Click on the following bars to reveal each persons bio. *Denotes deceased.

2022 ---- Phil Molzon

Service is a very hard word to describe, but if it were put into words in the dictionary, Phil Molzon’s photo would appear next to it.

Phil joined the Lake Geauga Bowling Association board in 1998 as an associate director and quickly moved into a director’s position.  While serving the Lake-Geauga board, he served on and chaired every committee with his usual professionalism.  He was elected President in the 2007-2008 season.  In 2021 he was appointed to the Assistant Association Manager position and was hired as the Association Manager in 2013, a position he still holds.

Phil’s service is not limited to his local association.  He has served as the Local Association Manager for the Ohio State USBC Open Championship Tournament and has worked the bracket table many times for all weekends of the tournament.  He has served on the following Ohio State USBC Committees:  Tournament Policy and Procedure Review, Promotion and Publicity, Site Selection Committee and Strategic Planning.  He is also a Squad Organizer for 22 years for the Open Championship Tournament. 

On the National level, Phil has put together an operations manual for merging that was used by many local associations.  He was a panel member on a workshop at the USBC Convention in 2017 discussing problems faced by locals through the merging process.  He also served as a beta tester for the new WINLABS12 program, which is now being used by every state and local association in the county.

Phil has been previously recognized for his outstanding service with the Garrett Swartz Certificate of Merit in 2018 and the Gene Myers Local Association Manager of the Year in 2019. He was elected into the Lake-Geauga USBC Bowling Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service.

Tonight, Phil Molzon’s name will be added to the list of persons who have provided Meritorious Service to the history of Ohio Bowling

2022 ---- Ron Amore Jr.

Ron Amore Jr. has been an instrumental and crucial part of the bowling industry for decades. 

As a young man, following in his father’s footsteps, Ron quickly became involved in the Southeastern Ohio BPA and the BCA of Ohio.  At the local level, Ron served on several committees and moved through the chairs of officers.  Ron has always been a great friend and sterling example to his peers. 

Within the BCA of Ohio, Ron contributed his efforts through meetings and committees before becoming Sergeant of Arms in 2008.  Similar to the local level, Ron’s fellow proprietors noticed and appreciated his passion for the industry and elected him president in 2012.  Ron led the BCAO with dedication and an open mind throughout his presidency.  He has served on most every committee within the BCAO, including Audit/Budget, Strategic Planning and Ohio Bowling Council.  He is currently a member of the BCAO Executive Board and the Nomination and Awards committees.

Most recently, Ron represents the state of Ohio on the board of the Bowling Proprietors Association of America where he also serves on the Bowl Expo committee.

His contributions have not only been to the proprietors’ associations… Ron served many years on the Ohio State Youth Board and committees and is currently Director 12 within the Ohio State USBC.

These inductions are nothing new to him as Ron has served six years on the Ohio State Hall of Fame committee, but tonight he is here as an honoree, and we are proud to induct Ron Amore Jr. to the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

2021 ---- Bill Wammes

As they say about the postman, neither rain nor snow, nor the dead of night, nothing will deter the postman from his appointed duties.  The same applies to Bill Wammes of Al Mar Lanes in Bowling Green.  Not even a devastating fire in December 2000, which totally destroyed his center, could stop Bill.  Even though the fire destroyed much of his memorabilia along with irreplaceable records, Bill immediately added a construction trailer to his parking lot to drill bowling balls for his customers who had lost equipment in the blaze.  Bill’s Grand Opening of the new Al Mar Lanes took place August 9, 2001.

Bill has been an active member of the Bowling Centers Association of Ohio and held almost every office beginning from Treasurer to President 2010-2012 and Chairman of the Board 2012-2014.  He has served on every strategic committee. 

Bill has served as Head Coach for the Bowling Green High School Team for 25 years and as Conference Coordinator for the Northern Lakes Bowling Conference. 

Bill often credits his longtime center success to his longtime employees and their performance toward his customers he says, “I think it is about how you treat people.  My philosophy is that our league bowlers are like country club members and that they be treated that way.”

Bill is a member of the Bowling Green USBC Hall of Fame, recipient of the BCAO Mike Hennessy Meritorious Service Award and also the PBA Pat Patterson Award several times.  Tonight we add the name of Bill Wammes to the rolls of the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service.

2021 ---- Joy Kellenbarger

Southeastern Ohio is home to one of bowling’s most ardent participants and promoters.  Joy Kellenbarger is one of the most prominently recognized names when it comes to bowling in Ohio.  Joy is currently serving as the Association Manager of the Southeastern Ohio USBC, a position she has held since 2006.  Prior to that she served the Lancaster Women’s USBC Association as President from 1998 to 2006.

Joy is one of three Ohio State USBC members who have been recognized by their peers as Local Association President of the Year (Ruth Smith Award-2007) and Association Manager of the Year (Gene Myers Award-2012). She remains active in both membership clubs as well as serving as Sergeant-at-Arms for the Buckeye Bowling Writers.  She received the BBW highest award, the Mary Jannetto Award for Local Promotion in 2010, along with numerous Sam Levine News Story and Leigh Betts Photo Awards.  Joy promotes bowling wherever she goes.  Her application states: “I’ve even seen her recruit bank tellers when she makes a deposit of league funds.”  Joy is also active in the Ohio Women’s 700 Bowling Club and the Buckeye 600 Bowling Club and serves both organization on their boards.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and she is always a forward thinker who seems to find unique methods for recognizing others.  She’s one of the first to volunteer when a project is announced.

Joy was inducted into the Lancaster Area Bowling Hall of Fame for Superior Performance in 1999.  Tonight Joy joins her late husband Ken Kellenbarger as a proud member of the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service.

2021 ---- Greg Jordan

When it comes to all around knowledge of the sport of bowling, no one can attest to a more well-rounded background in bowling administration than Gregory Jordan.  Greg’s involvement in bowling and the administration of the sport began when he was in the fifth grade and continued all through high school.  He took a brief 3-year absence to serve his country and upon his return to Columbus, he returned to the sport.

Greg has served as President, Vice President and Director on the Central Ohio USBC Board of Directors as well as serving the Greater Columbus Youth Bowling Association as Vice President and President.  Greg served on the Ohio State USBC BA Board of Directors as Zone 5 Director for eleven years and then on the Ohio State USBC Board as Director #4 for three years.  He is currently serving as 1st Vice President.

Greg’s knowledge on computers and computer programs has been invaluable to the Central Ohio USBC as well as the Ohio State USBC. He brought a website and cell phone app to Central Ohio USBC and has supported them for the past 16 years.

Not only does he offer considerable knowledge and expertise to both the state and local associations, but Greg has carried a 200+ average for at least 13 years and has 2-300 games to his credit.  He was inducted into the Central Ohio USBC Hall of Fame in 2019 and tonight adds the honor of being inducted into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service.

2020 ---- Julia Rhodes

We’ve all heard the phrase: “Been there – done that”, well Julia Rhodes can say it with certainty. Julia has been involved in the administrative side of bowling for 28 years. She started on the local level in the Van Wert USBC WBA and has served as President, Secretary/Treasurer, Sgt-at-Arms and Director. On the state level she served the Ohio USBC Women’s Bowling Association as a Director from 2000 to 2012, at which time she moved into the Sergeant-atArms position, which she held until the dissolution of the Ohio USBC Women’s Bowling Association in 2017. In May of 2019 she was appointed Director #7 on the Ohio State USBC Board of Directors.

Julia served as Head Teller for the Organizational Meeting of the Ohio State USBC and again in 2019. Julia has chaired almost all of the various state committees and participated in any event for which she was eligible. She has served as a delegate to the National Convention for 11 years. She has served as Secretary of the District # 1 600 Club for 16 years. In addition, she belongs to the National 600 & 700 Clubs, the President’s Club, the Local Association Manager’s Club and has served on various committees of each.

Julia’s honors include: Van Wert Hall of Fame for Superior Performance 1998, Van Wert Life Member 2018, Gene Myers (Local Association Manager’s Award) .

And then for the topping on the cake Julia has laid claim to local titles in every event of the Championship Tournament. She was also named the 2018 Buckeye 600 Bowling Club Champion.

In appreciation of her dedicated service, tonight we place the name of Julia Rhodes on the roles of Ohio bowlers who have contributed Meritorious Service to the sport of bowling. 

2020 ---- Julie Wells

When you are looking or versatility in a bowler, you need look no further than Julie Wells. Julie has been a champion on all levels of bowling. She won a state juniors title in Michigan, many local titles in the Central Ohio USBC, a ladies state title in Texas and a regional title in the LPBT. She also has to her credit 3 Ohio State Women’s USBC titles.

But tonight we are honoring Julie for all of contributions to the Youth bowling programs in Central Ohio. She helped start both the Westerville South and Westerville Central bowling teams and served as coach for the Girls Varsity at Westerville South from 1999-2006. She also served as Head Coach for Westerville Central for many years. Julie is a Certified Silver Level Coach and was named to the Bowlers Journal “Top 100 Coaches” list in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. In 2011 Julie was named the State of Ohio “Coach of the Year” for girls bowling. She has also served on the Board of Directors of the Ohio High School Bowling Coaches Association. The letter submitted with her application states, “She has a very impressive coaching record.”

Julie worked with former WC bowler, Ange Leone, to start a college bowling program at Otterbein College. Her love of bowling is evident in everything she does.

Julie was inducted into the Central Ohio USBC Hall of Fame for Superior Performance in 2011 and it is with great pleasure that we add the name of Julie Wells to the annals of the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service to youth bowling.

2020 ---- Eric Hartline

Quiet, unassuming, dependable and dedicated are all words that describe Eric Hartline. Eric is one of those people who works behind the scenes to make things happen but does not expect recognition for his contributions.

Presently Eric is serving as Promotion and Publicity Director for the Ohio State USBC. A job which entails the preparation of tournament entry forms, posters and flyers as well as maintain our website and publishing a monthly e-news for state happenings and news. Eric is the one responsible for the association telephone app.

He works as assistant to Mike Gabor on the Open Senior Tournament, he also works the Open Championship Tournament at the Team House every weekend. He served as Assistant Association Manager for the BA prior to the state merger. Eric was a member of the Transition Committee who worked to bring us to our present unified organization.

Eric is a member of the Summit County USBC and has served his local association for many years from the Presidency, 1st Vice President, Director, and Youth Director. He also served on the Akron District Bowling Council as President and voting member.

Eric was awarded the Tri-County Hall of Fame – Most for Bowling Award in 2011. In addition, he has a couple of Local Championships to his credit: the Greater Summit County Doubles and the Akron ABC Team Championship.

Tonight, we honor Eric Hartline for his many contributions both locally and statewide in the promotion of our sport and his dedication to our sport by inducting him into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service.

2019 ---- Mary McClay

For over 30 years, Mary McClay has served the bowlers of Ohio is one capacity or another. 1988 saw her take on the job responsibilities of the Greater Dayton WBA and that same year she began working part time in the state women’s office. In 2001 Mary began serving on the Dayton Youth Committee and served as Secretary/Treasurer until 2010.

Joining the Ohio Women’s USBC Association 2005, her first position was tournament manager of the Championship Tournament in Cleve-land. She was then hired as Association Manager in 2006, a position she held until the dissolution of the Ohio Women’s USBC Association on July 31, 2018. In August 2018, Mary was hired as the Assistant Association Manager of the Ohio State USBC. Mary is the first to volunteer when someone needs help and many would say that what she is doing is simply part of her job, and they would be right, except that she always goes that extra mile to do the little things that make everything come together.

In addition to her work on the state boards, Mary is involved in many other bowling organizations, she serves as secretary of the Ohio Local Association Managers Club, secretary/treasurer of the Buckeye Bowling Writers, a Director on the Ohio 700 Bowling Club and served as Tournament Manager for the Midwest Women’s Tournament which was recently run in Dayton. That tournament brought 768 four-woman teams from 27 different states to Ohio.

Mary was inducted into the Greater Dayton Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service in 2007. She was the first recipient of the Pat Marazzi Service Award from the BCAO in 2018.

Tonight it is with great pleasure that we place the name of Mary McClay among those other Ohio bowlers who have served the state so MERITORIOUSLY.

2017 ---- Joseph Poelking

Proprietor, Business executive, and volunteer: All of these adjectives apply to Joseph F. Poelking. Working long hours and wearing many hats, Poelking says. “Bookkeeper, janitor, and if something is broken, you need to fix it.”

Not only does Joe manage Poelking Bowling Centers, Inc., but he has found time to serve for many years and in al- most every capacity for; The Gr. Dayton BPA, the Bowling Centers Association of Ohio and the National BPAA. At one time or another, he served as President of each of the aforementioned. In addition to all of that, he has served on the Ohio Bowling Council, where he was part of the com- mittee that revamped the application forms for this very Hall of Fame. Joe also served one term on the Strike 10 Entertainment board.

