Ohio State Team Championship in 1968 and finished second in the State Match Games in 1974 in Lima, Ohio. He has five Ohio Tournament Bowlers Championships to his credit, winning two in 1967, one in 1969 and adding two more in 1976. He piloted his team to a national high team series of 3643 contributing a whopping 836 to the total in 1972.

Chuck has six sanctioned 300 games to his credit, added to 5 others, bring the total to 11. He has two 299’s and two 298 along with four sanctioned 800 series. His highest average on record is 217. He was named to the Ohio Tournament Bowlers All Star Team 3 times, the Greater Cleveland Bowling All Star Team 7 times and the Cleveland Kegler All Star Team 8 times.

Chuck’s knowledge of the sport and his natural ability brought him to the development of the weight block, with John Fabanich of Lorain, which is used in the Hammer and many other bowling balls today. He has operated his own bowling pro shop for over 20 years at Buckeye Lanes in North Olmstead and many of the pro’s depend on his drilling and fitting ability for their appearances in the Cleveland Open.

Chuck’s all-around contribution to our great sport have truly earned him his place in the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

1994 ---- Jack Calhoun*




A member of the Cincinnati Bowling Association for 33 years, Jack has three sanctioned 300 games and an 820 series to his credit. He also a 199.75 ABC National Tournament average for 30 years with 267 games bowled. His all-time high Cincinnati average was a 223. He has been on the winning team in various classic leagues a total of 8 times, and held the high average in two different classic leagues a total of four times. Trying to follow his career wins just in the sate of Ohio takes in most of the prestigious tournaments Ohio has to offer. He won the Hoinke Classic Doubles scratch and handicap championships in 1968, the Hoinke Scratch Team championship in 1986 and the Dick Hoover Match Team Championship in 1976. He was the Glenmore Bowl Drop One Champ in 1963, the Pollards Singles Champ for four games scratch, and the Poelking Lanes Mixed Doubles Champ in Dayton. His city titles include one all-events, two singles titles, two team titles, and three-time City Match Game Champion. He also has two State Team Match Game Championships to his credit, as well as garnering a four-time Ohio Tournament Bowlers Association championship. Going out of state, he was a two-time Louisville Derby Champ, once in doubles, and once in team event in 1993.

In 1979, he finished 8th in the Masters Tournament in Tampa, Florida. His finishes in the ABC Tournaments are as follows: in 1974 he was 13th in doubles, in 1978 his team placed 7th, in 1980he had 9th place all-events, and the year 1990 saw him take third in the doubles event.

Perhaps his most memorable tournament was in 1975, when as a U.S. Open finalist, he finished 23rd. Or perhaps it was when he made national television (ESPN) in the Seniors National Championship in 1992. Television wasn’t new to him, however, as he had 15 local appearances on that medium.

Jack has been named to the All City Team 1st Team a total of four times, and was once the Enquirer Bowler of the Year.

Is it any wonder that we honor Jack Calhoun in the Superior Performance Division?



1994 ---- William John Boyd Jr.*

How many people can boast of never being below a 195 average in more than 40 years of bowling? Not many, but William John Boyd Jr. certainly can. Add to his credit two 300 games, six 298 games, (an ABC record), four 290 games and a high series of 796 along with at least 15 series of 700 plus. Not bad for a man who has bowled for 50 years in sanctioned competition.

One can’t begin to count the many league championships William has been part of, but he can attest to being an All Star Qualifier in the BPOA Tournament three times. He has also been on the winning team in the BPOA team championships twice. He also won four Ohio Majors bowling tournaments, as well as winning the Whitey Vaughn’s Singles Tournament twice. Another feather in his cap was finishing third in the PBA doubles tournament with Cal King as his partner in Cleveland. He has cashed in four PBA tournaments. The date of October 10, 1968, is burned into his memory, as it was on this day that he set a record of 1966 for eight games in Cambridge in the BPOA Team Championships. He hasn’t stopped his winning ways, as he won the Warren Seniors Super Championship in 1989, and then turned around in 1990, and again won the Warren Seniors Super Championship as well as the regular Seniors Tournament.

