Buckeye 600 Bowling Club

The Club was founded for the purpose of uniting all female bowlers in Ohio who have qualified for membership, to conduct an annual tournament, to encourage members to promote social activities and devote themselves to the fun of bowling. Also encourage all members to play the game in a sportsman-like manner, bring credit and honor to themselves and to the Buckeye 600 Bowling Club.

The 2020 Buckeye 600 Bowling Club Tournament will be held at Legacy Lanes in Coshocton, Ohio on June 20, 21, & 27, 28, 2020.  A Scotch Doubles Tournament will also be offered on Saturday evenings that is open to any female Ohio State USBC member.


–> 2020 Buckeye 600 Tournament Entry
–> Scotch Doubles Entry
–> Dinner Reservation Form
–> Map / Hotels

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