Not all of Joe’s volunteering is in the bowling field. He has also found time to volunteer the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Gr. Dayton Board, President of the Gr. Dayton Mall Business Assoc. and the Miami Township Community Foundation.

Joe’s honors include: 2008 BCA of Ohio Certificate of Achievement; 2012 Mike Hennessy Meritorious Service Medal and 2013 BPAA’s Ohio Proprietor of the Year. Joseph F. Poelking has definitely earned his berth in the roles of Ohio’s MERITORIOUS SERVICE winners.

2016 ---- Hugh Gorman*

Hugh Gorman was an original member of the Lake-Geauga Bowling Association, helping to establish it with ABC in 1952. He became a director in 1963, serving on each committee at one time or another until his election as Association Manager in1976. He took over the position on a temporary basis until a suitable could be found. As is turned out, the suitable candidate was him. He served in that capacity until retiring on August 1, 2013.

Hugh’s love of the sport manifested itself as he started the Lake-Geauga Youth Program, going into each house and assigning coaches. He start-ed a banquet and awards program for the kids at the end of each season.

He was also an accomplished bowler, carrying a high average for many years and succeeded to roll a 300 game in 1982, when it was still a highly prestigious feat. Hugh still carried a 177 average at the young age of 85.

Hugh was the driving force for the Lake-Geauga Association as they hosted the Ohio State BA Championship tournament in 1987, 1991, 1995, 1999 and 2005. He completed in the Championship Tournament for over 30 years.

Hugh was the force behind the establishment of the Annual Meeting and Banquet held each August to hand out supplies to the league secretaries and go over any rule changes.

Hugh bowled in 40 ABC/USBC National Tournaments and received his plaque for that in 2013.

Hugh was elected into the Lake-Geauga Hall of Fame in 1985 for his years of service and dedication to the general welfare of bowling.

Tonight we place the name of Hugh Gorman in the record book as one of Ohio’s Meritorious Service inductees.

2015 ---- Patricia Cruea

Patricia Cruea began her bowling volunteer work over 35 years ago in the St. Paris WBA where she served as Secretary-Treasurer until the association merged in 2005. She served on various committees including chairing the com-mittee to form the Champaign County USBC. She has also served on the Springfield District USBC WBA board of directors.

On the state level she has served as 2nd Vice President of the Ohio USBC WBA for 5 years, and director for 11 years prior.

Her outside activities have included President of the Buckeye 600 Bowling Club, President of the District # 3 600 Club and Secretary-Treasurer of the Buckeye Bowling Writers, and President of the Ohio Women’s Intercity Bowling Tournament.

Her honors include: Life Member Buckeye Bowling Writers, Life Member Ohio Women’s InterCity Bowling Tournament , the Ruth Heath-Trott Award for Outstanding Involvement in Bowling and the Ohio Association Managers’ Gene Meyers Secretary of the Year Award.

For all of her contributions to the sport, tonight we honor Patricia Cruea for her Meritorious Service.

2015 ---- Dale Goins

Dale Goins personifies the meaning of the word volunteer. He has served his local Zanesville USBC BA for over 32 years He started as a Director and moved forward until he reached the Presidency, as which he served until 5 years ago when he retired to devote his time strictly to the Ohio State USBC BA.

As Zone Director, Dale started a mini-Jamboree for the local association in his zone. It is attended by nearly all of the locals and is the reason that zone is probably the best informed in the state.

Dale started his career with the Ohio State USBC BA as a Director, a position he held for 10 years. In 2011 he was appointed Vice President, a position that not only entails administration, but managing and training all of the zone directors.

While Dale was Vice President, he chaired the Promotion and Publicity Committee who completely upgraded the bidding processes for Championship Tournament, the Senior Handicap Tournament and the Annual Jamboree.

Dale is a Registered Volunteer and has taken on the added responsibility of assisting the Ohio State USBC Youth Board as a director.

He is also a Certified Lanes Inspector and has given several classes around the state to teach local board members to do lane certifications.

For all his excellent leadership skills, tonight we recognize Dale Goins for Meritorious Service.

2014 ---- Michael Gabor

Michael Gabor has been a member of the Mansfield BA and USBC Association and the Ohio State USBC BA for 38 years. During that time he has served as a board member, president and association secretary/treasurer-Association Manager of the Mansfield USBC BA. In 1995  he  relinquished the presidency to replace Garrett Swartz as the AM and currently still holds that position. During his time on the board, Mike invented and implemented a ranking system for all men and women bowlers in the Mansfield Association.  The system was used to crown both a men’s and women’s champion who were determined from a year end qualifier. The rankings were sponsored and ran weekly along with a bowling column written by Mike for the local newspaper. He also convinced the local TV station to televise the step ladder finals of the men’s, women’s and mixed tournaments, for which he did some of the color commentary. In 1999 Mike was elected to the Ohio State BA as Zone Director # 4 and was responsible for contacting the local associations in his zone. From 1999-2005 he served on various OSBA committees such as: Legislative, Tournament Site Inspection, Marketing, Strategic Planning and Association Operations. 2005 saw him hired as Assistant Association Manager of the Ohio State BA. In 2006 he became Tournament Manager for the Ohio State USBC BA Seniors Championship Tournament. At the same time he also took on the responsibility of Tournament Official on-site for the Ohio State USBC BA Championship Tournament and in that capacity is the manager of the doubles and singles house each year.

Mike has attended many local, state and national tournaments as well as work-shops and conventions. He is a certified lane inspector and worked  to imple-ment tournament guidelines and house inspection procedures for the Senior Handicap Tournament, Annual Championship and the Jamboree. Not only is he the “guy who works quietly behind the scenes” but he has ac-complishments on the lanes to his credit as well. He set both city and house records for team and individual scores. He held the high individual series re-cord in Mansfield for 20 years. He was also a member of a four-man team who held one of the top three scores in the nation and was recognized by ABC. He also has a 2nd place scratch finish in the Ohio State BA Championship Tourna-ment to his credit. With 12 – 800 series and 25 – 300 games on his score card, he also presents respectable credentials on the lanes.

Is it any wonder Michel Gabor was elected into the Mansfield Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service in 2008? And, why tonight, he is being singled out for all of his Meritorious Service to the sport of bowling. Welcome Mike, a well deserved honor!

2013 ---- Linus Hartings

Linus Hartings has served on the BCA of Ohio Executive Board from 2005 to present, serving as Chairman from 2010 to 2012. He has served on the BCA of Ohio Legislative Committee for eight years, on the Nominating Committee for four years, served for two years as President, served for two years as Vice President, served on the Audit and Budget Committee, Chaired the Meeting Committee for two years, and served four years on the High School Bowling Ad Hoc Committee lobbying the Ohio High School Athletic Association to recognize bowling as a Varsity Sport.

When Linus was President of the BCA of Ohio, he was called upon by our state lobbyist, David Corey, to become more active in attending fundraisers for our legislators to make our lawmakers aware of the concerns that bowling centers face. At the time one of the greatest concerns was that casinos would create an uneven playing field for centers to fight for the recreational dollars of their customers. A small victory was achieved in June, 2012 when the new Casino Bill allowed for any 501c3 organization to obtain a Type III Gaming License to sell Instant Bingo Tickets in unlimited locations within the charity’s county. Linus served on the Legislation Ad Hoc Committee in 2012 where all local USBC’s and bowling centers were invited to attend a regional educational meeting to explain the new law and how it could to be used to support youth bowling.

He served on the Bowling Proprietors Association of America Small Center Initiatives Committee for two years and represented the BCA of Ohio for two years at the BPAAState President’s meeting.

Linus founded the West Ohio High School Bowling Conference in 1998. He began the Linus Open Golf Outing that is held in conjunction with his PBA Regional Tournament which has awarded $16,500.00 in scholarships to youth bowlers since 2007. The Lefeld Implements Classic PBA Regional Tournament is very popular with the pro bowlers and has become a community events. There are two other events connected to the Regional and Pro-Am Tournaments, the above mentioned “Linus Open Golf Outing” and the PBA Celebrity Softball Game that raises money for Muscular Dystrophy. In 2001 Linus was name Coldwater, Ohio Chamber of Commerce “Citizen of the Year”.

He has bowled in thirty-seven ABC/USBC national tournaments, in twenty-five plus Ohio State USBC BA tournaments and has rolled five three hundred games and three 800 plus series.

2012 ---- Daniel L. Martin

Daniel Martin has served as the Association Manager of the Ohio State USBC BA since 2005 and is a member of the Summit County USBC.

Daniel was first elected to there Ohio State BA as Zone 8 Director in 1991 which he served until 2002. He was elected a life member of the Ohio State BA in 2002.

He developed a new program to re-divide all zones within the state of Ohio increasing the number of zones from eleven to thirteen. He helped develop a new marketing program for the State Championship Tournament which included a new DVD and a new full-color try-fold flyer.

He has served as squad organizer for teams going to the Ohio State Bowling Association Championship Tournament from 1992-2002. He has served on various workshops committees throughout the state and has attended four National Leadership Conferences.

Daniel served on the North Summit BA Board of Directors and as their Executive Director in 1997 and 1998. He served as Executive Director of the Greater Summit County BA from 1999 to 2002. He was also a Bryan USBC BA in 2005.

He served as the local delegate to National ABC conventions for for five years and has served as the Ohio State USBC BA delegate to the USBC Conventions.

He has attended the “Energizing Association” seminar in Indianapolis, Indiana and “Local Association Officers Training”.

Daniel was the recipient of the Greater Akron Bowling Council “Most for Bowling” award in 2000 and was the Bryan Bowling Association “Bowler of the Year” in 2007.

He was inducted into the Tri-County Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service in 2007 and into the Bryan USBC Bowling Association Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service in 2007.

2012 ---- Sherry Gratop

The Toledo area gained considerably when in the late 1970’s Sherry Gratop, a St. Louis, Missouri native chose to make Toledo her home. Her first bowling center experience in Toledo was at Imperial Lanes when she managed the Public Relations Office and oversaw all of the youth programs. In the 1980’s she moved into the managers position which she held for several years. Today Sherry is the sole owner of Toledo’s largest bowling center Southwyck Lanes.

Under Sherry’s management both Imperial and Southwyck Lanes have hosted some of the nation’s largest major bowling events. Imperial Lanes was a popular stop on the PBA Tournament Tour for over twenty-three years and was moved to Southwyck after Sherry became manager there. She was the proud host of the largest ever Pro Am held in conjunction with the PBA Tour. Other national tournaments she has hosted are the PBA Senior, Eagles, Masonic, transportation and Postal and both Ohio BA and WBA State Championship Tournaments.

The Greater Toledo USBC Youth Program has been greatly enhanced, mostly through Sherry’s efforts on the Metro High School leagues in which approximately 300 area youth bowl every Saturday. The league has fourteen teams in the Varsity League, twelve teams in the Junior Varsity, eight teams in the Prep Division. Sherry, along with Buckeye Cable Sports Network, produce a format which allows two teams from the Varsity league to participate on Sunday morning and the match is televised on the area cable network with two games of head-to-head matches. the teams represent the are schools and every team sports matching shirts with their school names on the back courtesy of Sherry.

In 1992-93 she was recognized as having the largest Saturday morning Youth League in the nation. In addition to the Metro High School League, Southwyck is practice house of St. Ursula and Notre Dame Academy teams which bowl in the youth travel.

Sherry hosts a New Year’s Eve All Night Bowling Party for youths each year.

Sherry has served in the past as President and Vice President of the Greater Toledo Bowling Proprietors Association and is a member of the BCAO.

2010 ---- Jean Tondola-Smith

To know Jean Tondola-Smith is to know the sport of bowling. There are three words that come to mind right away with the relationship between Jean and the game of bowling.

Those three words are innovator, creator and mentor.

Innovator…introduced bowling instructional clinics within her local association which were open to both women and men. She fashioned a “Welcome to the New Season” newsletter which thanks members for returning to and becoming members of certified bowling leagues. She also introduced surveys to her association members asking for their input on programs and encouraging them to offer suggestions on how to continuously improve their membership and association.

Creator… She organizes “Massillon Weekend” for the state championship tournament and for the Ohio USBC WBA Senior Tournament, making hotel reservations, collecting payment for all fees and virtually handling everything for the members, leaving them plenty of time to enjoy the tournament and camaraderie.

Mentor…As the Ohio USBC WBA President, Jean continues to guide, counsel, advice and teach all of the State Board Directors the importance of personal contact with the bowlers. She repeatedly and untiringly strives to be a pacesetter and leading light to all of the members and directors. Her passion for the game of bowling is the catalyst that endlessly motivates Jean to modernize her association but never lose sight of what makes it all real, the bowlers.