William was selected for inclusion in the Warren Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1982, and it is only fitting that he be included in the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame in 1994 for Superior Performance – Amateur.

1993 ---- Martha Haines

Miss Martha Haines, of Jamestown, Ohio, has been a member of the Dayton Women’s Bowling Association for 40 years. Her high average of 192 came in the 1967-68 season. She has consistently held a 180 plus average over the years. Martha has three 700 series to her credit, along with her high game of 288. She has also rolled a 279, a 278 and a 264. In her home association of Dayton, Martha has fared well on the tournament trail. In the 1959 City tournament, she captured the singles championship, the all-events crown, and teamed up with her partner to also cop the doubles championship. The 1960 All-Events total she garnered that year was the second highest total in the nation and is still a record. She repeated her success in 1961 by again capturing both the singles and all-events crowns.

She was named Dayton’s Bowling Queen that year. She won the City Match Game Championship four years in a row, and then placed second in the fifth year. The record for consecutive wins still stands. These wins served as qualifier for the U.S. Open. In 1965, she again qualified for the U.S. Open, making it her fifth. Bowling for 20 years on the state level, Martha was a member of the 1960 Ohio WBA Tournament Actual team, and was also awarded the team handicap championship. Her best finish in her ten years of competing in the WIBC Championship tournament was a third place in singles event in 1960.

The year 1956 found her with a 16th place finish in the All Star match Games tournament in Chicago. In 1957, she was invited to the 1st World’s Invitational Match Game Championship.

In 1971, along with her partner, she nabbed the Cincinnati Times Star Doubles Championship, and was also a member of the Fort Recovery Miracle Lanes Team Champions. In 1972, she won the Dayton 600 Club Tourney with a 710 actual.

Martha has been named to the Dayton Daily News All Star team several times, and in 1974, was inducted into the Dayton Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame.

1993 ---- James C. Schroeder

James C. Schroeder, a member of the Putnam County Bowling Association for more than 25 years, didn’t spend all his time on the farm. Among his records are a 279 Triplicate rolled in 1965, as well as his all-time high series of 837. He has three 300 games to his credit. He gained his all-time high average of 211 in 1961. He holds many area championships, including a doubles championship in Lima in 1958 as well as a singles championship in Lima in 1960. He also won the 1962 Toledo’s singles crown. Putnam County tournaments were good for Jim as he holds the singles championship in 1963, 1967, 1968, 1970 and 1974, as well as the doubles crown in 1975. He was especially hot in 1968, when he won singles, doubles, team and all-events crowns. In regional and state championships, he holds the crown for the 1959-60 Ohio Match Game, the 1962 Central States, Toledo, Ohio State, Singles and in 1965, the Ohio All-Events. On the national level, he was first team All-Events in 1961, tied for second in All-Events in 1963, and held a 192 average for 33 years in the ABC Championship Tournament, a 201 Masters average for 12 games. A member of the FIQ team in 1963, he and Bus Oswalt were first in doubles, and he was also first in the 8-man team event, and fifth in all-events. He holds a career 195 average for 230 games in the BPAA All Star, and a 204 average for 24 games in the World’s invitational.

Jim has been a member of the Toledo Bowling Association Hall of Fame since 1973, the Lima Bowling Association Hall of Fame since 1975 and the Putnam County Hall of Fame since 1976.

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1993 ---- Bill Beach

Bill Beach of Sharon, Pennsylvania, and a member of the Youngstown Bowling Association, has rolled some enviable credits in his 35 years of sanctioned bowling. Eight 300 games, numerable 600 and 700 series, along with three 800 series under his belt. His highest average was a 213, and his highest triplicated score was a 246. He also had the distinction of being the ABC 20-year average leader in 1978 with a 203. His highest ABC team series of 738-680-1418 was garnered in Rochester, New York. He can also boast an 1800 or better All-Events score for eight consecutive years – 1960 through 1968.

