The mission of the Buckeye Bowling Writers is to bring together in an atmosphere of friendship and cooperation those who promote the sport of bowling in the state of Ohio and are members of USBC;  To honor outstanding publicity efforts by members with an awards program; To foster the exchange of information and to discuss the problems connected with publicity through the written word, radio and television; To assist with the goals and projects of the Ohio State USBC and extend fullest cooperation to its’ programs and to publish a newsletter to be called the “Write Angle”.

The Annual Meeting of the Buckeye Bowling Writers is held on Saturday morning of the Ohio Sate USBC Annual Meeting.

BBW Application Mary Janetto Award Garrett Swartz Award Ruth Heath-Trott Award

Rilla Yeater Award  |  Sam Levine Award Leigh Betts Memorial Award

Download the Write Angle October 2020

Download the Write Angle February 2021

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Download the Write Angle October 2021

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