Jean has served for nine years as President of the Ohio USBC WBA and served as a director for six years prior to that. She was instrumental in forming the Ohio USBC WBA All Star Team and the Bowler of the Year Programs. She began the Lane Inspection and Certification Clinics which are offered to both women and men in the state. She has arranged having USBC personnel come into Ohio to conduct workshops for all members of the bowling community. She has pioneered changes in the state tournament guidelines and procedures thus assuring the members their voices are heard and their suggestions taken seriously. She attends local association awards dinners, Hall of Fame dinners, membership meetings taking every opportunity to meet with the members of the bowling society and promote the sport she so strongly believes in.

She was awarded the Ohio Local Associations President’s Club Ruth Smith Award in 2000 for her continued leadership and dedication to the sport of bowling. in 2009 she received the Helen Baker Outstanding Association Service Award from USBC. This award is presented to a bowling leader who has made invaluable contributions to local and state associations as an innovator, creator and mentor.

2010 ---- Eugene Adams*

In the early “50’s”, a member of the Greater Cincinnati Bowling Association while working with Eugene, urged him to get involved in the sport of bowling.

During his first year of bowling he became a league secretary. In 1959 he became a Director of the Greater Cincinnati Bowling Association and became its President in 1974.

In 1969 he was elected as a Director of the American Bowling Congress. In 1977 he was elected 1O”‘ Vice President. In 1988 he was elected President of the American Bowling Congress, serving as the 75“‘ president. In his year of presidency 1988-1989 he helped to guide ABC during the expansion and enhancement of many new programs. He also helped to expand its award program and communications to many segments of the industry, including members.

During his year as president he traveled extensively throughout the United States, visiting with many local bowling associations. He also visited the Hawaii Bowling Association and continued on to the opening of the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea. That was the first time that an ABC President traveled to meet its members throughout the country.

During his presidency they also began training of volunteers, which was expanded as the Local Association Training Conferences and were conducted on a regional basis. ABC took bowling to the masses with the first bowling news program “Bowling World” televised on ESPN.

Eugene was also instrumental in leading ABC’s involvement in the international and Olympic arenas. Bowling became part of the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea as an exhibition sport.

He is a member of the Greater Cincinnati Bowling Hall of Fame and past president of the Cincinnati YABA, an organization which he was instrumental in beginning.

In 1979 he was elected Director-at-Large of the Ohio State Bowling Association and was a Life Member. He still serves as a committee member of the Ohio State USBC Bowling Association and attends the Greater Cincinnati USBC Bowling Association meetings.

2009 ---- Garrett Swartz*

Garrett A. Swartz began his long career in the bowling community by being elected to the Mansfield Bowling Association board as a Director in 1969. The following Year 1970, he was hired to the position of Secretary and served that position until 1997 when he resigned because of the overwhelming work load created with his acceptance of the Ohio State Bowling Association position as Executive Director. Today he has started over being elected to the Mansfield USBC BA as a director.

He was active with the Mansfield Junior ABC serving as its president for four years and coached a junior boys league for six years.

During the twenty-seven years Garrett was the Local Manager of the Ohio State Bowling Tournaments, Mansfield hosted the tournament in 1976, 1993, 1996 and co-hosted in 1984.

In 2007 he was a member of the inaugural class of the Mansfield Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service.

In 1975 he was elected to the Ohio State Bowling Association as the Zone 4 Director and continued in that position until 1983 when he was elected to the office of Fourth Wee President serving one year terms to the following, Third, Second, and First up until the time he was elected president. He continued serving on the Ohio State Bowling Association board as a Life Member Past President.

During his thirty plus years on the Ohio State Bowling Association Board he worked hard to maintain the high standards set by the Board of Directors. This resulted in obscenity and dress code rules being enforced today.

In 1993 he was hired as the Assistant Executive Director to manage the Senior Tournament and work the championship tournament. The first thing that he did was to put the Senior Tournament on a computer program.

In 1997 he was hired as the Executive Director of the Ohio State Bowling Association and served in that capacity until his retirement in 2005.

He was a member of the Ohio Bowling Council serving as the Council Vice President and President. He also served on the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame Committee.

2008 ---- Larry H. Simmons*

Lawrence (Larry) H. Simons began his lifelong career in the bowling community as a pin setter at Elm Road Lanes in Warren, Ohio in 1940. Larry has been an avid bowler for sixty-six (66) years and only took time off to serve our country during World War II in the US Navy (l9.43- 1946) with the Pacific Fleet.

He joined the Warren Bowling Association in 1968 and has chaired all committees, including the Hall of Fame for many years. He is a 1989 inductee of the Warren BA Hall of Fame.

Larry has served as league secretary in two of his leagues – one for twelve years.

Larry was elected to the Ohio State Bowling Association in 1980 serving for ten years as Zone 10 Director and served two terms as President of the Ohio State Bowling Association. He has overseen Ohio State Bowling Association Senior Tournaments, as well as fifteen local Senior Tournaments.

He served as Squad Organizer for the Ohio State Bowling Association Championship Tournaments for twenty years, bringing twenty teams to the tournament each year, all the while participating himself.

Larry helped shape the next generation of bowlers by serving as a Certified Junior Bowling Coach from 1973 until 2004 when he retired.

In his bowling career, Larry has had a 187 average and has bowled a 297 game and a 762 series. He has received many league and tournament awards.

These accomplishments are only- small items compared to the service he has given to the sport. Many services were given to bowling leagues and anybody that passed his way.

2008 ---- Rosie Taulbee

Rosie M. Taulbee, FACMPE first began bowling in 1968. She has served as President of the Greater Cincinnati USBC WBA from 2001 to present. She had served as Director and Sergeant-at-Arms prior to that. She has served on all local committees for the Association and served in various officer positions over thirty-eight years in local leagues. She is a Certified Lane Inspector and Instructor of the Adult Education Program in Cincinnati. She was inducted into the Greater Cincinnati Hall of Fame in 2006.

On the state level she has served as 2nd Vice President of the Ohio USBC WBA from 2002 to present. She served as an Ohio WBA Director for six years prior to that.

She has participated in eighteen years Ohio WBA/Ohio USBC WBA State Champion Tournaments and in the Seniors Toumament. She has served as a delegate to sixteen Ohio WBA/Ohio USBC WBA State Meetings.

She is a Director of the Foundation of the Bowling Centers Association of Ohio.

Rosie is also a member of the Buckeye Bowling Writers having served as a Director for four years and a Member of the Ohio President’s Club.

Rosie has served as a delegate to WIBC/USBC Annual Meetings for nineteen years and participated in twenty WIBC/USBC Tournaments. She has attended WIBC State Leadership Workshops, WIBC and USBC seminars, USBC transition workshop and USBC Summit. She is a member of the National Women’s Bowling Writers and National 600 Club.

Rosie has developed creative fundraisers for her local association to receive many national awards for their contributions to the Intemational Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame. –

Her spirit and willingness to do the little extras for bowlers in need shows Rosie’s true love and commitment to the sport of bowling.

2008 ---- Greg Russell

Gregory (Greg) Russell has been a prominent proponent of bowling not only in his community but also on the state level and recognized on the national level.

He received the 2003 Golden Pin Award for 32 lanes and up given by the BPAA at the national convention in Las Vegas.

He has been a member of the Lancaster Men’s Bowling Association from 1979-1998. serving as Director. 4th Vice President, 3rd Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President and Assistant Secretary. He served as President of the Southeastern Ohio USBC for two years. He served on the local youth board. serving as Director. Vice President. President and Association Manager.

He was inducted into the Lancaster Area Bowling Hall of Fame in 1996 for Meritorious Service, which made the first Father and Son to be elected to the local Hall of Fame.

On the state level, Greg has served the Ohio State YABA from 1991-2002. He has served as Director, 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President and President.

He has been a member of the Ohio Bowling Council from 1993 to present, having served four years as President. He has served on the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame Committee for ten years.

Greg has served on the Bowling Centers Association of Ohio Tournament Committee for five years.

His center hosed the LPBT/PWBA tournament from l99b-2001. He also hosted the PBA Regional Tournaments from 2004~2007.

Although Greg’s involvement in the community of bowling has stretched out to the national level, perhaps the most telltale signs of Greg’s heart are told by his outreach to the local community. Greg offers free bowling to all local nursing homes as part of their activities, donated lineage to help Big Brothers/Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake, and allows the local multi-handicap clients in the community, as well as the Special Olympic bowlers, to bowl for free.

Greg began the High School Bowling Program in Lancaster in 2006 and funded five schools.

2007 ---- Betty Knott*

Betty Knott is the personification of Meritorious Service in bowling. She has been a director of the Ohio USBC WBA board for 11 years and as First Vice President for four years.

Betty became a Columbus WBA director in 1980. She became president in 1987, serving in that position until 2002. Under her leadership, the Columbus WBA earned every national honor available to local associations. A certified coach, she supervised the traveling league for several seasons. She served on the GCYBA Board and as president of the Central Ohio Bowling Council.

Betty also is active in the Columbus Chapter 600 Club, District 3 and Buckeye 600 Clubs. Betty also is a member of the Buckeye Women Bowling Writers and the National Women’s Bowling Writers.

In 1992, Betty received the Ohio Local Association President’s Club Ruth Smith Award. In 2004, she received the Mary Janetto Award for local bowling association promotion.

Betty was a delegate to the WIBC Annual Meeting for 26 years; she served on the Teller’s Committee for five years. She also attended as a non-delegate a number of times.

Rosie Taulbee, Barbara Holloway, Jo Dimond and Linda Ridolfo have written “whether Betty was working a tournament, presenting an award or chairing a committee, her commitment to excellence and professionalism is unparalleled.”

Betty has bowled in 32 state tournaments.

Through the years, whatever the assignment, Betty has gone about them quietly, professionally and respectful of others.

Tonight, Betty becomes a member of the Ohio Hall of Fame.

2007 ---- Mary Hardin*

Mary Hardin has been the personification of competence for 44 years. She was a delegate to the national WIBC Convention for 24 years. Appointed by WIBC President Joyce Deitch to serve on the Association Operations Ad Hoc committee. She bowled in 20 WIBC tournaments.

She served as a Dayton WBA Director, 1981-1986; 3rd Vice President, 1986-l988; 2nd Vice President, 1994-96; Treasurer, 1996-2006. Currently, 2nd Vice President and Financial Officer.

Mary has been a member of the Dayton YABA (now USBC) Board since 1990. Currently she is Vice President.

Mary brought the Ohio WBA into the computer age, beginning with the WIBC tournament package, a major cost reduction for the Ohio WBA. Under her direction other computer systems were installed in the state office, including a database to prepare labels for state office mailing and the Ohio Hi-Lites which can be updated on a timeless base at considerable cost savings. Mary was also responsible for a computerized’ data base to track delegate records for the annual meetings, making reports available for the nominating committee giving the committee the names of individuals who are eligible to run for board positions.

Mary received the Bowling Centers Association of Ohio (BCAO) Meritorious Service Award in 2005. She researched and wrote up resumes for the Dayton WBA, Ohio WBA, Ohio Bowling Council and the WIBC Hall of Fame.

Tonight, the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame opens its door to welcome a most deserving and capable person to its Hall of Fame.

2006 ---- Herb Thibodeau*

The activities and dedication of Herb Thibodeau are almost mind-boggling.

Herb guided development of the Fostoria, Ohio, Bowling Council in 1986 and has served as president ever since. He was the driving force behind creation of the Fostoria Hall of Fame. i He initiated in-school bowling programs and was a supporter of high school leagues and tournaments. He has been a bowling instructor for 30_}/ears.

Twice named to the Fostoria Hall of Fame, in 1987 for superior performance (he has rolled seven 300 games and five 800 series), and in 1994 for meritorious service.

Herb has served on every committee in the state association. He served as president and vice president of the Ohio Bowling Council from 1992 to 1996.

He has served as chairman on the following committees: BCAO Legislative Committee, 2002 to present; BCAO Executive Board, 1996-98; BCAO Nominating Committee, l992-94; BCAO Membership Committee, 1990-92; BCAO Awards Committee, 1998-2000; Chairman BCAO Audit & Budget Committee, 1986-88; Co-chair BCAO Promotions Committee, 1982-84. He was awarded the BPAO Achievement Award in 1991, the BPAA Certificate of Achievement in 1996 and served many years on the BPAA Board of Directors.

Herb developed the Richard Brown Scholarship Fund, which continues to grow. Any area junior bowler going on to college can apply for money from this fund. He should be called, Meritorious Service”.

2005 ---- Frank Ruggerie

Frank Ruggerie is the exemplification of meritorious service, particularly in the area of youth participation in bowling. For many years a member and president of the Greater Cincinnati YABA he has led the efforts of establishing high school varsity bowling in Ohio.

Michele Colangelo has written, “He has spent an incredible number of hours traveling throughout the state of Ohio, meeting with school administrators, athletic associations officials and other sports dignitaries over the last several years getting the sport implemented.” She adds, “Without his drive and ambition, high school bowling would not be at the competitive level achieved.”