He holds 17 first place finishes, which includes both singles Classics and Ohio Bowling Association Team Championship. He also holds the Classic Doubles Championship from 1965 in St. Paul, Minnesota, the ABC Masters Championship from 1972 in Long Beach, California, the Classic Singles Championship from 1978 in St. Louis, Missouri, along with another Classic All-Events Championship, also in St. Louis. Bill was the first bowler to score 1000 pins in BPAA All Star Elimination Tournament. He did this in Kansas City, Kansas in 1967.

Bill was named a member of the Bowlers Journal All-American team in 1972. He has been a member of the Pennsylvania Bowling Association Hall of Fame since 1979.

1992 ---- Frank Zitnik Jr.*




Frank Zitnik Jr. of Hubbard, Ohio is a 25 year member of Youngstown Bowling Association and has an exceptional record of championship titles and bowling scores to his credit. He has averaged 200+ every year since the 1977-78 season, the highest being 219 for the 1990-91 season.

Frank captured six city championships, the most recent being the first place actual singles 746, and first place actual all-events 2046 in 1992.

Frank won four PBA Regional titles in 1973 and 1977 and made the finals in many other PBA tournaments.

In state competition, he won the prestigious Dick Hoover Team Tournament in 1982 and 1983, he was Ohio Bowling proprietors match game Singles Champion in 1981 and Ohio State Men’s Singles Champion in 1984 with an actual score of an 804 series which is the only 800 series in the history of this event to date.

Frank has participated in 17 ABC National tournaments with a lifetime average of 198 and a best finish of ninth place all-events in 1987. He has seven 300 games and four 800 series in sanctioned competition with the highlight being the 804 in the Ohio State Tournament.

In 1991, Frank was inducted into the Curbstone Coaches Hall of Fame – Bowling Category.



1992 ---- Dean Moosman*

Dean Moosman was an outstanding bowler in Toledo for 32 years. He has been proprietor for Varsity Lanes in Bowling Green for 15 years and is still winning titles.

Dean won seven Bowling Green city titles from 1978 to 1990 and held the city high average for seven years. His highest league average was 225 in 1975-76 season and he has bowled several 300 games with many 700 series.

Dean won eight city titles in the Toledo B.A. and carried a 202 lifetime average in the Toledo Blade traveling League over 29 years.

In 1977 Dean bowled on the nation’s second highest scoring team with a 741 series of the 3660 total score.

Dean has won numerous state and national titles. A few were: the prestigious Ohio State Majors Tournament in 1970 and 1972, Ohio State match game team title in 1975 and singles title in 1976. He has two national Elks titles and the Haggerty Classic scratch singles title with 1257 for five games, the fourth highest series in the tournament history.

In the A.B.C. tournaments he carried a composite average of 198 over 26 years and was in the top 20 for 10 years. He was named the Ohio State Majors All-Star Team in 1970 and 1971.

Dean was inducted into the Toledo Hall of Fame in 1978 and Bowling Green Hall of Fame in 1992.

1991 ---- Baldo Campana*

Baldo Campana has been a member of the Lorain Bowling Association for over 30 years. He has bowled for over 30 years. He has bowled over 50 700 series and rolled a sanctioned 300 game at the age of 57.

His honors include Singles and Doubles Championship of the Lorain City Tournament and All-Events Championship of the Ohio State Elks Tournament. His team captured the Elks State Championship in which he bowled a 278. He has won 9 titles in the North Central District Bowling Tournament.

Competing as a member of the senior professional Bowler Association. Baldo finished 15th at Canton, Ohio and 27th at the Show boat Seniors Tournament in Las Vegas. His best finish was 2nd in the Super Seniors Tournament at Fort Pierce, Florida in 1989.

He averaged 205 at the Showboat Invitational and recorded a high game of 289.

In 1983, with Randy Hayes, he rolled a 1534 double series, fifth highest in the nation and also a 547 doubles single game.

At the age of 65, 1990 he bowled a 299 game, a 289 game and two 700 series in league play.

