The 2020 State Women’s Championships Prize List is now “Official”…..

We would like to thank the Central Ohio USBC, AMF Sawmill Lanes and HP Lanes for hosting our shortened version of the 2020 tournament.


Congratulations to all the New State Champions!

TOURNAMENT PRIZE CHECKS:  All tournament checks will be mailed to team captains (who are responsible for getting all checks to their team members).

We would also like to thank all those bowlers that registered for the 2020 State Women’s Championships and we hope to see you at the 2021 State Women’s Championships in Springfield, Ohio at Northridge Lanes and Victory Lanes.


Tournament Cancellation Information:

Teams effected by the cancellation of the remainder of the tournament:

Each team captain now has the choice of one of the following (2) choices –

First Option: Full Entry Refund

The Ohio State USBC will refund the entire amount of entry fees paid to those teams that wish to get their funds back. The “FULL REFUND REQUEST FORM” must be completed and sent back to our office to receive the refund. Refunds will not be given without the form being sent back to our office. The form is located below.

Refunds will take 6-8 weeks to be processed and sent back to each team captain. The team captain is responsible for returning all entry fees to their respective team members.

 Click Here For State Women’s Full Refund Request form

Second Option:

Roll Funds Over to 2021 Ohio State USBC State Women’s Championships

The Ohio State USBC will hold your funds from this year’s tournament and apply it to next year’s State Women’s Championships in Springfield, Ohio. Please send an email to the tournament director at: to inform us of this decision. Please include your name and entry number.

If you have any questions concerning the options – please send an e-mail to:

Information for those bowlers that actually bowled their tournament competition:

According to USBC Rules – all scores that have been bowled are considered completed.

Prizes will be based upon the number of entries that actually participated in the tournament and prize funds will be sent out as soon as we can complete the work. Please be patient as we work thru this difficult time.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you in 2021.

H.P. Bowling Lanes
Doubles/Singles Event
2012 Innis Rd.
Columbus, OH 43224


We are so sorry that you missed a great opportunity to bowl in Columbus this year.  I guarantee you would have had a wonderful visit.  Meanwhile, many of you always purchase a shirt or towel as a souvenir.  The GOOD NEWS is we still have a pretty good inventory and are offering FREE SHIPPING, too.


The 2021 Ohio State USBC State Women’s Championships will be hosted by the Springfield Clark County USBC in Springfield, Ohio. The team center will be Northridge Lanes and the doubles/singles center will be Victory Lanes.

Entry forms will be available at the end of August.

Tournament Headquarters

Ask for Reservations and “2020 OSUSBC State Women’s Championship
Tournament” Special Rate
Official Results
Team – 5 person – handicap
Place Team Name Score Prize From
1 Huey Investments #2 3,312 $500.00 Delphos USBC
2 Huey Investments #1 3,298 $250.00 Delphos USBC
3 50-50 3,218 $150.00 Union County USBC
Team – 4 person – handicap
1 Pam’s Pals 2,646 $250.00 Gr Toledo USBC
2 BuckiNutz 2,601 $182.00 Central Ohio USBC
Team – 4 person – actual
1 Cloverleaf Pro Shop 2,081 $20.00 Cleveland Ohio USBC
Doubles – handicap
1 Craft, Nikki M / Locilento, Jacque 1,416 $200.00 Delaware USBC
2 Blanton, Amanda / Maurer, Jackie 1,406 $175.00 New Bremen USBC
3 Peters, Laura A / Fischer, Sandra A 1,391 $150.00 Delphos USBC
4 Bost, Amanda / Hoffner, Christa D 1,379 $140.00 Chillicothe Area USBC
5 Knick, Renee L / Dickrede, Devonne D 1,369 $125.00 Delphos USBC
6 Jones, Patricia J / Knight, Malinda S 1,365 $110.00 Chillicothe Area USBC
7 Mahlie, Rachel J / Cooper, Deann M 1,359 $100.00 Lima USBC
8 Ray, Karen S / Cowans, Sharon F 1,350 $90.00 Central Ohio USBC
9 Docherty, Pamela W / Aller, Susan W 1,344 $75.00 Delaware USBC
10 Bowsher, Karen / Rockhold, Juanita F 1,337 $60.00 Central Ohio USBC
11 Arth, Rose G / Craig, Pam M 1,334 $50.00 Union County USBC
12 Wagner, Jenny L / Method, Diane M 1,332 $30.00 New Bremen USBC
Doubles – actual
1 Loschetter, Erin G / Brooks, Donna P 1,122 $30.00 Cleveland Ohio USBC
Singles – handicap
1 Sanchez, Renona J 759 $135.00 Gr Toledo USBC
2 Tester, Lacy J 750 $115.00 New Bremen USBC
3 Grewe, Amy J 749 $95.00 New Bremen USBC
4 Dresback, Chelsea L 742 $85.00 Shelby County USBC
5 Jones, Patricia J 732 $75.00 Chillicothe Area USBC
6 Fischer, Sandra A 726 $70.00 Delphos USBC
7 Brooks, Donna P 715 $67.50 Cleveland Ohio USBC
8 Papich, Melissa 713 $62.50 Lima USBC
8 Backus, Sami M 713 $62.50 Delphos USBC
10 Rockhold, Juanita F 711 $55.00 Central Ohio USBC
11 Dickrede, Devonne D 710 $51.25 Delphos USBC
11 Locilento, Jacque 710 $51.25 Delaware USBC
13 Schnippel, Janet K 704 $42.50 New Bremen USBC
13 Wilson, Mandy 704 $42.50 Gr Dayton USBC
15 Haynes, Brenda S 699 $37.50 New Bremen USBC
16 Schnarre, Shellie A 695 $35.00 New Bremen USBC
17 Method, Diane M 694 $31.25 New Bremen USBC
17 Williams, Sally R 694 $31.25 Central Ohio USBC
19 McMichael, Britany N 693 $27.50 Van Wert USBC
20 Tackett, Leslie M 691 $25.00 Chillicothe Area USBC
21 Cross, Sharon L 690 $21.25 Delaware USBC
21 Baker, Andrea N 690 $21.25 Van Wert USBC
23 Church, Nicole P 689 $20.00 Delaware USBC
Singles – actual
1 Wilson, Mandy 650 $30.00 Gr Dayton USBC
2 Brooks, Donna P 613 $15.00 Cleveland Ohio USBC
All Events – handicap
1 Tester, Lacy J 2,129 $45.00 New Bremen USBC
2 Jones, Patricia J 2,113 $30.00 Chillicothe Area USBC
3 Park, Phyllis A 2,108 $27.50 Central Ohio USBC
4 Sanchez, Renona J 2,106 $25.00 Gr Toledo USBC
5 Svelund, Sandy E 2,105 $22.50 Shelby County USBC
6 Knick, Renee L 2,086 $20.00 Delphos USBC
7 Dresback, Chelsea L 2,085 $20.00 Shelby County USBC
8 Blanton, Amanda 2,083 $15.00 New Bremen USBC
9 Fischer, Sandra A 2,075 $15.00 Delphos USBC
10 Pastor, Judy A 2,047 $12.50 Union County USBC
11 Dickrede, Devonne D 2,045 $12.50 Delphos USBC
12 Rockhold, Juanita F 2,040 $10.00 Central Ohio USBC
13 Grewe, Amy J 2,031 $9.00 New Bremen USBC
All Events – actual
1 Wilson, Mandy 1,773 $50.00 Gr Dayton USBC
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