Greg Coulles, Ruggerie’s successor as Commissioner of High School Bowling notes that “he has performed this mission at his own expense of time and money.” The program is being used as a model nationally.

A member of the Greater Cincinnati BPA Board since 1977, he served as its president for many years. He was named Proprietor of the Year by WIBC in 2001. His glow-ball tournament which raises funds for the BVL (Bowlers to Veterans Link) won a national award for highest percentage of increased funds.

Rosie Taulbee wrote “This would not have happened without the help of Frank.”

A philosopher whose name is forgotten but whose wisdom remains wrote that a man respected and admired by his contemporaries is a man blessed. Prank Alexander of the GCBA Hall of Fame Committee may not be a philosopher but he knows a truth when he sees it. He said, “Without his (Frank’s) efforts, fewer people would be enjoying our sport. O ~

Tonight Frank receives another accolade, his induction into the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame.

2005 ---- Katherine J. Riley

Joe Drasko has always been one of the nation’s best non-professional bowlers during the 63 years of his still active career. Certainly he is one of the most respected and best liked performers wherever he bowls. A champion on teams and as an individual, he bowled with and against the greatest. In tournaments and exhibition matches for charities, he defeated such stars as Steve Nagy, Ray Schanen, Ned Day, Ray Bluth, Joe Wilman, Don Carter, Junie McMahon and some others.

Among fond memories are leading off a four-game 930 series with a 300 in the St. John’s Classic in Kansas City in 1947; winning the Southwest Team Tournament (Texas) in 1950 and the Cornbelt Classic (Iowa) in 1951; finishing second in the 1953 ABC with the King Louie Shirts team while shooting the highest ever total to finish second in the ABC; winning the Bowlers Journal Tournament in Milwaukee in 1952; receiving honorable mention for the Bowlers Journal All American Team (although not a professional); shooting 767 on TV in the Tulsa Tribune Singles Classic in 1955; winning the Southeastern Ohio Match Game Championship in 1957; bowling a 549 doubles game with Bob Anelich (Drasko 270 – Anelich 270) in the Amos Imperial Doubles in 1957; shooting 30-769 at Olentangy Village in 1960; winning the Inter-City Tournaments All-Events at Zanesville in 1963; being elected to the Newark, Ohio Hall of Fame in 2000.

Formerly president of the Newark Association, he is now a member of the Lancaster Board.

Best liked? A Lancaster bowler has said, “I never went to Columbus to a bowling event — the Budweiser/PBA Tour stop, a bowling dinner or luncheon, whatever — that some of Columbus’ best bowlers — Bob Hart, for example — came up to me to say, ‘Be sure to say hello to Jow Drasko for me’”. Tonight the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame says “hello and welcome” to Joe Drasko, a superb bowler, a great competitor and a gentleman.

2004 ---- Jo Dimond

When you examine the record of achievement of Jo Dimond, you first think she had to be twins to handle all the duties, promotion of bowling, the work for the WIBC, the Ohio WBA and Columbus WBA and all the other projects. Then you realize that is not so — she has to be triplets!

The accomplishments Jo has had are mind boggling. But her nomination for entrance into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame is also revealing. She has never shirked, never missed an opportunity to promote any kind of bowling activities, both on and off the lanes. She has coordinated with proprietors at all the centers, promotion of fund raisers, Special Olympics (she learned sign language in order to communicate with the bowlers), BVL and the WIBC, Ohio WBA Columbus WBA, and the Columbus Men’s Association. Obviously, she cannot be outworked.

One of her promotions — the one for BVL — is one with marvelous results, Jo not only has the satisfaction of helping others but of being part of a national movement. The Veterans Administration has saluted the BVL. “What have you accomplished for the hospitalized veterans is far beyond our fondest hopes. No other group of people has evolved a means as effective as yours in raising the morale of the hospitalized veterans.”

Tonight, Jo reaps the reward for her devotion and tireless promotion as she is welcomed into the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame.

2004 ---- Lloyd Russell*

Lloyd Russell was, without a doubt, the best known member of Lancaster’s bowling community.

If there was anything he could do to promote the sport, to solve problems, to enhance the enjoyment of players, to contribute to any and all projects, including unstinting work, it would be done.

It would be done without hesitation, without delay, without hedging. It would be done with care, with fairness, with integrity, with skill based on sound knowledge of both the competitive and administrative area of the sport.

He served on all committees over the years. As chairman of the Legislative Committee for 26 years, he excelled in ironing our bowlers’ misunderstandings, complaints, and violations. He prevented the development of problems to the point of formal contention.

He was president of the AJBC for three years and when Young American Bowling Alliance supplanted AJBC, he served for two years as its president. He became a Certified Youth Bowling Coach for AJBC and was re-certified in 1983 for YABA.

As secretary for the Lancaster Bowling Association, he served as chairman for the City Championship Tournament, the Classic Trio Tournament, the LBA-LBWA Mixed Tournament and Lancaster’s first open-to-all-comers tournament. He attended LWBA workshops and fostered cooperation between the two associations.

Lloyd was involved in all aspects of bowling and accomplished more than most can expect to do. Most certainly, his trademark was “Meritorious Service.”

2003 ---- Sue Pinski

Bowling has an adage concerning long-time involvement. Sue Pinski is the embodiment of that saying, “He (she) grew up in a bowling center.” Sue’s career began when she was four years old at the family-owned Mercury Recreation Lanes, helping out her grandmother at the snack bar. When she was 11 years old, she was setting pins. In 1981 she began a part-time job at Interstate Lanes, off I-75 in Rossford. In 1982 she became manager in 1984 General manager and now is one of the general partners.

She became a director of the Toledo Women’s Bowling Association and the Toledo YABA, served as committee chairman of opening ceremonies for the WIBC National Convention in Toledo in 1984, won the BPAO Achievement Award, was the first female president of the Greater Toledo Bowling Proprietors Association, chairman of the BPAO Awards Committee for 10 years (1991-2001), served two years as a director of the BPAO. After an absence of 18 years by the PWBA in Ohio, Sue hosted the PWBA Regional and three national events at Interstate Lanes. Currently, she is President of the Greater Toledo Bowling Proprietors Association. She is also vice president of the Rossford Business Association. She is involved in the Rossford Recreation Program for kids’ summer games.

She has maintained an After School Bus & Bowl Program (1982-present), which now has children of parents who bowled in the program during their school days. A great promoter for the sport of bowling, Sue has always been a class act. Tonight she makes a graceful entrance into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

2003 ---- Richard Williams

Mr. YABA, Mr. Certified Coach of coaches. Mr. Executive, Mr. Mediator, Mr. Volunteer. All of those titles refer to a single person — Richard Williams.

Mr. YABA — National YABA representative to Ohio (1994-97). Attended state and local tournaments, providing information and assisting with tournament operations. Represented National YABA at all state and local functions. Since 1984, has been a certified coach, working directly with youth bowlers.

Mr. Certified Coach of coaches — Since 1995 Rich has been listed in the top five instructors in the nation for quality of coaches trained. He was chosen as a national instructor because of his excellent teaching and presentation skills. He co-authored The Coaches Assistant Leaders Guide.

Mr. Executive — Becoming president of Portage County YABA in 1992, he put an end to malfeasance and theft in the organization, restoring it to financial stability and clearing its reputation.

Mr. Mediator — Mediated conflicts is state and local organizations and implemented any changes made. He was able to keep both parties calm and open to continued amicable communication.

Mr. Volunteer — He was named the National YABA Volunteer of the Year in 1999. An active Red Cross volunteer, he is a certified instructor for teaching adult CPR, Standard and Community First Aid and Safety and Sport Safety Training. He received the Exemplary Service Award from the Portage American Red Cross, from the National Red Cross an award for co-developing training materials for Pet First Aid and inclusion in the nation’s Top Ten Sport Safety Training Instructors and the Volunteer Service award from the Ohio Senate.

He had no problem filling his idle time — he didn’t have any.

Tonight we welcome Rich to the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

2002 ---- Bill Kuczinski

Bill Kuczinski has been a vigorous promoter of bowling throughout his career. He had held many leadership offices — president of the Cleveland BPA from 1990 to 1994, of the Ohio State YABA from 1994 – 96, of the Bowling Centers Association of Ohio from 1996 – 98.

During his term as president of BCAO he appointed a task force to review the youth scholarship program. The Grand Prix Tournament, a result of that study, has awarded $36,000 in scholarships in its first three years.

He was chairman of the BCAO’s Tournament Committee from 1988 to 1994. During that time the BCAO led the nation for two straight years in entries in the “Star of the Game” tournament, once having more than 1,000 more entries than any other state. He also contributed to the Ohio Bowling Council’s development of the Ohio Mixed Tournament.

In 1989 he was elected to be BCAO’s representative to the BPAA Board of Directors and was re-elected to three year terms (1993-95 and 1998-2000). He was chairman of the BPAA Bowl Expo Task Force in 1995 and in 1997 received the BPAA Certificate of Achievement.

He hasn’t forgotten his roots. The man who revamped the “Bowling Birthday” program still spends time on the lanes, instructing and encouraging youth bowlers.

Tonight Bill Kuczinski, innovator, executive, promoter of youth, becomes a member of the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame.

2002 ---- Robert Schmidlin*

Robert Schmidlin has led a double life in bowling — he has been a towering figure in Ohio youth bowling and an equally accomplished one in adult bowling.

He served the Ohio State YABA s president and as regional director (once administering two regions simultaneously), vice president and state tournament director (for two tournaments), directed AJBC tournaments from 1966 to 1978, including the Schmidlin Scholarship Invitational, plus being deeply involved in administrative committee work on both state and local levels. He was state JTBA tournament director (1982-95). At the adult level, he was a director, officer (all chairs, including president in 1978) of the Greater Cincinnati Bowling Association. GCBA bestowed upon him its greatest honors — Life Membership in 1979 and election to the GCBA Hall of Fame in 1992. He helped organize such as the Ohio State Singles and Doubles Tournament in 1988. He also directed the Joseph Rotsching Senior Tournament for 16 years.

Many of the youth bowlers he encouraged and helped out on the lanes have gone on to fine careers with award accomplishments as adult bowlers.

A key sentence in his bowling resume notes that he was instrumental in organizing tournaments that would not be what they are today if not for his involvement in their developing years.

Tonight the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame ushers Robert Schmidlin to membership.

2002 ---- Juanita Hostetler*

The best one-word description of Juanita Hostetler’s career in bowling is the word “prolific”, which means producing results abundantly. Juanita has been an Ohio Women’s Bowling Association board member for 15 years (seven years a director, one year third vice president, eight years second vice-president); a member of the Senior Tournament Committee (chairman since 1997); served on the original committee of the Council Mixed Tournament (chairman the first four years); on the Ohio Bowling Council as a voting member while chairing an OBC District Workshop and on the Council Hall of Paine Committee; on the Ohio WBA Board, serving on all committees and chairing most of them; a member of the Dover-New Philadelphia WBA Board for 18 years (two as treasurer, one as vice president and 15 as president); has served at the league level in every capacity, a director and treasurer of the Buckeye 600 Bowling Club, which honored her with Life Membership; is active in the Buckeye Women Bowling Writers and the Ohio Local Association Presidents Club where she served as secretary for 10 years; was actively involved and served on the board of directors of the Women’s Inter-City Tournament organization for many years. Juanita is a member of the Dover-New Philadelphia WBA Hall of Fame.

Somehow, she found time to bowl in 19 WIBC Tournaments (18 annual meetings), 38 Ohio WBA Championship Tournaments (26 convention week-ends) and in her leagues. Her bowling ability has gained her membership in the Ohio 700 Bowling Club and with her partner Richard Bryant, Sr. of Columbus won the 3rd Annual Ohio Mixed Tournament Doubles in 1996 with an actual 1151, handicap 1391 (Juanita 554, Richard 597). Tonight The Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame welcomes a new, dynamic member — Juanita Hostetler.

2001 ---- Robert Cooke*

Bob Cooke’s career began when he was a teenager. He became a fine bowler — his 200 averages bear witness to that. In 1963 his New London team won the ABC Boosters Division with a record setting score that stood up for more than 20 years.

That was just the start for him. After working in the family owned business, he managed New London Lanes (1963-69). LuRay Lanes (1970-71) and Lex Lanes (1971-92). In 1992 he became General Manager of Lex Lanes, a position he holds today. Concurrently he became deeply involved in the administration part of bowling. He was elected president of the North central Ohio Bowling Proprietors Association in 1976 and 1977. He became secretary in 1982 and still is. He has served as NCOBPA tournament director since 1982. He was on the BPAA as vice president, 1986 – 1990. He also was a member of other national committees, testimony of his personal standing in the BPAA

When the National Insurance Program collapsed, Bob, along with Harry Wells, formed the Ohio Proprietors Insurance Agency in 1989. It is likely that the formation of that agency kept a number of bowling centers in business.