Besides being an outstanding bowler, Baldo has instructed youth bowlers for over 20 years. Baldo Campana has been inducted into the Lorain Sports hall of Fame and the Lorain Bowling Hall of Fame.

1991 ---- Tom Moran*

Tom Moran was a member of the Canton Bowling Association for 50 years. He was once voted the Canton “King of Bowling” and also was a charter member of the greater Canton Bowling Hall of Fame.

Tom had an amazing high average of 223 in 1933. He won titles in all categories of the City Tournament.

He bowled a 300 game and 830 series in 1935. Plus a team game of 3680 — a record which stood for 35 years. His career includes a dozen 300 games, three 299 games and several 800 series.

Tom had outstanding tournament records: second in All-Events at the Ohio state Tournament, third in the prestigious Petersen Classic in Chicago winning $2,600. In the ABC in Reno, in 1977, at the age of 70, he bowled a 701 series in Doubles, finishing in third place.

He had an enviable record going by bowling 46 consecutive ABC Tournaments in which he averaged 200+ in 20 tournaments and 190+ in 18 other tournaments.

After a short illness, Tom Moran died in1977 at the age of 70.

Several highlights of Tom’s career were in 1961, he shot a hole-in-one in golf and the same year he rolled a 300 game.

An outstanding Hi-lite of his career as when he competed in a 10 game match against Andy Varipapa and defeated Varipapa 2197 to 2060.

1991 ---- Sam Coleman*

Sam Coleman has been a member of the Greater Hamilton and Cincinnati Bowling Association for over 50 years. He has been involved in management as a proprietor in the are for more than 30 years and has contributed greatly in the development of their Junior program.

He co-hosted the local King of Television Bowling Show for approximately fifteen years.

Sam has distinguished himself as outstanding amateur bowler in the Southwestern Ohio area, and also in national competition.

During the years, his achievements are numerous. Sam has won six titles in Cincinnati Match Games Tournaments from 1946 through 1962. He was also runner-up eight times.

He has two Hamilton City tiles and also has competed in 30 consecutive ABC Tournaments.

Sam has been a member of some of the highest scoring teams, and they were almost unbeatable in the better leagues of the area. He also carried a 200+ averages in many of his leagues with 215 being the highest.

His record includes 5 300 games, three 299 games, and numerous 700 series.

He has competed in the National All Star Tournament fourteen times. Because of his superior performance as an amateur bowler, he was one of the first holders of a Professional Bowlers Card.

1991 ---- Anthony (Farina) DiMare*

Anthony (Farina) DiMare, one of the top bowlers from Ashtabula, is being inducted into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for his many superior performance accomplishments as an amateur bowler. He averaged over 200 for 12 years with a 210 average in 1960. He had a 200+ composite average for over 30 years (1950-80).

Farina, as he is known by his friends, bowled 26 sanctioned 700 series which include a 765. He has rolled three 300 games.

His individual titles include the Ohio Inter-City Singles Championship with a 733 series in 1956 (which was a tournament record), the Ohio Inter-City All-Events Championship with a 2027 series in 1971, and the Ashtabula County Singles Championship in 1950. He captured first place in the Northeastern Ohio BPA Tournament in 1951, 1955 and 1959. He and his partner won the doubles of the 26th Annual National Postal Tournament. He was a member of the Professional Bowlers Association in 1958-59.

Other honors include being elected to the Ashtabula County Hall of Fame, being a member of several All-Star teams and winner of numerous sweeper tournaments.

Farina tied for the semi-finals of the National BPAA Al-Star Tournament at Chicago in 1951 and made the semi finals at Omaha, Nebraska in 1959.

1990 ---- Ed Thomas*

Ed Thomas started bowling in 1959 and over 30 years of bowling has attained a composite average of 204. During the 189-90 season he competed in two leagues with averages of 212 -208.

Bowling in the Logan Association he captured seven titles and in the Greater Columbus Association he earned 10 titles. His 1966-67 team set an all time scratch record with 3196 total. In the 1969-70 season he broke the record high average mark with a 221.