He was president of the BPAO (1984-85). He chaired the Constitution and By-laws Committee for 10 years. He chaired or served on many other BPAO committees.

Tonight the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame recognizes Bob Cooke as a new member.

2001 ---- Arlene Reigers*

A member of the Greater Hamilton WBA for more than 50 years, including 40 years on its board of directors, 30 of them as its treasurer, Arlene (Blondie) Reigers was elected a Member Emerita upon her retirement. Although not a member of the Ohio WBA Board, she has rendered exceptional devotion and service to the Association in a number of capacities, such as assisting in the time-consuming task of preparing for mailing the Ohio Hi-Lites which, before the advent of the computer, was a labor-intensive assignment.

She helped Kathy Hammes with the Officers Fun Day Tournament, both in the pre-tournament period of registering and scheduling bowlers in addition to working in the tournament office. Appointed to the Credentials Committee in the early ‘60’s, she became chairman after a couple of years, a post she still holds. As chairman, she revised and rewrote the entire procedural process with excellent results. What was once a problem area is now one where there have been only very minor matters to deal with in more than 30 years.

She became a Member Emerita of the Ohio WBA in 1984. Always energetic, she is an indispensable volunteer at Shroeder Manor, a retirement home, where she has chaired three successful fund raising functions for their benevolent care fund, raising more than $60,000. The Ohio Women‘s Bowling Association calls her devotion and service to be “extraordinary.” Tonight Blondie receives the highest honor of the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

2001 ---- James E. Poelking

Jim Poelking began his career as a pinboy in his father’s center in 1941. In the years since, he has become nationally known for his contributions to bowling. He served two terms as president ( 1745-5 and 1985-86) of the Greater Dayton Bowling Proprietors Association. He was co-host of the 1957 WIBC Championship and proprietor host of the ABC Tournament in 1975.

Jim served as president of the Bowling Centers Association of Ohio from 1990-92. He was on the committee that helped organize the Ohio Grande Prix Scholarship Fund in 1989-90. He was responsible for contacting Ohio dignitaries to serve on the Grand Prix Board and co-wrote the constitution and by-laws which govern the BPAO Foundation which to date has issued more than $70,000 in scholarships to Ohio youth bowlers. He was on the Ohio Bowling Council for four years (1989-1992).

On the national level Jim served on the Budgeting and Finance Committee for the BPAA. He was chairman of the BPAA Convention Committee fro six years (1988-94).

He was also an excellent bowler, with 2 – 300 games, an 800 series and scores of 700 sets. During his military service he won the Military All Korea All-Events and also was the Military Far East singles, doubles and all-events champions. At home, he won the Dayton ABC Singles Tournament in 1961-62 and set a city record with 26 consecutive strikes in 1973.

A member of the Dayton BA Hall of Fame (1994), Jim tonight passes through the portals of the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

2000 ---- Katherine Schwinn*

Katy Schwinn was president of Findlay WBA for 26 years (1970-96). She was president ot the Findlay Area Bowling Council for six years and president of the lnter-City tor 12 years. She served on the Ohio Bowling Council (1991-99), director-at-large, Ohio WBA (1986-91), Sgt.-at-Arms, Ohio WBA and currently is 3rd vice president.

Katy received the Findlay WBA secretary‘s award (1981); Life Member, Inter-City (1986)}Life Member, District 1 600 Club (1995); Life Member, Findlay WBA (1996); Hancock Co. Sports Hall of Fame (1997); the Mary Janetto Award for local bowling promotion (1985); the Ruth Smith Award for Outstanding Association president (1995) Member Emerita, Buckeye Women Bowling Writers (1994); a charter member ot the BWBW, she was a director for nine years and for two years a vice president.

Katy has long been involved in raising funds for the Ohio WBA and for the BVL. As chairman of the BVL Committee, she has arranged group tours of Veterans Administration facilities. She has provided Ohio
Hi-Lites with articles promoting the BVL and gives extensive reports in behalf ot the nation’s veterans.

Katy has been an enthusiastic leader in local, state and national bowling. ln 1998, the WIBC gave her a Certificate of Appreciation for dedicated service to the sport ot bowling. Katy is totally qualified for her admission tonight into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

2000 ---- Lois Caylor*

Lois Caylor, a member of the Dayton WBA since 1950, has had a busy and fruitful career. She has received many honors: the Mary Janetto Award for local bowling promotion (1995), the Ohio Presidents’ Award for outstanding association president (1994), Member Emeritus, the Ohio WBA (1995), election to the Dayton Hail of Fame (1985) and the Ohio WBA Hall of Fame (1997). She is a Life Member of the Dayton WBA.

In 1977 she became a director of the Dayton WBA. A year later she was elected first vice president, a position she held from 1978 to 1986. She served as president (1986-94). She was a member of the Dayton Bowling Council (1986-94) and on the in-school program coordinator (1991 -95). She was a director of the Ohio WBA (1983-85). She also was treasurer of the Ohio WBA (1985-88), 8rd vice president (1988-90) and 1st vice president (1990-95). She managed the Ohio State Tournament (1990-98). She was on the Ohio Bowling Council (1994-95).

Lois was also active on the national level. She was a delegate to 14 WlBC Conventions, served on the Tellers’ Committee at 11 WlBC Conventions. She bowled in 13 WlBC tournaments.
She becomes a member of the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame tonight. She might have made it sooner but she was so busy the committee couldn’t catch up to her.

2000 ---- Gene Myers*

Service above and beyond the call of duty   words of honor, used as accolades for those who walk the extra mile, exert the extra effort, recognize a need and do something to meet it. They fit Gene Myers comfortably.

Gene served on the Lima District WBA board for 35 years (secretary, 6 years; treasurer, 13; vice president, 7). She also was on the Youth Board, served on Auditing and Nominating Committees and was vice president for six years. For the LDWBA she was a/delegate to the WIBC Convention for 25 years (and bowled in the WIBC tournament 25 times). Although retired from the board, she still serves as Parliamentarian and attends all meetings. While she was secretary of the LDWBA, she initiated the formation of the Ohio Local Association Secretaries Club so secretaries could get together to share information and expertise with each other. She was named the club’s first Secretary of the Year (1961) and in 1991 the award was named for her. President from 1961 through 1966, she was voted a Life Member (the first one) in 1966. She was elected member Emeritus of the LDWBA and also was elected to the LDWBA Hall of Fame.

Gene was elected Member Emeritus of the Ohio WBA (1968) in recognition of her 27 years of dedicated service. She has attended 46 state conventions. She bowled in 36 state tournaments. Tonight Gene Myers enters the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

1999 ---- Albert F. Rupert

Once, when Paul Brown was asked why he ran Jim Brown, the legendary running back, so often, he replied, “Whenever he runs the ball, he never considers stopping.”

That aphorism could apply to Albert F. Rupert, who began as a youth coach in 1961 and never looked back. Indeed, he continually added responsibilities long the way. He coached at Regal Lanes in Mentor and at Painesville Lanes. In 1997 he became day manager at New Palisades Lanes in Mentor and helped form and coached junior bowlers that season. After 10 years at Palisades, he went back to regal for a couple of years and then onto Northridge Lanes in Madison.

He gave thousands of hours of his time in promotion of youth and adult bowling. In 1973, he was appointed Director of Region 10 (Lake Geauga, Portage, Trumbull and Ashtabula Counties). In 1978 he became a director of the Lake Geauga’s Men’s Association and in 1984 was elected to the presidency. After nine years as secretary-treasurer of the junior association, he was elected president. In 1982 he was appointed secretary-treasurer of the Northeast Ohio Bowling Proprietors Association. He was elected to the Lake Geauga Hall of Fame in 1993.

Shakespeare wrote that the “good that men do is often inter’d with their bones.” Not with Al Rupert. There were simply too many good things over a long span of years.

Tonight, the doors of the Ohio Hall of Fame swing wide to welcome Al Rupert.

1999 ---- Bruce E. Davis

Bruce Davis has developed many plans and programs which have proven to be very successful in promoting participation in bowling.

Davis setup the first marketing plan for the Bowling Proprietors of Ohio. He helped develop the BPAO Ideas 83 Promotions Book, which I still in use today. The national BPAA later produced a similar book. Davis was awarded BPAA’s Meritorious Service Medal in 1995.

He has been active at all levels of BPA and bowling. In 1982-83, he produced television commercials promoting open play and youth bowling for BPAO. They were so successful, they were purchased and marketed by the National Bowling Council. His adult/child promotions created 8,000 new league bowlers in the Toledo area. He has been running the Shammy Burt Tournament which attracts bowlers from all over the country — in 1998, over 14,000 bowlers with a prize find of $240,000 for thirty years.

He became president of the Ohio BPA in 1998 and during his term, BPOA developed the Grand Prix Scholarship Fund, a privatized worker’s compensation program and a marketing plan for bowling centers.

1999 ---- Robert W. Girts*

From his start in bowling in 1947, until his death in May 1997, Bob Girts was dedicated to the sport and he made a positive impact on it.

He served in league offices, 34 years on the Youngstown Men’s BA directorate and in 1971 was elected to the ABC Board of Directors, serving 20 years as the Northeastern Director. He served on the ABC High Score, National Seniors Tournament and National Tournament Selection Site committees. In 1991, he was honored by the ABC with a lifetime membership.

In 1972 he was elected to the Ohio State Bowling Association as Director. He was named Assistant Secretary and served three terms in that office. In 1975, he became Executive Secretary/Treasurer and held that office til his death.

He was involved in a number of bowling promotions and activities with William R. Thompson, who, as founder of the Youngstown Men’s BA Hall of Fame, selected Girts to be secretary, a position he held from 1970 – 1997. He served as an advisor to the AJBC, now known as the Young American Bowling Alliance.

In 1987, he was honored by the YMBA with his selection to the Hall of Fame.

On his death, the Lancaster Bowling Association Year Book of 1997 honored Girts with a full page tribute, including a picture, entitled “Nobody does it better than Robert Girts”, noting that his character, example and influence would continue to impact Ohio bowling.

1999 ---- William R. Thompson*

Bowling has had more enthusiastic, hard-working and successful combination of bowler-administrator than Bill Thompson. His bowling career lasted more than 40 years, including ten years as a league president and 25 years as a league secretary.

He served on the Youngstown Men’s BA Board for 38 years, including a year as President, two as vice president, four as secretary/treasurer and nine as treasurer. With Bob Girts, he increased YMBA tournament participation from 79 entries to 404, a feat saluted by the ABC Magazine. Thompson initiated the Association Annual Awards Dinner and raised the number of attendees from 103 to 490, again receiving Letter of Commendation from ABC. He initiated the YMBA Hall of Fame and was elected to the Ohio State Bowling Association, serving as Zone Director for seven counties. He is a member of Youngstown BA Hall of Fame.

In 1965 Thompson raised $5437 for the 3-year-old daughter of ‘one of our bowlers’. He setup a trust fund at Dollar Bank to provide her with artificial arms, as she grew, to replace an arm in an accident. In her teens, he approved the purchase of an organ, which she learned to play very well. At 21, she received the balance of the trust.

Bill always gave credit to others who served as his appointees — Bob Girts, Vic Mauer, Jack Hughes, others. He is a man who says “we” not “I”. Tonight it is fitting that Bill Thompson be inducted into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service.

1998 ---- Rilla Yeater

When we think of volunteers and what we would like them to be, you should refer to Rilla M. Yeater’s resume. When you review her contribution to the sport of bowling you will find that she has served in some capacity in almost every aspect of our sport.

Rilla started bowling in 1958 and that was the beginning. She became involved and was elected to the Akron Women’s Bowling Association in 1973 serving as Director- 8 years, Vice President- 9 years and finally as President- 8 years. Elected to the Ohio State Women’s Bowling Association as Director, 2nd Vice President, and 3rd Vice President- 4 years. During the years, 1984 – 1995 she served on many committees and helped design the first Queens tournament. Founder of Buckeye Bowling Boosters and Charter member of Buckeye Women Bowling Writers.

In 1994 Rilla was appointed as Director for the Women’s international Bowling Congress and reelected to a 3 year term in 1995. She presently serves on many of the committees at the Congress. Rilla has served for eleven years on the National Women Bowling Writers Board of Directors and has served as President since 1995. She was Chairperson “Story 8 Publications Contest” – 10 years. Editor of Publication, “Knows For News” – 4 years. Writer of the Year-1987. Sam Levine Writing Award – 1982 plus winning many other awards.

In 1995 Rilla M. Yeater was elected to the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service. Tonight it is fitting that Rilla be inducted into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service.

1998 ---- Erwin Carl Hoinke*

Erwin Carl Hoinke’s name is best known from the tournament which his father started over fifty years ago. Erv is now president/CEO of the operation. He created the very successful Super Hoinke Tournament over 15 years ago.

On the national and state level Erv has served on several BPAA committees where his expertise was used to help conduct the Merit, U.S. Men’s and Women’s Open, and Miller Doubles Tournaments and made an effective average change to deal with sandbaggers, which was approved by the ABC delegates in 1995.

On the local level he originated and started the BPA King of Bowling over 32 years ago which is still running in the Cincinnati area. He was twice used as the typical “Small Business Man” by the Cincinnati Enquirer. Started the Cincinnati Scratch Junior Traveling League in 1960 which is still running. Served on the local BPA Board of Directors since 1960 and has been a member of the Greater Cincinnati BPA since the early 50’s.

During all this time, Erv also had time to compete on the lanes as well. In the 1949-50 season, he rolled the highest series in the nation, a 726 recognized by the AJBC. Competed in over 45 ABC National Tournaments with a lifetime average over 190. Rolled a 300 game in 1989. Won several titles while he served in the Army during the Korean conflict. Tonight we honor Erv for contributions to the game of bowling by induction to the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service.

1997 ---- John Simanella*

When you ask for volunteers, John is the one most likely to step forward first. He has volunteered his time for many projects such as, but not limited to the following. Bowling Instructor for Baldwin Wallace College 1989 to present. Young America Bowling Alliance in-school bowling representative 1994 to present. Chairman of Bowling Pin Cart Day in Parma Ohio. Instrumental in starting Cleveland Bowling Council and has been its only President since. Set up and manned booths in Shopping Malls to promote bowling. Established “Junior Bowling Day” in the Cleveland area.

Initiated the “Pride” emblem given to all American Bowling Congress members. John was first elected to the Cleveland Bowling Association Board of Directors in 1960 and served as its President and many other offices. He is presently a Past President Life Member. He is also a member of the Cleveland Bowling Association Hall of Fame.

John was elected to the Ohio State Bowling Association in 1988 as a Zone Director and served as Chairman of the Publicity Committee.

During all the years John has served without renumeration his boss once saying “lf John would have devoted as much time selling as he did to bowling, he could have retired at a much younger age.” For his many years of volunteer service to bowling it is fitting that John be honored tonight for Meritorious Service to bowling in the state of Ohio.

1997 ---- Larry Dietrich*

Larry has been a proprietor and part owner of Circle D Lanes, located in Circleville since 1957. Elected to the Circleville Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1993. Served as President and Secretary of the Southeast Ohio Bowling Proprietors Association. Worked closely with the local association helping them purchase computers and lane equipment with a monetary donation which in turn helped the bowlers of Circleville.

Larry was president of the Ohio BPA from 1986 to 1988 and also served as treasurer and vice president during his many years of service to the Ohio BPA. During his tenure the OBPA enjoyed an increase in membership by his efforts. He helped develop a long range plan, set up education programs which led to seminars at state meeting. Directed setup of first statewide marketing program in 1987. Helped to organize the first Ohio Collegiate Challenge in 1987. In 1995 was the recipient of the Ohio Certificate of Achievement for highest entries per lane bed in the Millers Doubles Challenge. In 1989 received the BPAA certificate of Achievement for membership activities. He served on many BPAA committees and has been a member of the BPAA Board of Directors for six years and served as BPAA Regional Vice President for two years.

During all this he has had time to bowl and boasts a high average of 206. Tonight we honor Larry for his contributions to the game of bowling by induction to the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service.

1996 ---- Edward Zitnik*

Some people just seem to have the knack of turning what to most would be just a profession into an avocation. Ed Zitnik is one of those people. Any venture Ed pursues almost certainly will turn into an adventure.

Coming from a bowling family in the Youngstown area, it was quite natural for Ed and brother Frank to join their father in the management of Bell Wick Bowl and to enter into the bowling proprietors activities. The year 1978 saw Ed joining the Mahoning Valley Bowling Proprietors Association and becoming a founder member of the Youngstown Area Bowling Council. Ed’s support for the junior program has been one of his strong points starting with organizing the Ohio State Junior Qualifier for Team USA in 1985. His actions were instrumental in organizing the Grand Prix Scholarship program as we know it today. He served on the Ohio State YABA Board and BPAO Youth Committee from 1984 through 1992.

Ed took an active part in the BPAO and in 1990 was elected Vice President, assuming the presidency in 1992. During those years, working closely with Mike Hennessy, the duo created, nurtured and brought to fructification the Ladies First Program, a promotional program which can be credited with bringing 80,100 sanctioned bowlers into the game. The idea won national recognition first as Bowlers Journal Idea of the Month in April 1993 and the Idea of the Year and earned the Ohio WBA the BPAA –Team Award at the 1994 WIBC convention in Salt Lake City. During his presidency, Ed also instituted the Youth Seminar/Workshops for all persons interested in youth bowling in the state of Ohio.

Ed was appointed to the Ohio Bowling Council in 1993 and joined Hall of Fame Committee in 1993, both appointments he now fills. He spearheaded efforts for Youngstown hosting both the 1993 and 1995 hall of Fame dinners and was responsible for the majority of planning associated with the first Ohio Joint Jamboree last year.

Ed was elected Sergeant-at-Arms of the National Proprietors Association in 1994 and Secretary in 1996.

Not all of Ed’s accomplishments are in the administrative field. He also presents most competent picture on the lanes. Ed has a 300 to his credit along with a high series of 761 and high average of 211. He has participated in 24 Youngstown Men’s BA Tournament and Ohio State BA Tournaments as well as 13 ABC Championships.

Tonight we acknowledge Ed Zitnik for his many contributions to the game of bowling as we honor his Meritorious Service to our great sport.

1996 ---- Glen McConnell*

Glen McConnell is being posthumously inducted into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame this evening and those of us who knew and worked with Glen are certain that somewhere, looking down upon us tonight, is a gentleman feeling much pride and satisfaction. This evening would have proven one of Glen’s most coveted prizes.

Glen’s bowling career was a career of dedication and service, dedication to the sport and service to his fellow bowlers. He started bowling in 1935 with a group from Yellow Cab Company. In the 1940-41 season, he moved to the Delco Mid Atlantic league and was elected secretary, beginning an incredible career that culminated in his 5oth anniversary in the position the 1990-91 season.

Glen was elected to the Dayton Bowling Association Board of Directors in 1970 and continued to serve the association for twenty years. During those 20 years, he served on nearly every committee and contributed countless hours helping the office operation. He was elected Vice President in 1985. He was inducted into the DBA Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service in the 1989-90 season.

The Ohio State Bowling Association tapped Glen for it’s board of directors in 1972 when he became Zone #2 Director. Recognizing his contributions, the delegates elected Glen a Vice President in 1979 and then into the President in 1983. During this time frame, the Ohio Bowling Council was in the formation process and on July 22, 1982 when the vision was realized, Glen was elected to serve as its first president. As president of the Ohio Bowling Council, Glen was involved in the formation of this very Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame. For his over fifty year volunteer service to his bowling leagues, local association, state association and the Ohio Bowling Council, it is very fitting that Glen be honored tonight for Meritorious Service to bowling in the state of Ohio.

1995 ---- Ruth Heath-Trott

Just mention bowling and a smile across her face. Talk about the Ohio Women’s Bowling Association and her eyes sparkle with excitement. She promotes the game with zeal and enthusiasm. There is no doubt that Ruth Heath-Trott is devoted to bowling and to organizations and the members she serves.

Her contributions are many and it is because of her untiring efforts to promote the sport that she deserves special recognition and induction into the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame in the Meritorious Service category.
Currently serving as President of the Ohio Women’s Bowling Association, Ruth follows a line of outstanding leaders. Knowing that the journey would be a challenge, she met it head on and continues the strong leadership the Ohio WBA expects of its president.

Her service to the game began with Montpelier Women’s Bowling Association where, after serving 17 years as secretary and six more as treasurer, she was elected a Life Member. Visiting each league, she encouraged members to become involved in local, state and national activities. Since then the Montpelier WBA has received many awards for participation in Ohio WBA activities. Ruth also helped organize the Williams County 600 Club, and was instrumental in the formation of the District 1 and Ohio 600 Clubs.
A competitive bowler for many years, Ruth holds a record number of titles in her local association and for some time, carried a 188 average. She was rewarded with election to the Superior Performance category of the Montpelier WBA Hall of Fame.

On the national level, Ruth has contributed in a variety of ways. She has participated in 26 WIBC Championship Tournaments and served as an elected delegate to 27 WIBC annual meetings.
Membership promotion has always been one of Ruth’s strong suits. Serving first as one of WIBCs Area Recruitment Coordinators and then moving into WIBC Membership Development Program, Ruth has held workshops and instructed local leaders in methods of membership recruitment and team building skills. Ruth was recently named Regional membership Development Coordinator and will serve a five- state area.
For all her efforts, Ruth leaves no doubt that the Ohio Women’s Bowling Association and promoting the game at the state level is her first love in bowling. She devotes many hours and much effort to state activities. Through her efforts, the Ohio WBA was awarded WIBC’s first Spotlight Award for state associations with memberships of over 30,000. In 1994, she received the BPAO Meritorious Service Award for her efforts in behalf of the Ladies First program. More honors have come her way as she holds Life and Honorary memberships in other bowling organizations. In 1993 she received the Gene Myers Award from the Ohio Local Association. Secretaries Club and in 1994 she received the Ohio Mary Jannetto Award for Local Bowling Promotion.

Ruth Heath-Trott truly deserves every honor she receives and tonight we recognize her for all her efforts in behalf of Ohio’s bowlers and our great game of bowling.

1995 ---- Rose Erdos*

Rose Erdos has been an active member of the Canton Women’s Bowling Association for 45 years and has been a stellar force in it’s accomplishments. Not only did she serve as Treasurer for 31 ½ years, but also found time to serve every other committee as well. Her best loved job was that of raising funds for the local association. Rose has never met a a stranger and she has the ability to “sell ice cubes to Eskimos”. Rose served as local delegate to both the Ohio WBA and WIBC Annual Meetings and always answered in the affirmative if her services were needed in any capacity. The Canton WBA honored Rose in 1981 with election to their Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service. And upon her retirement as treasurer, elected her a member Emeritus.

Rose was elected Sergeant-of-Arms of the Ohio WBA in 1971 and served in that capacity for 16 years. No job was ever to large or too small for Rose to devote her full attention. Whether it be work or play Rose could always be counted upon for 100% participation. Upon her retirement from the Ohio WBA board, she was honored with election as Member Emeritus.

Supporting the related clubs came naturally as she worked with the Buckeye 600 Club during the formative years and also became a charter member of the Buckeye Women’s Bowling Writers, serving on that board for many years. Upon retirement from the writers group she was again selected for Member Emeritus status. In 1993 Rose received the prestigious Mary Jannetto Award for Local Promotion for the game of bowling..

Never content to just participate in the game she loved, she has held every league office at one time or another. She is currently serving secretary/treasurer of her Senior Citizens League. Seeing her after each Senior Olympics, one wonders how she is not bowling or attending meetings, she does volunteer work at Timken medical Center and also at one of the local adult Day-Care Centers.

To quote a good friend, “To know Rose is to love her. There will never be any other to promote bowling as Rose does. She is truly a bowlers bowler.”

Indeed Rose Erdos personifies meritorious Service.

1995 ---- Paul Chambliss*

The Dayton bowling community lost one of its strongest proponents with the death of Paul Chambliss in September 1993. Paul’s bowling career started in 1935 and continued with great enthusiasm and drive for over 40 years. His first sanctioned league bowling was in a Delco Products League where he averaged 146 for his first season. He later rose to a high average of 189 in 1946 with a high game of 288 and a high series of 711.

once bitten by the bowling bug, Paul became interested in the administration side of the game, when he helped Carl Herbert and Floyd Weymouth with the operation of the Dayton Bowling Association City Tournament. He was such an asset that the DBA continued to his services for many succeeding years. Paul’s ability to conduct tournaments enabled him to become Tournament Director of the Journal Herald National Industrial Tournament in 1954, a post he held until 1971. During this period, the tournament entry grew from 120 teams in 1954 to 6502 teams in 1967.

Recognition of Paul’s administrative talents took the form of election to the Board of Directors of the Dayton Bowling Association in 1948, where he served, with the exception of one year’s absence when he managed a local bowling establishment, until his death.

In 1958, Paul was elected a Zone Director of the Ohio State Bowling Association, which eventually led to him becoming President in 1967.

For his many years of dedication to the bowlers of Ohio and to the game itself, the name of Paul Chambliss will be posthumously added to our record tonite.

1994 ---- Joseph R. Antenora

Webster defines meritorious as “deserving praise or reward”. When Joseph R. Antenora was born, little did his parents know that their son was destined for greater things. Much of the PBA is today is due to his guardianship of their son, Joe. He joined the PBA in 1965 as Director of Operations. Moving up the PBA ladder quickly, he was named Executive secretary in 1970, and then placed in complete operational charge of the organization two years later. In 1977, Antenora was named the first Commissioner of the PBA, a position he held until he retired.