Ed is the proud bowler of seven 300 games and four 800 series, topped by an 811 in 1980.

Ed has participated in twenty seven ABC tournaments and been presented with many on sight awards. His lifetime ABC tournament average is 192 for 225 games.

1963 saw him voted Central Ohio Bowler of the Year, 1964 Southeastern Ohio Bowler of the Year and in 1967 he was inducted into the Greater Columbus Men’s Hall of Fame.

1990 ---- Nellie Glandon

Nellie Glandon is a name that is, and has been familiar to Columbus and Ohio bowlers for many years. Starting her state accomplishments in 1967, she won her first actual team title, repeating in 1986, 1987 and in 1989 was a member of the team, with Linda Kelly, who set the record score of 3169. She shared a very special titles in 1976 when she and her mother, Ethel Wiese, were actual doubles champions. In 1979 she again attained doubles championship with another and garnered the all-events title.

Her highest average is listed as 204 (1982) and a 792 that year is her high series. Perhaps the joy of her life is her 300 game in 1986.

On the local scene, she has to her credit five titles and has participated on the national level over the years with several top positions to her credit. In 1982 she placed 7th in the WIBC Queens.

Nellie was inducted into the Columbus WBA Hall of Fame in 1986.

In 1987 Nellie secured a position on the first Team USA and took gold in the 11th FIQ World Tournament Trio competition, in Helsinke, Finland, breaking three world records in the process.

1990 ---- Linda Kelly

The term ”Superior Performance” immediately brings to mind excellence and when we think of excellence in the game of bowling, we think of Linda Kelly.

As early as 1979 she recorded a high average of 198 and from 1981 has consistently maintained averages over the 200 mark with her best being 1987-88 when she listed six averages over 200 with a 214 high.

Linda currently has six 300 games to her credit and has posted over 100 sanctioned 700 series, with the high being a 794.

Linda’s tournament championships are many. In her local, Dayton WBA, she has captured nine actual titles, in Ohio WBA tournaments she has recorded four actual titles and was a member of the team with the record actual score of 3169. In WIBC tournaments, Linda has two open division titles and has the distinction of having been only the third lady to roll a 300 game in the WIBC tournament and the highest three game series bowled in any event.

1987-88 brought her nomination to the All American Team and she was voted to the Bowling Writers Association of America All Star Team.

She was a member of Team USA in 1988. Her bowling knew no bounds that season as she was the 24th AMF World Cup Champion – Guadalajara, Mexico – only the second woman to win the cup for the United States. Linda was also a member of the 1990 Team USA.

1989 ---- Alex Black Sr.

The best bowler ever to come out of Lorain, is the way many people remember Alex Black.

Black, who turned 85 on October,19 lives in a nursing home in Lorain.

He bowled his first sanctioned 300 game in 1935 and had a second in 1951. He managed 20 other unsanctioned 300’s including one in the Petersen Classic in Chicago.

In 1934, Black had an unbelievable 222.27 league average. The same year, he rolled his highest series, an amazing 793. In 1953, he was named to Mort Luby’s All-American Team.

Black left Lorain in his early years to bowl in Detroit with the famous Strohs team. He returned to Lorain to raise his family of five children.

An ABC veteran, Black rolled in 39 tournaments. In 1971, he was working the Detroit tournament as a scorer. As he was returning to his hotel room, he was robbed and severely beaten which ended his active participation in the sport he loved.

1989 ---- James E. Shaw

Jim Shaw started bowling in 1957 and has enjoyed a composite 20-year league average of 209, with over 200 series of 700 plus.

In Columbus, Jim has captained the championship city tournament team 12 times and shared one doubles title with Bob Brown. On the state level, Jim has captained state champion teams in 1972, 1976 and 1980 and in 1972, he was the doubles titlist with Lou Moore.

Jim captained the Rainbow Lanes team which won the BPOA State Match Game. He was honored by the Professional Bowlers Association with the Pat Patterson award for headquarters region.

The former president of the Columbus Bowling Proprietors Association, 53-year-old Jim has managed several area bowling centers. He now works for Bowling Corporation of America.