Under Joe’s direction, the membership in the PBA grew from 700 in 1970 to 3,600 in 1991. And perhaps more important, the prize money grew from $1,6 million in 1970 to $7 million in 1992. Regional tournaments had grown from almost nothing in to 150 in 1992. In addition, the PBA now has a Members School for all perspective players, as well as an expanded PBA merchandising operation.

As with any position with responsibility attached, not all the happenings in the PBA were sunlight and roses. Joe was not especially pleased to be at the center of disciplinary action against two players, nor did he back down from a former Akron resident when he refused to attend Members School and thus couldn’t compete on the Seniors Tour. Rules are rules, and Joe made sure they were followed.

In the late 1980’s two anit-trust lawsuits were settled for the PBA. One involved a dissendent players group, and the other was a suit by a company a seeking to put advertising on its bowling balls t be used at PBA events. Even though they were settled favorably, it bothered Joe. Reminiscing, he said “A lot of effort, stress, pressure and work went into these suits; a lot of it by me. The worst part about it was that it was not a productive way to spend time.”

When asked his fondest memory of the job itself, Joe said “I love sports, and to be able to say I spent a good part of my adult life involved in professional sports gives me great satisfaction. I was able to make my living and support my family that way. It will be difficult to be away from things. I am used to the pressure, the decision making. But I’m ready to step back now.”

Over the years, Joe was received the Metropolitan New York Bowling Writer’s Meritorious Service Award, the BPAO Service Medal, the Summit County Sports Hall of Fame meritorious Service Award, the Andy Palich Memorial Award, and induction in the PBA Hall of Fame. It is fitting that he honored tonight in his home state for Meritorious Service.

1994 ---- James Clemens*

Whoever said that working with young people tended to make one stay young, must have had James R. Clemens in mind. Starting in 1971, James became a member of the Board of Directors of the Greater Columbus Youth Bowling Association, only one year after he joined the Board of Directors of the Greater Columbus Men’s Bowling Association. He would serve both groups over the years as an officer. It didn’t take James long to become involved in the youth, as he was the supervisor of the Central Ohio Youth Classic League from 1973 to the present. He also took on the presidency of the Greater Columbus Junior Bowling Association that same year and served in that capacity until 1975. He became the Region 5 director of the Ohio State Young American Bowling Alliance in 1976, and held that post until 1978. He then took on Vice President of that organization in 1978 and held it until 1986. He also kept a close eye on the youth money, serving as treasurer of the Greater Columbus Youth Bowling Association from 1980 until the present. Beginning in 1981, he served as In-State Instructor for the Young American Bowling Alliance, a position he still holds. Under his tutelage, over 950 students have been certified as coach instructors.

With all the time spent with the youth of Columbus, one wouldn’t think that James had time left for anything else. Not true! He served the Greater Columbus Men’s Bowling Association as president from 180-81. He also served as their treasurer from 1993 until the present. A charter member of the Central Ohio Bowling Council since 1981, he served that group as president for the 189-90 term. He has also been a member of the Board of Directors of the Ohio Sate Bowling Association since 1984 and also a member of the Ohio Bowling Council since that year. He also served as Ohio Bowling Council as president for the 1990-91 term. Still finding time to bowl, James rolled his first 300 game in June 1994. As you can see, having been elected to the Greater Columbus Men’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1993 certainly didn’t mean that James chose to sit on his laurels. Instead, he elected to continue to serve, which is why James truly deserves the honor being bestowed on him tonight — Meritorious Service.

1994 ---- Michael Hennessy*

Anyone who thinks “Promotion of Bowling” in the state of Ohio today automatically thinks of Michael Hennessy. During the recent “Ladies First” promotion that brought Ohio national notice, many of us saw Mike along with Ed Zitnik, take his show “on the road”. A good deal of it’s success can be laid at the door of one Mike Hennessy, who worked tirelessly to make it happen. A nationally recognized motivational speaker, it is no wonder that he made everyone understand this program was a win-win-win proposition for everyone involved Due largely to his efforts, this program has been expanded to include men, and also include the state of Indiana.

Mike covered bowling in the Greater Dayton area for the Dayton Daily News for eight years. During that time, he served as executive director of the Greater Dayton Bowling Proprietors, a position he held for 30 years. He developed one of the most extensive and successful tournament programs in the country. He served as a member of the Dayton Bowling Council, and also served as secretary of the Dayton Young American Bowling Alliance since 1989.

On the state level, he served as executive director of the BPOA since 1982. He has been a member of the Ohio State Bowling Council since its inception.

Not content to remain in his bailiwick of Ohio, Mike organized and directed the first National Seniors Tournament for the American Bowling Congress in Baltimore. He also served as Public Relations Director and Tournament Director for the Ladies Pro Bowlers Tour for several years. He served as Executive Director of the Bowling Writers Association of America since 1987. He served on the BPAA tournament committee since 1984. He writes on assignment for Bowling Magazine and the Bowlers Journal.

He received the BPAA Certificate of Achievement for his efforts in setting up the “Let’s Go Bowling” program for the Oho Lottery, BWAA Humanitarian Award in 1993 by DBA Products, Inc., the Mort Luby Award which is presented to the top Bowling Writer of America, and along the way he has won two ABC writing contests.

Mike has emceed the Hall of Fame dinner many times. Tonight, we honor the big man with the big heart for bowling, Mike Hennessy, for Meritorious Service.

1993 ---- Dominic Rebman Jr.*

Responsibility goes a long way with a bowling proprietor. No one could be more responsible than Dominic Rebman Jr. Starting in 1946, in downtown Lorain, with a 12 lane house, 8 upstairs and 4 downstairs. Dominic plowed his money back into the business. In 1954, he built a new house on Oberlin Ave. with 24 lanes. Since that had worked well for him, 23 years later, in 1977, he added another 24 lanes, and now is the proprietor of the largest establishment in Lorain County.

Contributing to the growth of his business is only part of the reason that Dom has paid the sanction fees for his junior bowlers. To further encourage their participation, he also pays the entry fee for any of his juniors who qualify for the Zone level of the National Junior Bowling Championships, as well as youth bowlers along with their parent or guardian who qualify for the state finals of the BPOA. He also provides all his coaches for the junior bowlers with free bowling passes and a lunch while they are coaching. He sends representatives to the Youth Coaches Training Schools throughout Ohio.

Contributing to Dom’s make-up. The Lucy Idol Center for Handicapped has received service and equipment from Dom. He further contributes to the Lorain International Tournament and Princess Pageant, as well as sponsoring 25-30 teams not only for bowling, but also for baseball and softball. In 1967, Dom was instrumental in the donation of two bowling lanes and equipment to the Soldiers and sailors Home in Sandusky. He also contributes to the Ohio Veterans Home. Through his organization, Dom is a $1000 Founders Club Member of the National Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Louis.

Service is another word that is synonymous with Dom, He has been the Vice President of the Lorain YABA for six tears, and served them as director prior to that. He is presently serving as Vice President of the Greater Lorain Bowling Council, as well as President of the North Shore BPA, a position he has held since 1977. He has been executive board member of the BPAO for years, as well as member of the BPAA.

Dom annually organizes two squads for the Slovak Singles Local Annual tournament, and has, for the past 20 years, served as squad leader and organizer to the Petersen Classic Tournament in Chicago. Not only did he host the 1992 Ohio State Seniors Tournament for men, which had a record 1268 entries, but a annually charters busses each year for this tournament.

He has been a member of the Lorain Bowling Association Hall of Fame since 1982.

1993 ---- Mary Margaret Fortener*

Starting her bowling career in 1942, it didn’t take Mary Margaret long to start her long career in the administration side of bowling. In 1951, she started the first of her 28 years of service to the Dayton Women’s Bowling Association as a Director. She later served as 2nd V. President, 1st V. President and four years as President. Working with her husband, Paul, as a proprietor, Mary Margaret, along with Carl Copp, co-organized the AJBC chapter in Dayton in 1960, one of the first to be organized. The Dayton AJBC was also one of the first to start Instruction clinics. Before the current YABA In-School program was ever dreamed of, Mary Margaret, through Fortener Lanes, approached Dayton School System with an eight-week bowling program.

Mary Margaret not only attended 27 Ohio Women’s Bowling Association conventions as a delegate, she stood for election twice to the OWBA Board of Directors. She served on the Nominating Committee twice, once as it Chairman, and on the Budget/Finance Committee. She was teller for many years and also received a 25-year participation award.

Expanding her horizons, Mary Margaret served as WIBC delegate at 30 conventions. She was a member of the WIBC Finance Committee, the Legislative and Law Committee, and also served on the Delegate Reduction Committee. She has received a 25-year tournament participation award and was elected a WIBC Permanent Member in 1965.

Mary Margaret organized bowling tours of both OWBA and WIBC Championship tournaments, making it possible for Dayton to win numerous participation awards from the OWBA.

Another example of her foresight was when she organized and hosted the first joint meeting of the Dayton proprietors, the Dayton Bowling Association and the Dayton Women’s Bowling Association.

To sum up her feelings about the sport, Mary Margaret said, “There is no other sport like it. It is a sport for all ages and in which all kinds of people participate. It develops friends, the bosom-buddy type, not the fly-by-night kind.” Truly, Mary Margaret has been a “bosom-buddy” to bowling.

1992 ---- Howard Bosken*

Howard “Bud” Bosken started in the 1940’s as manager of Hoinke Lanes.

He owned Del Fair Lanes from 1950’s until 1973 when he purchased Fairfield Lanes which he still owns.

Bosken is an achiever and promoter and his programs have received local, state and national recognition.

Bosken hosted the popular Ruth Lyons Christmas Party every year to raise money for Children’s Hospital. Many other charity fund raisers benefited from his efforts and generosity and a year ago “Bud” raised $26,000 for Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Mort Luby, in a Bowlers Journal article gave Bud the title of the “Barnum of Bowling” as over many years he has brought in prominent people to run clinics, assist with promotions and teach the game of bowling to adults and youths. To name a few: Dick and Pete Weber, earl Anthony, Bill Bunetta, Esther Woods, Joe Joseph, Joe Nuxhall, Gordy Coleman and many others.

His center hosted the first nationally televised L.P.B.A. tournament in color. Bud put great emphasis on teaching bowling to the boys and girls in the local schools and he was one fo the first having instructors in the school gyms using soft balls for bowling balls.

Howard Bosken is a past president of the Greater Cincinnati Bowling proprietors Association, a member of the Ohio State and national Bowling proprietors Association, and has been inducted into the Greater Hamilton Hall of Fame.

1991 ---- Harry Wells*

Harry Wells started his bowling career in 1949 as an avid bowler competing in 30 to 4 leagues per week since 1954.

He is proud of his two 300’s, tow 299’s, and a 297 game. Harry won tournament titles in the Ohio Inter-City Doubles in 1960, Bucyrus Association Singles in 1964 and Bucyrus match Game title in 1968.

He competed in 24 ABC tournaments and many other local and state tournaments.

Harry served as Bucyrus Bowling Association Secretary 1954 – 1962. Harry has been a dedicated and progressive administrator for the game of bowling. He built Suburban Lanes in 1962 and acquired Gala Lanes in 1976.

Harry served as President of North Central Ohio BPA 1964 – 1966 and Executive Secretary 1966 – 1981. He served as Vice President of Ohio BPA 1966 – 1974 and was elected and served president 1974 – 1976.

Recognizing his leadership ability, harry was elected as the Secretary of the BPAA in 1978, Vice President in 1980, and Bowling proprietors Association of America President in 1982.

He was elected to the National Bowling Council in 1980 – 1986 serving as President in 1985 – 86. Harry was chairman of many committees on the state and national level.

He was instrumental in the formation of the Proprietors Insurance Company 1970 – 1981.

Harry was a member of the Ohio leaders that formed the Ohio Bowling Council and the Ohio Bowling Hall of Fame.

Harry received the BPAA Certificate of Achievement Award in 1980 and the BPAA Meritorious Service Award in 1987.

1991 ---- Fred Borden

Fred Borden is enjoying a highly successful bowling career from accomplishments on the lanes, and as a National and International Instructor and Promoter of the game of bowling.

He has worked with WIBC and ABC on the local and national levels and has produced books such as; Beyond the Beginner for YABA, Book Knowledge is the Key, and Bowling 10 Keys to Success. Fred wrote and developed 4 videos for ABC — Bowling, the Special Sport. He wrote a teaching portion of Bowling world and appeared on ESPN television.

For the integers of the bowling family, plus Brunswick and Columbia, Fred Borden has given seminars in 40 of the 50 states, Europe, Australia and Japan.

He currently is in his second year as Coach of the USA Team that represented America in the prestigious FIQ Tournament.