Jim is a proud owner of four sanctioned 300 games.

1988 ---- Alice Gilkey*

Alice Gilkey earned her bowling reputation in Cincinnati where she dominated the local bowling scene in the 1950’s and 60’s.

In the Cincinnati championships, Alice won four all-events titles, the first in 1959 and the last in 1971. She was the singles champion twice, was on the winning team and amazing nine times, and doubles champion five times.

Alice won the BPA City Match Game in 1962, 1963, 1965 and 1967. She was on the WIBC championship team in 1960 and 1968. Also at the WIBC championship, she was third in singles in 1961; second in doubles in 1972 and ninth in 1965 and fifth in 1967.

In 1957, she took her first OWBA title in doubles. She was on the winning team in 1962 and 1963.

Bowling in three BPAA national team tournament games, Alice averaged 180.57. She boasts high games of 287 and 188 and a high series of 722. Best season average was a 201.

1988 ----- Robert Edwin Hart

Robert Edwin Hart’s amateur bowling feats are exceptional. The 51-year-old Columbus bowler has rolled 16 – 300 games and the first 12 each in a different city.

His ability surfaced when he won the 1954 National Junior Singles Championship in Columbus.

Twenty years later, in the ABC Tournament in Indianapolis, Hart claimed the all-events championship 2087; the doubles title with Chuck Sunseri with a 702 and 1419; the team all-events as a member of the Goebel’s team with 2087 and 9574.

The same year, Hart represented the United States in the Tournament of the Americas in Miami, FLA., and won five of the six events in addition to becoming the first American to receive the Friendship Award.

A member of the Columbus Hall of Fame and soon to be inducted in the Detroit Hall of Fame, Hall’s amateur tournament performance includes victories in the Hoinke Classic, the National Industrial, the Fairborn Classic, Monroeville Classic, the Harold Bowman Singles and in 1987, the Columbus City team title.

Bob’s high series of 836 and average of 227, were both in 1979. Bob currently operates pro shops in Columbus.

1988 ---- Catherine Burling*

Catherine Burling is reputed to be the first woman bowler to average 190, a feat she accomplished in 1934 with a 193 average. To prove it was not a fluke, she continued to average 190 for the next ten years.

The year 1934 was a most successful one for Catherine. In addition to her 193 average, the Tommy Doll team with which she bowled won the Ohio State, Central States, and WIBC Championships.

Three years before that, Catherine, then only 23, rolled a high series of 734. That was a first of five career 700 series.

The 1930’s and 40’s were Catherine’s biggest years. She won the Ohio State all-events title in 1937, 45, 46, 48, 49 and 51. In 1944 she won the singles.

In Cincinnati, it was the same story as she won the city all-events crown twelve times between 1933 and 1964. She also had seven singles titles, eight in doubles. In six of those years, she won all four championships.

Despite major surgery in 1956, Catherine came back to roll a 189 average, a 290 game and a 680 series. In 1958, she was on the winning team in the Ohio State Tournament.

1988 ---- Eddie Jackson*


Few amateur bowlers enjoyed the national and international success of Eddie Jackson in the 1960’s and 70’s.

The 62-year-old Cincinnatian won the ABC all-events tile, was second in doubles and sixth in team in 1969. He had a grand sweep in the Tournament of the Americas winning team, all-events, singles and matched doubles and setting records for three games (687), six games (1363). Nine games (1918) and single game (289).

In FIQ international competition, Jackson won the gold medal in the team event, the silver medal in doubles and the bronze medal in all-events. Jackson’s teaching ability, as well ass his performance, earned him the title of Coach of the United States team in international competition from 1971 to 1979.

In Ohio, Jackson won the BPA of Ohio state match game title in 1961 and 1962 and captained the winning team in the state team association titles and twice won the Kentucky Derby Classic.

Jackson boasts a 206 lifetime average with a high series of 769 and four 300’s, three of which came in 1963. In 1988, Jackson was inducted into the ABC Hall of Fame.


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