Fred is the leader of the US Tenpin Bowling Federation Bronze level Coach Instructor Program. The goal is to develop Instructor Coaches around the nation.

Fred had his best average of 221 in 1988. He had four 300 games and a series of 804 in 1965. A Hi-Lite is his 300 game rolled in the ABC Tournament in Reno in 1990.

Fred has won numerous titles with several being; Petersen Classic Doubles 1968, State Team match game in 1970 and Beacon Journal Classic 1967. He also placed third in the team and fifth in the all-events of the ABC Tournament at Knoxville in 1972.

1991 ---- Margaret Rohrkemper*

Margaret Rohrkemper was a bowler for 30 years, but she also found time to volunteer and serve on many civic clubs and organizations. She served as president of many of them. In 1973, she received the Middletown Sertoma Club’s Service to Mankind Award.

Marge also helped organize bowling leagues and tournaments and served as secretary/treasurer and president of them.

Marge was appointed to Middletown Board of Directors in 1964, was elected Sergeant of Arms in 1975-82. She was elected and served as association president from 1982 till her death in 1985.

Marge served as director of the Ohio WBA from 1971 until she was appointed treasurer in 1977. She was director of District #5 from 1971-1977. She was appointed 2nd V. President in 1977. Marge help organize the Ohio Bowling Council and was instrumental in the formation of the Ohio WBA Hall of Fame. She served as the first president of the Ohio WBA Hall of Fame Board from 1982-1984.

She participated in 23 state tournaments.

Marge served as Middletown’s Delegate to WIBC for 8 years; as Ohio WBA Delegate for 2 years; and served on the WIBC Credentials Committee for 2 years.

Margaret Rohrkemper encouraged participation by all; and she greatly enjoyed the game of bowling.

1991 ---- Laura Steele*

Laura Steel has devoted her life to the game of bowling. She has been a member of the Columbus WBA for fourty years and bowled in thirty CWBA Championship tournaments.

As a member, her best years were the 1950’s and 60’s. Her single high game was 268 and high series of 674.

Laura won the Columbus WBA City Tournament Scratch and Handicap singles in 1957. In 1958, she won the scratch and handicap doubles with Dorothy Smith and she also won the all-events title.

She was honored by being selected to the All City Bowling Team in 1958.

Laura has been very involved in the administrative services of bowling and served as Executive Secretary of the Columbus WBA from 1957 to 1961. She was elected President for the 1963-64 season. She was then elected a Life Member and was later inducted into the Columbus WBA Hall of Fame.

With the Ohio WBA she served as a director from 1974 to 1977 and 2nd vice president for 14 years 1977-91. She represented the Ohio WBA on the Ohio State YABA board, she served as legislative chairman and parliamentarian for many years.

As the Ohio WBA representative to the Ohio Bowling Council, Laura was a charter member and was instrumental in forming the By-laws and served on the committee that organized the Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame. Laura served as council president in 1989 and 1990.

She was elected member Emeritus to the Ohio WBA.

Laura is currently serving her third year as Vice Commissioner of the Ohio Sports Festival State Games.

1990 ---- George Hendershot*

In Marietta, Ohio, George Hendershot was Mr. Bowling. An avid competitor on the lanes for over 35 years, Hendershot. Also found time to devote to administration. He served first as a director for the Marietta Men’s bowling Association and then for two years as secretary.

But it was Hendershot’s zeal for the junior program for which he is best remembered. George, with the help of his wife Ruth, can claim responsibility for establishing the Marietta Junior program. He not only served locally but in the 1976-77 season, he was elected President of the Ohio State A.J.B.C. Over a six year span, with George at the helm, the Ohio State A.J.B.C. evolved into the Ohio State Young American Bowling Alliance.

George will be remembered by the junior bowlers for years to come by the George Hendershot Memorial Plaque which is awarded each year to the junior bowler in Marietta who in singles competition rolls the most pins over average in a three game series.

1990 ---- William DeHaven*

For 52 years, Bill DeHaven has been an active participant in the great sport of bowling, not only as a competitor, but more importantly in the administrative line. Bill’s love of the game was apparent from the beginning when he bowled every night of the week, sometimes two leagues the same night. He has to his credit eleven 700 series of 700 or better and a 299 game rolled in 1975.

DeHaven was elected to the Board of Directors of the Dayton Bowling Association in 1957 and was chairman of the Planning Committee which proposed the opening of a Dayton Bowling Association office and the appointment of an assistant secretary and manager of public relations. In 1962, Bill was appointed to fill the position and was reappointed until 1983 when his involvement with ABC became more demanding. Bill was elected to the Dayton Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1973.

Expanding his horizons in 1969, Dehaven was elected a director of ABC and served on many key committees until 1984 when he was installed as the 71st American Bowling Congress President.

1990 ---- Paul Chaffin*

As a dedicated bowling volunteer, Paul Chaffin’s leadership abilities became apparent in his local association, the Greater Columbus Men’s Bowling Association. He was elected to the board in 1962 and is now serving in his 29th year. Paul not only served as President one year during this span, but also as Executive Secretary for three years and was later elected a Life Member and inducted in to the GCMBA Hall of Fame.

Continuing his leadership career, Paul was elected a Director-At-Large of the Ohio State Bowling Association. Among many other duties, he served as Tournament Director for three years. In 1983 he was elected Life Member in recognition of his dedicated service.

On the national level, Paul served on the ABC Board of Directors from 1973-1983.

Paul’s talent was not confined to the administrative field alone. In July 1973 he reached the ultimate goal by rolling a 300 game as part of a 726 series.

Tonight is a fitting tribute for a man who served on the committee that organized the first Ohio Bowling Council Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet.

1990 ---- Ruth Smith*

Ruth Smith … Ohio Women’s Bowling. The two are synonymous. When Ohio women bowlers think of bowling, they think of Ruth Smith. Ruth’s enthusiasm for bowling has made itself apparent in all aspects of the game — from coaching Special Children’s Group of the Findley junior bowlers to greeting the seniors at the Ohio WBA Seniors Tournament. Ruth loves the game and all participants.

Ruth was elected to serve the Ohio WBA as director in 1965, moved to 2nd Vice President in 1975 and was elected President that same year. Upon her retirement after 15 years as President, she was elected Life ember of the Ohio WBA. Under Ruth’s extremely competent leadership the Ohio WBA has grown and increased many services to its members.

Ruth was appointed to the WIBC Board of Directors in 1981. She is now serving her 11th year in that capacity.

Ruth is a member of the Findley Area Hall of Fame, the Hancock County Sports hall of Fame and was recently honored by the BPAO for Meritorious Service to the game of bowling.

1989 ---- Charles W. Westlake*

Charles Westlake served as public relations director for the Women’s International Bowling Congress until the association moved its headquarters from Columbus to Milwaukee in 1972.

The 72-year-old Westlake, a member of the greater Columbus Hall of Fame, was the editor of The Woman Bowler starting in 1963 and then took over the public relations department.

Westlake started writing sports for the Ohio State Journal in 1939. After five years with the Air Force, including 30 months in the Southwest Pacific, he joined the Columbus Citizen. He was bowling editor from 1945 to 1959, writing Sunday columns plus extensive tournament coverage.

In his years with the WIBC, he handled the pres facilities at all WIBC Championship events. He traveled the world with ABC and WIBC teams competing in FIQ and American Zone tournaments.

Westlake retired as Public information officer for the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services in 1984.

1989 ---- Mary Alice Poling*

A charter member of the Lancaster Women’s Bowling Association (1939), Mary Alice, better known as Fritzie, has been its president for the past 29 years.

On the state level, she was appointed to the Ohio Women’s Bowling Association Board of Directors on 1977, and she has served as chairperson on many committees.

She was a member of the committee which established the Ohio WBA Seniors Tournament and was tournament manager for seven events. Currently, she is an Ohio WBA representative to the Ohio Bowling Council and serves as the group’s secretary/treasurer.

Fritzie has been active in youth bowling, serving as president of the Lancaster Junior Bowling Association from 1964 to 1972. She has bowled in 32 state tournaments and many WIBC championships.

1989 ---- Mary Janetto*

A bowler of the past 48 years, Mary helped start the Buckeye Women Bowling Writers and served as its secretary since 1975.

Mary is a life member of the National Women Bowling Writers and she has won numerous bowling writing awards. Since 1955, she has sponsored the NWBW’s Mary Jannetto award which is given to the “Most Outstanding Member in the Promotion of Local Bowling”. A similar award is sponsored by the OWBA in Mary’s name for local bowling promotion.

For three years she was president of NWBW and in 1965 was presented the group’s Distinguished Service Award.

Past President, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President of the Cleveland Women’s Bowling Association, Mary is the editor of the “Ohio Hi-Lites,” a position she has held since 1975.

A fine bowler, Mary’s high average was 191. She boasts a high game of 289 and series of 707.

1989 ---- Carl A. Copp*

A dynamic civic leader in Dayton, Carl Copp served as president of the Dayton Bowling Association for 38 years until his death in 1976.

Elected an American Bowling Congress director in 1940, Carl became vice president in 1951 and served as the 47th president in 1959.

He was the organizing leader in the formation of American Junior Bowling Congress in 1964 and he served as its first president until 1971. He also served as president of the Ohio AJBC and the Dayton AJBC.

Cat’s leadership was credited in the 1930’s with saving the Ohio State Bowling Association which at the time was floundering. He worked closely with bowling proprietors around the state, soliciting funds and leadership. A new constitution was formed and OSBA was on the road to its current status.

He was instrumental in bringing the American Bowling Congress tournament to Ohio and Dayton in 1975.

1988 ---- Sam Levine*

Sam Levine is posthumously being inducted into the Ohio Hall of Fame.

Levine was born in Russia in 1913 and he came to this country at age of three. He became interested in bowling in his 20’s and founded the Cleveland Kegler bowling newspaper in 1937. He published the paper until his death in 1982.

Charity was important to Levine and he helped to raise thousands of dollars including sending children to summer camp through bowlers rolling high games and the famous Cleveland Plain Dealer ” I Beat The Champ” tournament which continues today. He was instrumental in obtaining free bowling lanes and equipment for the Ohio School for the Blind and the Ohio School for the Deaf and several mental institutions.

In addition to writing, Levine broadcast bowling for two decades and he handled many television shows.

Levine served as Executive Secretary of the Bowling Proprietors Association of Ohio for 25 years and the Greater Cleveland BPA for 30 years.

The ABC Hall of Fame made Levine a member in 1971 and the BPAA presented him with the Victor Lerner Memorial Award. The Billiard and Bowling industry presented him with its Industry Service Award.

Levine won over 30 writing awards in the Annual ABC Writing competition and he served as president of the Bowling Writers Association of America in 1961 and received the association’s Mort Luby Award in 1966.

1988 ---- Gerald Murphy

Gerald “Jerry” Murphy has devoted much of his life to youth bowlers.

The Barberton resident started working with youth bowling in 1960 and attended the first resident certified instructor school in August of 1961. For 15 years he coached until taking a position as field representative with the AJBC and YABA.

Retiring after 13 years in 1987, he has returned to coaching the youth program at Barberton’s Slovene Center.

Murphy was the first President of the Bar-Cop Junior Bowling Association in 1961 and served as Executive Director of the Association for 11 years and its tournament director for 13 years.

He was president of the Ohio Junior Bowling Association in 1965 and state tournament manager for three separate years. He was the first state leader advisor and served in the state youth commissioner award from the Ohio Youth Commission

1988 ---- Helen Heironimus*

Helen Heironimus served as secretary of the Ohio Women’s Bowling Association for 20 years, from 1967- 1988.

The 72 year old Springfielder also helped organize the State Secretaries Club. She was secretary of the Springfield WBA for eleven years in addition to holding other local offices.

In Springfield, Helen worked closely with handicap bowlers, she was a junior instructor and she won the city tournament all-events and doubles title in 1942.

As secretary of the state association, she helped to set up the state office and organize the state 700 club.

1988 ---- Eddie Elias*

Eddie Elias gathered with 33 bowlers for a meeting in Syracuse in 1958 during the ABC Convention. He convinced them to put up $50 each and that was the birth of the Professional bowlers Association.

Although his knowledge of bowling was minimal, Elias was amazed to find that there was no such thing as a pro bowlers tour. After a meeting with Dick Wber and Don Carter, Elias moved ahead with plans for the PBA.

The PBA tour started on 1959 with a total fund of less than $50,000. By the 1980’s, the national and regional prize money was in excess of $5,000,000.00.

An attorney in Akron, Elias is an aggressive idea man. He had television experience as host of ”Akron Tonight” prior to his PBA days. That link with TV helped him forge a link with ABC TV to telecast the Winter PBA tour and gain national exposure for bowling and pro bowlers.

The 59-year-old Elias was inducted into the ABC Hall of Fame in 1985.

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